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  1. Favorite Anime Quotes

    "I bet I could fly like a bird if I jumped off this building." - Osaka (Azumanga Daioh!)
  2. Favorite Anime ENDINGS!

    I kind of liked the end of Outlaw Star...when, after the credits, it showed Sazuka and Aisha had decided to tag along too.
  3. Worst Anime You Have ever seen?

    "Serial Experiments Lain". Easily. It's like all the pretentiousness of the Matrix trilogy and none of the kung fu or action. I brought it to ACen for two years trying to give it away...and nobody wanted it. Finally it went into the garbage.
  4. What anime are you looking forward to? 2018 edition

    To be honest, I'm not an avid reader of the magazines of upcoming animes so I don't really know what all is coming out other than Season 3 of Attack on Titan...although since I read the manga and my family watches the anime, I'm eager for it so I can finally stop shutting up about everything that's going to happen.
  5. Anime you hate that everyone else loves?

    Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. Yes, blasphemy, I know, but I firmly believe the reason it got so much popularity was due to the original anime series which turned it into a variation on the Zentai Ranger format and gave them lots of entertaining villains of the week. By comparison, I read the manga, and I didn't even think I really ever read five sagas. I read the same saga four times (Usagi starts out a ditz, an evil organization is introduced, a mysterious ally appears, she wonders if the ally is with her or against her, the ally or other allies get used by the enemies, everyone dies, the world gets destroyed, Usagi gets a kiss from Mamoru because he always manages to motivate her when the deaths of thousands including her friends don't, Usagi gets some new magic MacGuffin that looks like something from the toy aisle at Walgreens then hits the Cosmic Reset button, we're back where we started) followed by an "everyone dies" saga. It was the same thing over and over, and every time a new character got introduced the only purpose for any other character became "get killed so Usagi can feel bad even though she's brought you back from the dead, like, twice already". Not to mention the fact that the manga is, in all honesty, more a romance than an action adventure. There are a LOT of scenes devoted to nothing more than cuddling. And even THAT'S awkward since Usagi is romantically attracted to pretty much every man and woman in the entire series. The only thing I found strangely fascinating about it is the entire thing is a metaphor for the Book of Revelation from the Bible. But I never really saw Lord Jesus as a pansexual bishonen teenager.
  6. Cosplay Scavenger Hunt 2016!

    Turns out "Spoiler Alert" might be inappropriately named as the episode is scheduled to air the week before...
  7. Cosplay Scavenger Hunt 2016!

    Hmm...check it out now. What d'ya think of that category?
  8. Cosplay Scavenger Hunt 2016!

    Well, as much as I wanted to make this an official panel with real prizes this year, turns out my Cosplay Scavenger Hunt simply isn't feasible for one man to put out. Especially since it's practically begging for trouble with all of the privacy issues. So, once again, this year, I'll simply be putting out the scavenger hunt for you all and your friends to have fun with on your own time/challenge each other to complete. I'm still open to any other items anyone would want to add to it. Especially under the "Special" category as I can't think of many other than what are specific to things I like... Rules are simple. You go around the con seeing how many of these you can get pictures of (ask permission please). You either challenge yourself or compete with friends. You need the photo for proof and for tiebreakers in the "Quality" category. SINGLE - These represent individual challenges that can be satisfied by a wide variety of cosplayers and are the "easiest" to get. Hence, they are only worth 1 point apiece. The same individual cannot satisfy multiple categories. [ ] "New Kid on the Block" - A cosplay from an anime/manga that is only 6 months old or less. Because this might be hard to find, it's acceptable if it has only been 6 months old or less in the USA but been around longer in Japan, Europe, etc. [ ] "Kickin' It Old School" - A cosplay from an anime/manga that debuted prior to 1980. [ ] "Local Legend" - A cosplay of a character featured in "Anime Hell". (I.e. Klaus, Segata Sanshiro, a Don Hertzfelt creation, Dr. Tran, Heino, etc.) [ ] "The Most Toys" - A cosplay with at least three different accessories. Jewelry/adornments don't count. [ ] "This is a Knife" - A cosplay of a character with a sword equal to 12 inches shorter than their height or larger. [ ] "Dude, Where's My Car?" - A cosplay of a mech pilot. [ ] "Ah, There It Is" - A cosplay of a mech. (+2 if it matches the above pilot.) [ ] "Cover Your Shame, Mon!" - A cosplay that's over 50 percent bare skin. This includes individuals who aren't actually nearly-nude but giving the impression, such as a cosplay of a Titan or Felicia from "Darkstalkers". [ ] "What Big Teeth You Have" - A cosplay of a monster. [ ] "Domo Arigato" - A cosplay of either a robot or full-body mechanical suit (NOT a mech...see earlier category). [ ] "Rule 63 Strikes Again" - A cosplay that's a genderswap. [ ] "Overcompensating for Something" - A cosplay so large it has to be assembled on site for photo shoots. [ ] "Lite Brite" - A cosplay that involves some use of electronics (LEDs, tiny bulbs, moving parts, etc.). [ ] "Seasoned Veteran" - A senior cosplayer. [ ] "Party Crasher" - A cosplay of a non-anime/non-manga/non-Japanese video game. [ ] "Man's Best Friend" - A cosplay of a character with a non-human companion. Non-human companion can be a doll but must be present with cosplayer. Classic example: Ash and Pikachu. [ ] "Retro Gamer" - A cosplay of a video game character from the 3rd generation or earlier. This can include characters who have been in newer games since then, BUT they must be in their 3rd generation iteration. Example: Link's most recent incarnation involves his chain mail and blue scarf, but back in his original 3rd Gen appearance he only wore simple green and brown. Only the latter is valid. [ ] "For the Effort" - A cosplay that is only cat ears or a headband. [ ] "Damnit, Hollywood" - A cosplay that is an 'alternate version' of a traditional character. (ex: Man-Faye, Dr. Cloudberg, Sailor Bubba) GROUP - These represent challenges that require multiple individuals to satisfy; who may be found all together in one group, one-by-one, or a mixture of the two. Each individual found in the group counts for 1 point, but the entire group must be found to get all points. Incomplete group categories do not count for partial credit. [ ] "Cute Couple" - A couple cosplaying together as an anime/manga couple. [ ] "My Very Excellent Memory Just Served Up Nine Planets" - All five inner Senshi and all four outer Senshi. [ ] "This Category Keeps Getting Easier" - All the remaining members of the 104th Corps as of "Attack on Titan #17" (see the cover of "Attack on Titan #17" for who; there are seven in all). [ ] "Super Smash Bros." - Six different characters from Super Smash Bros. (any game in the franchise). [ ] "Three Amigos" - Any three cosplayers who are a team/friends in their respective anime/manga. [ ] "Infinity" - Four different Disney characters. [ ] "DISSIDIA" - Five different characters from five different Final Fantasy games. [ ] "America, F*** Yeah" - A character from "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic", a character from "The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra", a character from "Steven Universe", a character from "Gravity Falls", and a character from "Adventure Time". [ ] "Axis and Allies" - Italy, Germany, Japan, America, Canada, England, Russia, and China. [ ] "Me, Me, Me" - Four different Deadpools (each must be in a different variant costume). [ ] "This Con is Going to Be a Bad Time" - Five different Undertale characters. QUALITY - These categories are typically easily satisfied since they are all subjective. Rather, when trying to break ties, the best one among competitors should win. [ ] "Best in Show" - The best cosplay you can find. [ ] "MacGuyver" - The best cosplay you can find made out of everyday objects/mass produced clothing. [ ] "Check My Bling" - Character with the best accessories you can find. [ ] "Mortal Kombat" - The best pair of cosplayers you can find in 'battle poses'. [ ] "Death by Cuteness" - The cutest cosplay you can find. [ ] "Artistic Purist" - The most authentic-to-source cosplay you can find. [ ] "Remixed" - The best original spin on a cosplay you can find. [ ] "And Now For Something Completely Different" - The best original cosplay you can find; i.e. isn't of any one pre-existing character in particular. SPECIAL - My special challenges. These may not even exist at the con and, if they do, will be hard to find. Therefore they're worth 10 points apiece. [ ] "Titanfall" - A Teen Titan vs. an actual Titan. [ ] "A New Challenger Approaches" - Superman vs. Saitama [ ] "Spoiler Alert" - Alexandrite vs. Malachite [ ] "This Con's Not Big Enough for the Two of Us" - Elsa the Snow Queen vs. Bankai Rukia [ ] "You Sound Familiar..." - Maetel/Queen Promethuem with Queen Chrysalis/Trixie Lulamoon or Queen Emeraldas with Princess Celestia [ ] "I'm Drinking Milk" - A cosplay of the kid version of a character standing next to a cosplay of an older/adult version of the same character. What do y'all think?
  9. Cosplay Scavenger Hunt!

    Next year there'll be a bit more incentive as I'm going to try and start a panel for it with actual prizes...cash, if nothing else.
  10. Anime hell back in the big room

    My guess is the Chuck Norris/Segata Sanshiro Death Battle will make it into this year's.
  11. Cosplay Scavenger Hunt!

    One of my favorite ways to get around the con each year and make the fine art of photographing each and every costume I come across more enjoyable is to do a cosplay scavenger hunt! I'm getting started a little late this year, but next year I hope to start up a game that actually will feature nice prizes with it. But for this year, I'll throw up one purely for fun. Share with your friends and see who can get the biggest score! Here's how to play. You'll need some form of camera (disposable or phone if nothing else) and you'll need to take a picture for as many entries on the list as possible to prove your findings and score points based on the categories below. Whoever gets the most points at the end wins! And for tiebreakers, consult the "Quality" category. As an important rule...these must be found wandering around. No fair going to convention-planned photo shoots, especially for collections. Spontaneous photo shoots are fine, however, as it bringing two different cosplayers together on your own to get a pic. Have fun at ACen 2015! Traditional - 1 point for each Old Schooler - Cosplay from an anime/manga that ran in the 1970s or earlier. Flavor of the Week - Cosplay from an anime/manga that came out in the past six months. (Since this might prove to be too difficult, acceptable ones might include releases in Japan later than that but fresh in the USA, or characters who appeared in older anime/manga for the first time in the past six months.) A Boy and His Whatever - Cosplay of a character with their non-human companion. (In spite of the name, can be male or female.) Cute Couple - A couple cosplaying together as a pair from their anime/manga--must be a pair that goes together within series and must be attending the con together; plausible "shipping" is acceptable. (Example: a couple going as Sasuke/Sakura - valid; a couple going as Naruto/Sakura - valid; a couple going as Ichigo/Sakura - invalid.) Dude, Where's My Car? - Cosplay of a mech pilot or character renown for driving a vehicle of some sort. Great Caesar's Ghost - Cosplay of a character who died in their anime/manga. Overcompensating for Something - Cosplay of a person in a costume so huge it has to be assembled on-site for photo shoots. The Most Toys - Cosplay of someone who has at least three non-jewelry accessories. 3rd Generator Gamer - Cosplay of a character from the NES era or earlier (Atari 2600, classic arcade, etc.) (NOTE: Nintendo characters don't count if they're clearly from post-NES games, i.e. Link's old brown and green getup is NES; with the white shirt, ocarina, and detail is N64 or later.) I, Robot - Cosplay of a robot/android/non-living character. Local Legend - Cosplay of a character featured in "Anime Hell". (i.e., Dr. Tran, Segata Sanshiro, Heino, a Don Hertzfelt creation, Klaus, etc.) For the Effort - "Cosplay" that's only cat ears or a headband. Collections - 1 point for each member of a collection found, completed collections get double the points for everyone in the collection Smashy, Smashy - 10 Different Characters who appear in one of the "Super Smash Bros." series; must be ten different ones (i.e, can't get five Samuses, three Zeldas, and Mario and Luigi...that only counts as four). Elements of Harmony - All 6 members of the Mane Six (humanized or not). In the Navy - All 5 Inner Senshi, all 4 Outer Senshi, and Sailor Chibi Moon. Four Sword Adventure - 4 different-colored Links (any color will do but they must be different). Infinity - 5 different Disney characters. Me, Me, Me - 8 different Deadpools (each Deadpool must be a different theme or getup). Time Paradox - 4 Doctors (either four of the same Doctor or four different ones out of the 13) Special - My personal challenges...good luck finding them; since they're so hard they're 10 points apiece This Con's Not Big Enough For the Two of Us - Bankai Rukia vs. Elsa the Snow Queen. Just Paid Her Off - A mech pilot and his/her mech. I'm Drinking Milk - A child cosplaying the child version of a character and an adult cosplaying the adult version of a character. Titanfall - A Teen Titan vs. an actual Titan (from "Attack on Titan"). You Sound Familiar... - A cosplay of Princess Celestia and a cosplay of Queen Emeraldas...or a cosplay of Queen Chrysalis/Princess Cadance/Trixie and a cosplay of Maetel. Quality - The following categories are "grab bag" and easily satisfied, and are worth 1 point for completion but should be graded mostly on "quality" when trying to break ties; whoever has the best in a competition gets the point Party Crasher - The best non-anime/non-manga cosplay you can find. All in Good Fun - The worst cosplay you can find (please be polite and don't tell the person you're photographing what category you're trying to fill... :( ) Best in Show - The best overall cosplay you can find. Bizarro World - The most "unconventional" take on a cosplay you can find. (Examples: Dr. Cloudberg, Man-Faye, Sailor Bubba, etc.) Check My Bling - The best accessories you can find on a cosplay (weapons, jewelry, etc.). Mortal Kombat - The best cosplayers in a "fight" pose you can find.
  12. First, darkening your skin tone would make things infinitely worse. Second, if you saw a person with dark skin tone dressing up as Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Rapunzel, Elsa, etc....would you be "offended"? Third... Here's a little fact about the modern world we live in: if you do ANYTHING unconventional, there is someone somewhere who is going to be pissed about it. The mere fact you're at an anime convention to begin with is pissing off someone somewhere. The fact that any adult would choose to dress up as a Disney Princess pisses off someone else somewhere. You're in for a rather mundane and dull life if you spend the rest of it trying not to offend anyone. The question therefore is whose opinion or feelings or whatever you want to call it you feel is worth paying any attention to and/or respecting and who you feel you do not owe any justification for your choices regardless of their own opinions/feelings/whatever...that they have to just "deal with it".
  13. Convention Crashers

    What people's opinions regarding "Convention Crashers"? In other words, people who show up who clearly aren't at ACen for the anime and manga but pretty much any fandom they happen to have, such as MLP, Doctor Who, Marvel, Star Trek, Disney, etc.? Think it's no big deal? It's fine so long as they don't start having panels/events related to it? That it's a threat that could cause "convention takeover"?
  14. Hey everyone. I'm debating whether or not to bring back the Final Fantasy Name That Tune Panel. While last year I think there were a number of improvements from the previous year, I received very little feedback and I still noticed a large number of people walked out. While my panel may seem "crude", it's a lot of work just to put out what I present. So if there's no real "demand" for it, I'm content not to do it this year. On the other hand, if people would like to go, I'd be happy to do it again. So, would you all like me to sign up to include it again this year?
  15. As mentioned at the end of "Final Fantasy Name That Tune", I didn't have a feedback form this year. So I encourage anyone who went to the panel to answer the following so I can make the panel better. The following rating system applies to most of the questions: 1 = Bad, 2 = Fair, 3 = Average, 4 = Good, 5 = Excellent Host Performance (1-5): Musician Performance (1-5): Gameplay (1-5): Presentation (1-5): Difficulty (1-5): Judging (1-5): Overall, what rating would you give this panel? (1-5): How likely are you to go to this panel next year if I do it again? (1-5, 1 = Won't return, 5 = Wouldn't miss it): This year, raffle tickets were used instead of calling on hands. Is this a good change or a bad change? This year, "wagers" were only used for tiebreaking categories. Is this a good change or a bad change? This year, everyone was able to participate in the final category. Is this a good change or a bad change? iTunes gift cards were the prizes this year. Is this a good prize? If not, what would you suggest? What in your opinion was the best thing about this panel? What in your opinion was the worst thing about this panel? Any suggestions for improvement?