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  1. Countdown From A Million!

    979,349 I'm not sure how this plays out but I'm willing to help.
  2. Hello, sorry to ask this but I wondering if (since you said you've stayed at the Hyatt before) the rave is held there? Does it get too loud for you to sleep? I just really want to get a room but don't want to be up all night listening to music because I'm a light sleeper. Thanks!
  3. Hi guys, this is going to be my first year at ACen! I'm going as Midna from Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. It is one of my dreams to meet up with other cosplayers and take a huge picture together. If anyone has been to ACen before, please reply and help me so we can organize something. Like where to meet, what day, time, and all that stuff. I really want to hang out with someone.
  4. Legend of Zelda Gathering

    I'm still waiting for part of my cosplay in the mail and I have to make other stuff for it too. I'm cutting it close and getting a bit worried too.
  5. Legend of Zelda Gathering

    Thank you! Less than two weeks before the convention. :w00t:/>
  6. Gatherings 2013 - Check the first post!

    Hello. I had a question about the Legend of Zelda Gathering. Why does it say (rain ONLY)?
  7. Legend of Zelda Gathering

    Any news on whether or not we got the area for the gathering?
  8. What is the History of a Lunar Legend panel about? Sounds interesting but just wondering if its about an anime or something?
  9. My first anime was Spirited Away. that movie!
  10. Kalafina Concert Tickets

    Thank you for answering my question. I had another one but I emailed them it so it was answered.
  11. Kalafina Concert Tickets

    No one answered my questions but whatever.
  12. Kalafina Concert Tickets

  13. Kalafina Concert Tickets

    The tickets sales start on a Thursday?! But I have school during then… why? :(
  14. Is there anyone we can bunk up with at the hotel? It will be just 3 or 4 people including myself. We would be able to spilt costs.
  15. Legend of Zelda Gathering

    Hope you can attend! ^_^
  16. Legend of Zelda Gathering

    Hello, it is not final yet but we did already request the 1pm time frame. We hope you can make it though because the more people, the better! :) Thank you for the helpful suggestion too! I don't want my Midna cosplay to get ruined. I'm sure we will have the official location, time, and other info ready very soon.
  17. Legend of Zelda Gathering

    Hi, sorry I haven't gotten back to you yet, dealing with school and all. But now that I just started spring break, I'll be able to check notifications more often. We are not sure yet on how long the gathering will be, but if I had to estimate then I would say an hour. That way if people can't make it at the start, they can come later. However, we are still waiting to be confirmed as a group by ACen for our photo shoot.
  18. Legend of Zelda Gathering

    I'm sure we might get something around that time and that sounds like a great plan. I would definitely love to help you too and I'm pretty good at organizing groups and sorting people in groups. I'm cosplay as imp Midna and that would SOO funny if the Happy Mask salesman tried to grab my helmet. :)
  19. Legend of Zelda Gathering

    Thank you! Saturday at 1:00pm sounds available to most of the people on here. Though I started this form, it was really an idea. I am very glad that you did this because this is going to be my first con and I didn't know what to do. Yay! Thanks for taking charge.
  20. Legend of Zelda Gathering

    Sorry for spamming you but I found a group submission form here: http://www.ACen.org/forums/index.php/topic/43697-gatherings-2013-submissions-open/ The group subs are currently open and have till February 15th for final plans.
  21. Legend of Zelda Gathering

    That's alright, I was having trouble too. Wow, really? I'd love to plan this and gather up people. Thank you very much for that "Stuff to know!" post, it really helped me see how the con is set up and the areas. You've done shoots before? That is so helpful and I do agree that the garden would be best. I also see how the tree patch is restricted because it looks busy with cars and stuff. But great! So far, I would say the only final plan is meeting on a Saturday. Any objections?
  22. Legend of Zelda Gathering

    Wonderful! The more, the merrier. The planning is underway with the new year in tow.
  23. Legend of Zelda Gathering

    Well, I started the form but you seem like a leader here! This is going to be my first year and if it's been done before then we can do this. It would have to be on Saturday because that is the main day I'm guessing, so time and place meeting is another issue.