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  1. "Fem" Cosplay

    So many people nowadays are doing the "feminine versions" of what they think a character would look like. I would think that all kind of started with Naruto and all those adorable Sexy no Jutsu ideas everyone had. Sexy Mario, Sexy TARDIS, Sexy Cloud. ACen is always such an eclectic collection of random ideas that some times you wouldn't even THINK of cosplaying and I've noticed a huge increase in the fem and girly versions of peoples favorite characters. I. Love. Them. All. Anyone doing things like this for ACen?
  2. "Fem" Cosplay

    I've always thought a Fem version of Link would be fun. I hate it when people go overboard. Like they think the skankier it is the better it will be.
  3. "Fem" Cosplay

    I didn't know it was a rule. lmao The only one I'm really familiar with is rule 34. Gotten me more than a few times.... I have no idea why I love it so much. If I could rule 63 all of my favorites, I would... I think I almost have.... >.>
  4. "Fem" Cosplay

    No way. Is that a Dalek purse?! LOVE THAT! lol and funny you should bring up fem 10, since thats exactly what i'm wearing thursday night at our room party <3 just spent almost 100 bucks on custom brown with blue pinstripe fabric lol
  5. which series have you re-watched the most?

    Black Butler. Their outfits are just too amazing, I want to stare at them every day of my life. At the moment, probably my favorite anime/manga series. and Freezing <3
  6. Why do you attend conventions?

    lol Does anyone else have a hard time explaining conventions to non-con goers/non anime fans? "What do you do at them?" "Oh man it's awesome! We dress up and watch anime and....hang out...and talk about nerd stuff...." "You do that every day, why pay for it?" THEY JUST DON'T GET IT!!
  7. Tony Harris on Cosplayers

    Cracked.com, my favorite comedy website ever had a quick and hilarious response to this. The douche didn't just piss off females, guys are calling him out on his bullshit too. Kind of an old topic I'm bumping, but I thought the article was pretty funny.... The article :/
  8. Your opinion on reusing cosplays?

    Like all cosplayers, cosplay is a way to express your love for a specific character. I don't change my cosplay every convention because i'm sick of them, I adore them! I make new cosplays because I have way to much love for so many characters! There aren't enough minutes in a con weekend to show my love for them all at once! I feel like if I bring back Ciel Phantomhive or Kyoya Otori, I'm picking favorites over Sailor Saturn or something equally important to me. And you better be one special/expensive cosplay to kick The Doctor out of my cosplay line-up....
  9. Where do you keep your cosplay?

    Lmfao, With risk of sounding like the biggest clique on the internet, I invaded my mothers basement after my room got too small. And when I moved out she let me keep the costumes at her house while i was moving in like this big, zip-up collapsible wardrobe thing. http://www.walmart.com/ip/White-60-inch-Extra-Wide-Clothes-Closet/5245002 She just keeps it in a dry corner totally out of the way. lol so if your house has 8 square feet to spare in the attic or basement, it's worked amazing for me!
  10. ACEN 2013 Cosplay!

    I would just like to say, I LOVE seeing all the anime cosplays listed. Not that I have anything against non-anime cosplays, to each his own. I plan on wearing a skanky 10th Doctor Thursday night myself, but I love it when people keep the anime in Anime convention. Keep it up <3 Also thinking of adding one more to my line up. We're kind of in a school girl fix right now. : )
  11. Staying in character?

    BAHAHA!! I WISH!!! My favorite thing to do is get drunk AS the character. Drunk 13 year old Aristocrat?! screw yea. lmao i loooove running into those people that can be fun and into their character. Just dont criticize people if they dont feel the same way. "Omg, Mana doesn't talk, everyone knows that! Ugh, you are terrible." Really... stfu.
  12. Hey Sailor!

    Definatly not new to Cosplay or Anime Central. In fact, this year is my 10 year anniversary of cosplay! But new to the boards! I've started using theses more because it ties me over until ACen 2013 is finally here! Any other Sailors going to be in attendance? Navy boot camp is only 30 minutes away! >.> not that I'm a slimey booter or anything. If you see me at ACen, say hello! And buy my a drink. >.> 2 weeks after ACen I ship off on a middle eastern deployment. Thats a long time without cosplay....
  13. Hotel Room Blocks 2013

    Youmacon is not the first to do this with their conventions. I remember going to Ohayocon years ago and the only time you were allowed on the Hyatt elevators was if you had your room key to show. It was perfectly fine and ran very smoothly. I believe Youmacon was just the first time it became a big deal and people got butt hurt. Sharing rooms and sleeping in bathtubs is con tradition! I'm having a room party Thursday night. Are they gonna tell me I can't have legal adult guests in my hotel suite? I hope they don't take a page out of Youmas book. Although do to the sheer mass of people that show up at ACen every year, they would have one HELL of a job trying to enforce it...
  14. Cosplay ideas?

    EEEEEEP!!! UR A GUY! And my ghetto government computer won't let me edit my post! How embarrassing.... SOOOOOO sorry.... No offence, you should be flattered. I haven't seen many good male Rufus's before and yours is spot on. Short blonde Hair on a male. Nooooow we're talking. Off the top of my head, Ouran High School! You'd be such a ladies man. Everyone loves Tamaki. Umm.... Germany! from Hetalia! (thats Germany right? with the Blonde?) If you like Video games (obviously) Kingdom Hearts is always popular, especially with the new game having come out earlier this year. Roxas is fun. (Tries to think of other good characters to cover the dumbass previous post)
  15. Cosplay ideas?

    Well, what kind of cosplay are you looking to do? are you generally a cross player or do you enjoy both? How much are you looking to spend? lol as you know, cosplay can get pricey. Depending on that, you could go anywhere from a simple cute Winry from Fullmetal Alchemist all the way to.... lol I don't know, Castlevania Maria. Typical cliche answer, go with your favorite and who you like! <3
  16. Black Butler / Kuroshitsuji

    Love them! I LIVE on their Lolita page! If their cosplays are anything like their lolita clothing, i'm sure you'll look stunning :)
  17. Sailor Moon 2013

    I know exactly what you mean. every now and then i can sqeeze my feet into a 25.5, buts thats the very highest some japanese shoe stores go. Oh geez. Sailor Moon. Every little girls dream. might have to think that one through. Up until i made that post it was only an idea. Wait on it. If not her, definatly one of the others. : )
  18. DOCTOR>>>>WHO! + BBC General

    Blazer, definatly. Still gonna wear Chucks right?! I've always thought of doing a lolita 11th but can't quite think of the right way to go about the top half. or girly-ing up the hair. Gotta have the flip...
  19. Sailor Moon 2013

    My 2 besties have cosplayed Sailor scouts. I'm the only one that hasn't. I'm pretty sure sailor moon is, at one point or another, always on a cosplayers dream list. Only just recently i've considered actually making one, and i think ACen will be the perfect time. I can't wait! There are always so many awesome sailor moon cosplays!! I can't wait to start looking for wigs and boots! >.> Any suggestions?
  20. Do you make your cosplay or buy it?

    I get slightly irked, as i'm sure do other cosplayers, when you have someone in a tailor bought ebay custom costume, but they are snobby or bitchy about it. I don't personally like the idea of buying costumes, only in my head I kinda feel like its cheating, but I dont think there is anything wrong with it at all. But the thing that DOES bother me about them is when you have some 16 year old that would scraped money together for fabric and a halloween store wig and worked on it for months, and she gets laughed at and criticized because she looks like crap compared to the girl that bought all her crap off ebay. Oh and one more thing. When they clam it as their own and you soooo know it isn't. lol A Naruto I ran into that bought his at Hot topic (remember a couple years back when they did that crap?) and was like, "yea, totally made this" Ummm, your tag is showing bro....
  21. Yuri Lowenthal

    He was at the very first Youmacon! lol Anyone who went to that might remember the attendance of a small couple hundred. He's and Sara Platt's panel had maybe 10 people in it and it literally turned into a hangout. Ramune and pocky was consumed, he called our friends for us as Sasuke or whoever you wanted as some voice actors do and just sat around and shot the crap with us for like, 2 hours. He was the nicest person ever! Anyone else feel like nowadays since Funimation has such a monopoly on anime, those are the only voice actors that ever come to cons? If I have to meet one more Vic Mignogna or Chris Aryes fan girl i might just smack a hoe. Don't get me wrong, they are great and Vic smells amazing (smell him, he does) but his adorable charm wears off the 4th time you meet him.
  22. Anyone else have a tumblr?

    I've been doing my daily stalking of David Tennant, Benedict Cumberbatch, Matt Smith, and Tom Hiddleston for months on it but only just recently made an account. Not quite sure how it works... don't mind me if some noob chick starts following you....
  23. Hotel Room Blocks 2013

    I reserved a room then later realized we wanted to be high rollers and booked a suit. I will shortly be cancelling my normal room of 2 double beds for friday and saturday night. Not quite sure how the blocks work, but like i said. one will be canceled so i don't see why it wouldn't be available
  24. Black Butler / Kuroshitsuji

    Don't you guys feel like Black Butler is done to hell? There is not malice in this post, my intention is not to start anything, I'm a Ciel and Grell cosplayer myself. But I work very hard on the Victorian clothing that I make and I feel like people don't even notice because people are just like "Oooooh look.... another weeaboo cosplaying Black Butler -_-" I have to admit, I do that with Naruto. No matter how great you look, It's still been done a million times over. Sometimes it's a curse that such an amazing show gets so overdone that people don't care anymore. Ouran High School Club, Death Note (Hot Topic Misa anyone?), Black Butler, Panty and Stocking, Fullmetal Alchemist. Unless I see an Undertaker with sexy boots and his AWESOME scythe, unfortunatly I'll just walk right past : ( For the Rave I'm probably gonna remake my Burlesque Ciel... I was inspired by a yaoi doujinshi I read once >.>
  25. Rude Cosplay Fans

    I'm sure it's been brought up before because i'm pretty sure they are the worst offenders of rudeness but, Lolitas? I swear they pull girls apart like ravenous wolves. And all the rules that they talk about. You guy know what I mean? The don't mix pinks with blacks, sweet lolita vs. Elegant Gothic Lolita. I swear at cons sometimes i don't want to wear the Lolita I bought in freaking Harajuku. HARAJUKU! because i don't want to defend myself to a bunch of teenagers that think they are better than everyone else because their parents can afford to buy them Moi-Meme-Moitie.... I know not all of them are like this. In fact most of them that I meet at the gatherings are extremely nice and equally hate how rude Lolitas are and how they give Convention lolitas a bad name. But we all know that bitchy group in the corner that doesn't talk or smile because they think they need to be real life porcelain dolls.