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  1. Generally they are available around Labor Day but I was interested if anything was announced yet? I do not have the same flexibility with internet access as I used to have and checking the forums is the easiest for me.
  2. I asked via twitter but I never got an answer. If the answer is online and I didn't see it I am sorry to bother the forums.
  3. Room has been tentativly taken with one person as a back up. Please close this thread mods
  4. There was a miscommunication and I have an excess room for the Embassy Suites. I am looking to transfer the reservation. I am not asking for a fee but I will not be able to actually do the transfer until Friday as I have work obligations that are taking up most of my time this week. The room is a 1 king bed suite and is booked from Thursday - Sunday. You must be able to provide a credit card to the Embassy suite hotel to replace mine as part of the transfer of the reservation. Please message if interested, I will be responding in a "first come first served" basis
  5. Dat 2016 Room Block

    Well I got my room, the people at Hyatt Gold passprt are extremely helpful and gave me the resweb link to book my room. since I didn't see it on the main page or under hotel info use this link to book. https://aws.passkey.com/event/14243046/owner/2805/home Happy hunting! Ricin
  6. Rooms for 2016

    Nice thing about traveling solo is I prefer single rooms.
  7. Rooms for 2016

    Thank you. I don't use Facebook so I normally just check the forums.
  8. I remember last year booking over labor day weekend but that was with some notice on the forums Any word as to when they will open registration?
  9. I want to go as I had met some interesting people. I left early last year because hotel security came to the room after someone unleashed a block rocker. I was concerened i might lose my room given that i was not from the area, it would make attending the con difficult. I bought a handle of vodka for the (21+ part of) forum meet up, Should anything else be brought for this year? Ricin
  10. Tourism Ideas?

    Sorry for the delayed reply. I made the assumption about Piece having Chicago style pizza. I got a head of myself. I will check on the boards and see if there are any meetups before ACen.
  11. Tourism Ideas?

    I will have to check it out. I have only ever eaten Chicago Deep dish twice and only once in Chicago. Thanks for the recomendation
  12. Tourism Ideas?

    Thanks for all the suggestions! I am not driving, prefer to just use mass transit/ walking in downtown. I was thinking of doing the Shedd/Adler as a seperate day. Last year I didn't give MSI enough time and I want to make sure to give the field museum its due. I might check out Round 1 after the I go to the museums. I might check out Chinatown. I don't know if I would see too many ACen people there as I am flying in Monday night and going to Rosemont on Thursday. Ricin
  13. Tourism Ideas?

    Hello everyone! I am coming to Chicago a few days early so that I can enjoy the city. Last year I got to see Navy Pier, Willis Tower, MSI, and I took an architechture tour by boat. This year I am going to the Field Museum but I would love to have some more ideas of places to check out. Any spots to check out please let me know. Ricin
  14. Forum M&G After Party and 21+ Meet and Greet!

    Room listed on Facebook page was 2740. Is this accurate because I doubt Hyatt has 27 floors.
  15. Recomended tourist sites

    Thanks everyone! Sorry it took me so long to reply but work has been taking it's toll before I can go on vacation.