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    Anime, video games (FPS, TPS (1st and 3rd person shooters), good science fiction books and movies, and almost anything ZOMBIE related.
  1. If you could.....

    I feel like i'm reviving a dead thread here but i found it interesting so i'm going to do it anyway, I would say Rally Vincent from Gunsmith Cats. Although me thinks most of you may have never heard of it because it's pretty old. Rally is an expert gun shooter, owns a gunshop, a 67 gt cobra 500, and is a bounty hunter. And to top it off her gunshop/home and story all take place in chicago. I'm in chicago. I thought it was cool that and i think she's hot.
  2. uhm...new i guess but not really

    uhm...I'm not following you, or maybe I said it wrong. I don't do any writing, when I said I wrote a lot I was referring to my intro post cause I hadn't planned on writing that much and seemed more like a rant. I do have a rather expensive hobby, although I didn't feel like posting it for personal reasons (it's nothing illegal or immoral; its just not something that sits well with some folks so I'd rather not go there). And Zombie loan I have not heard of so I shall look into that, thanks for the heads up
  3. I first started attending ACen years ago I heard about it from a friend who worked at gamestop, I even worked the merchandise booth a few times. Although the LAST time I attended ACen you were still allowed to SMOKE INDOORS. So needless to say its been a while for me and I'm sure a lot has changed over the years. The reason I stopped attending was because I started a new job and started bouncing around all over the US. I recently left that job and I currently reside in Chicago and I'm going to college for the first time. Recent animes...I can't think of any off the top of my head that aren't X rated so I won't go there as for what I'm reading I'm reading a book called "Blackout" by Mira Grant. It takes place in a zpaw (zombie post apocalyptic world; I LOVE ZOMBIES well not the actual zombie but almost anything relating to zombies. If anyone knows of any anime that has to do with zombies please drop me a line, I've seen a few but they weren't that good). It's a great book although its the third book in a trilogy the first one is called "Feed" if you like zombie fiction/genre you should check it out or hit me up and I'll try to give you more details without spoiling it. Uhm...games, I do both Xbox and PS3 but mainly xbox. Currently i'm doing BF3, Gears3 with a few friends, and Sleeping dogs. I'm looking forward to Medal of honor, the new hitman game, and the last of us as well as a few others. uh, hobbies...games? I have one but it's kinda personal so i'm not going to post it and wow i wrote a lot