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  1. First time panelist advice?

    I dunno but I think it was the characters! If you had notepads on the chairs then it was you.
  2. Looking for a room

    Hi, I emailed you.
  3. Looking for room for the Aloft hotel

    Hey, if you have trouble finding people to fill out the room, I have space available at the Hyatt for up to two people. zurizip at gmail if you want more info.
  4. First time panelist advice?

    Sounds like you have a lot covered, I'd add a few things: If you're at all savvy, a powerpoint can really help you keep on track and keep everyone interested, as well as being conducive for anyone taking notes. Be aware of the need for an HDMI cable (I oopsied this pretty bad last year) but otherwise conops is really amazing at getting you set up in time. If you're not computer/ppt savvy, just write out all the points you want to hit and explain on a piece of paper and then calculate about how long you should spend on each point (for instance, 5 points in a 50 minute presentation would equal about 10 minutes per idea) Scout out your room ahead of time. My second year they changed all the room configurations and I ended up running past my own line to get to my panel because I'd assumed I knew where it was *facepalm* it looked real dumb. Be ready for both a packed room and only 10 people. Make a plan for each instance. A packed room means you need to talk louder, project more, and be pretty structured. Also decide what you'll do for passing around and questions. Have people yell? Go to them and repeat their question? Have any copanelist do the running and you stay at the front? If you have a small group, you can take questions at any time, it can be a lot more "Casually talking about a cool thing" whereas a big group is usually better off with "structured presentations and questions afterward." Don't feel down if it's a small group! Small panels have been some of my best, and small panels have been some of the best presented! (a Yuri on Ice panel I went to once had like 20 people but literally the presenters were some of the best I've seen at ACen) Don't be afraid to ask a small group to move up closer, though, or you might end up with 20 people spread quite far out and still have to yell to make yourself heard. Anyway, good luck! You'll kill it!
  5. I am looking for a room

    heya, email me. zurizip at gmail
  6. help a weeboo out?

    Heya. Email me. Zurizip at gmail
  7. Email me: zurizip at gmail.
  8. Hamilton Sing Along

    Kind of a shot in the dark here, but is anyone as obsessed with Hamilton as I am? I think it'd be really fun to just get together with a bluetooth speaker and have a sing along for a few songs. Good voice optional, I can lead. Like I don't even know if people know it well enough yet, so just post if this would be something you'd come gather for? I'll wait for it!
  9. Seeking 3rd and 4th person

    Filled, sorry!
  10. Had 3 people in room, one got a new job and had to pull out :( I'm a 29yo married woman, other friend is 30ish yo trustworthy guy. We have a double queen room for friday and saturday, and would like to split with two more people if possible. It would be 100$ plus your parking. I drink and party outside the room, my other friend does not drink and is more chill, so whatever your con style you'll have a friend. We just ask that you don't have a party in the room, take a shower, and don't be a jerk. (I would LOVE another lady to party with, honestly, since it was my party partner that had to pull out.) Cosplayers welcome, I know basic stichery and so does he. my email is my username at gmail, please email me if serious.
  11. Looking for Available Room

    Do you need the room or a place to sleep? I have 1 bed or two spots left in my room at the Hyatt.