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  1. What Are You Currently Playing?

    KOH dream drop Amazing game
  2. pokemon Black And White 2

    i just thought that they would be above all that
  3. pokemon Black And White 2

    Has anyone seen that the sequel to black + white is coming out for DS on oct 7 , This is the first time that a pokemon game has a direct sequel. Basically your a new character and all the areas that were blocked off in the original are now open. So for the first third of the game you will see all new places and people, your goal s to meat up with the character from the first version and help him continue to pursue N and team plasma , theres also some new pokemon and events. Cool ideal, but it also seems like milking the cow.
  4. k i get the humor behind all this but i do believe its wrong that a news agency would be behind this, *sigh* I mean people here are starting to look at us with as much distaste as they do over in japan, and to think our parents , when they were kids they wore superman capes and went to star trek conventions, but now people of that age wanna look down on us ! makes no sense.
  5. First ACEN, looking to meet new friends! =)

    LOL careful living in japan is like the holy land, you might have people lining up at your door
  6. Sub or Dub anime

    in all reality they are both dub if you think about it, just different languages, but it depends on which show it is , im not a big fan for reading words on the screen id rather watch the action, but some shows like blue exorcist and oreimo you got no choice. Theres also just as many bad Japanese as english dubs
  7. How Much Should I Save?

    major bump lol you want to have enough money for anything: IE Room 530 Gas about 50 Food About 200 especially if you eat at any restaurant in the city 500 spending cash, ie merch, and booze , party money. and about 100 dollars locked away for emergency , ie broken down car , room increase fee dont spend this money just because you exhaust all your fun money. so im looking at .... 1380 , which aint bad. Remember your basically on vacation for 4-5 days. people look at it like its too much money but honestly if you went to vegas or Florida you would spend just as much or maybe more. best advise bring a credit card that gets cash back for your room , food ,and booze, and bring about 500 in cash for all your merch since most dealers only take cash. FYI dont carry that 500 on you at all times take about 150 eatch day to the floor and only spend that per day, then you wont run short on day two.