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  1. Jack Frost Staff?

    What I did for mine was make it slightly shorter than me so that I can still carry it around but not break any rules(= I also made the staff out of styrofoam rods, whittling them down in some places. Then I hot glued some string on it and paper mached over it. Paint and voila! Jack Frost staff!
  2. Rise of the Guardians Anyone?

    Hopefully we'll see each other! I would love to take a picture with you! (^.^)
  3. Progress Pics and Workspaces

    I just finished (maybe) my staff for Jack Frost. So here ya go! It looks only somewhat ok... ...it glows in the dark hehe
  4. Rise of the Guardians Anyone?

    So, I'm planning on cosplaying as Jack Frost and was wondering if anyone else was going to be going as anyone from ROTG.