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  1. Best Summer Movies 2012

    Ah, my bad. I watched it at a cheap theater that's known for showing movies that other theaters have stopped showing, so it felt like a summer movie to me.
  2. What's Next On Your Anime List?

    Just finished Shion no Ou. I'm not sure what I feel like I'm in the mood to watch. Maybe Red Garden? Yeah, that's what I'll do while I'm waiting for the next episode of Pokemon Best Wishes.
  3. General Anime Trade/sell

    I can't meet up at any cons (because frankly, I don't have the money for them right now) and I can't use Paypal, but I do have these items listed on Yardsellr, so that will have to do. If you have a Facebook, you could buy from Yardsellr (and sometimes prices are cheaper because you start out with photons which will be deducted from the total of the cost). If you are around the Orange County area, we can also meet up. All shipped purchases will come with Delivery Confirmation so you can be sure that I shipped the items. Shipping costs will be determined based on how much you purchase. I've got 30 different manga titles and 17 anime DVDs I'm looking to sell as well as some old Pokemon stuff I've collected since the 90s. I'll only list some of the Pokemon stuff I've put up on Yardsellr, so if you're looking for something specific, ask me, and I'll check to see if I have it. PM me for photos and more details. For manga, * before the title means that one or more volume is brand new and still wrapped in plastic. Anime DVDS Cardcaptor Sakura -- The Clow (Episodes 1-4) ($10) Cardcaptor Sakura -- Everlasting Memories (Episodes 5-8) ($10) Cardcaptor Sakura the Movie ($15) Cardcaptor Sakura: The Sealed Card (including Tomoyo's Photo Album) ($15) Clamp Double Feature: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle the Movie: The Princess in the Birdcage Kingdom & xxxHolic the Movie: A Midsummer Night's Dream ($10) or $50 for all 5 CLAMP DVDs DN Angel Volume 1: The Dawn of Dark - Episodes 1-4 ($12) DN Angel Volume 2: Double Helix - Episodes 5-8 ($12) DN Angel Volume 3: Facets of Darkness - Episodes 9-12 ($12) or $30 for all 3 DN Angel DVDs Galaxy Angel DVD 1: What's Cooking? - Episodes 1-7 ($10) Inuyasha Affections Touching Across Time ($15) Inuyasha The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass ($15) Inuyasha Swords of an Honorable Ruler (Plus 1 Trading Card) ($15) or $30 for all 3 Inuyasha DVDs Love Hina DVD 1: Moving In - Episodes 1-4 ($12) Love Hina DVD 3: Secret Lives - Episodes 9-12 ($12) Love Hina DVD 6: And the Winner is - Episodes 21-24 ($12) or $30 for all 3 Love Hina DVDs Tokyo Underground DVD 1: Awakening - Episodes 1-5 ($10) Yu-Gi-Oh! Battle City Duels: Volume 11: Showdown in the Shadows - Episodes 194-197 ($10) Yu-Gi-Oh! the Movie ($10) or both DVDs for $14 Complete Or Incomplete Manga Sets After School Nightmare 1-7 ($45) - Will sell individually for $7 each [Free shipping if you purchase all] Aquarian Age Juvenile Orion 1-5 ($30) - Will sell individually for $7 each [Free shipping if you purchase all] BLEACH 7, 19 ($10) - Will sell individually for $7 each Chibi Vampire 1-4 ($20) - Will sell individually for $7 each Chobits 1-6, 8 ($40) - Will sell individually for $7 each [Free shipping if you purchase all] Comic Party 2-4 & Comic Party Anthology 1 ($15) - Will sell individually for $5 each Crescent Moon 1, 6 ($10) - Will sell individually for $7 each *Death Note 1-2, 4, 9-10 ($27) - Volume 1 is brand new and still wrapped in plastic. Will sell volumes, 2, 4, 9-10 for $6 each and volume 1 for $7. Descendants of Darkness 1, 8-10 & (Yaoi) Il gatto sul G. 1 ($25) - Will sell individually for $7 each DN Angel 1-10 ($50) - Will sell individually for $7 each Elemental Gelade 1-2 ($10) - Will sell individually for $7 each Fruits Basket 1-4, 6-7 ($35) - Will sell individually for $7 each [Free shipping if you purchase all] *Her Majesty's Dog 1-5 ($28) - Volume 5 is brand new and still wrapped in plastic. Will sell volumes 1-4 for $7 each and $10 for volume 5. Kingdom Hearts 3-4 ($9) - Will sell individually for $7 each Millennium Snow 1-2 ($10) - Will sell individually for $7 each *Ouran High School Host Club 1-3, 7 ($28) - Volumes 2-3 are brand new and still wrapped in plastic and volume 7 is in Japanese. Will sell volume 1 for $7, volumes 2-3 for $8 each, and volume 7 for $6. [Free shipping for purchasing all] Pita Ten 1, 3, 6-7 ($25) - Will sell individually for $7 each (If you buy the set, I'll throw in the 1st episode of Full Moon wo Sagashite for free.) [Free shipping if you purchase all] Princess Tutu 1-2 ($10) - Will sell individually for $7 each *Rozen Maiden 1-6 ($40) - Volumes 4-6 are brand new and still wrapped in plastic. Will sell volumes 1-3 for $7 and 4-6 for $9 each. [Free shipping if you purchase all] Shingetsutan Tsukihime 1-4 ($20) - Will sell individually for $7 each Tokyo Mew Mew 1-4, 6 ($25) - Will sell individually for $7 each [shipping is free if you purchase all] Tsubasa Chronicles 1-2, 12 ($12) - Will sell individually for $6 each *Tsukuyomi Moon Phase 1-4 ($29) - Volumes 2-4 are brand new and still wrapped in plastic. Will sell volume 1 for $7 and volumes 2-4 for $9 each. [Free shipping if you purchase all] Vampire Knight 1-3 ($15) - Will sell individually for $7 each Yuugiou 1-7 ($40) - Will sell individually for $7 each [Free shipping if you purchase all] Individual Manga Calling You ($5) Glass Wings ($4) Delicious Seasons 1 ($2) MyHIME 2 ($7) or buy all for for $15 plus free shipping Other Anime Items "12 Sasuke Plushie with Tag - $10 (has a stain on his face) (I'll throw in a 1" or so Shikamaru figure that used to be part of a keychain if you buy this.) Brand New Naruto Konoha Headband + Itachi Anti-Leaf Headband + Itachi's Akatsuki Ring Cosplay - $25 (I'd rather sell them as a set, but if you want to purchase them individually, make an offer.) Fruits Basket Kyo Neko Fleece Hat - $12 Eureka Seven Poster - $10 Pokemon Items 1998 Original Pokedex & Instruction Booklet (Working Condition - Batteries included) - $33 2003 Pokemon Advanced Pokedex with Box and Instructions (Working Condition - Batteries included) - $25 Brand New "12 Torchic Plushie still in the box (2004)- $20 Brand New "12 Treecko Plushie still in the box (2004)- $20 "18 Mew Plushie (1999) - $25 Pokemon Lugia Trifold Velcro Wallet with Chain Clip & Gyarados Keychain - $15 Nintendo Pokemon Pocket Pikachu Color imported from Japan (1999) (Working condition, but needs batteries) - $30 2004 Hasbro Pokemon ThinkChip 12" Ash with Pikachu, Wartortle, and Jigglypuff + Bulbasaur (comes with box; working condition) - $35 Pokemon 2B a Master CD (Working condition) + Music Cassette from Pokemon the First Movie for free (not sure if it still works) - $10 11 Pokemon Yo-Yos - $10 Burger King Toys: Pidgeot, Kingler, and Jigglypuff cards from Pokemon the Movie 2000; Rapidash Toy & Pokeball + Pikachu Gold Plated Card from Pokemon the First Movie - $20 Pokemon Masters Arena PC Game - $10 5 Pokemon Shirts - Most are brand new (Send me a PM or post here for more info)
  4. Bleach Anime Coming to a Closure

    Wow, it ended already? I might actually finish this series then. I stopped at 107.
  5. Anime/Gaming wallscrolls

    I used to own a Durarara!! wallscroll until I sold it to my friend.
  6. Rude anime fans

    I think it's funny when people who only have anime knowledge of Japanese correct people who genuinely want to learn the language (as in taking classes or self-learning because they want to be able to hold a conversation in Japanese with another person). The former are usually people who say Japanese terms they learn from watching anime or reading manga just so they can claim, "Yes! I can speak Japanese! That makes me a true otaku!" What's even funnier is that most Japanese don't even care that Americans are butchering their language because they do the same thing to English.
  7. Anime License Rescues

    I agree.
  8. You Should Read This!

    Onani Master Kurosawa seems like nothing but an extremely perverted manga at first, but it's surprisingly deep.
  9. Pokemon conquest

    I might have to get a DS just to play this. (But then I could finally play Heart Gold too.)
  10. Forums Recipe Swap

    That sounds delicious. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Bucket List

    Really only two main goals: get my PhD in American Literature and become a tenured professor. I could content for the rest of my life after that.
  12. Nostalgia stuff

    I just opened up my storage several days ago with all of my Pokemon stuff in it. That was a lot of nostalgia surging then. I also recall the Discovery Zone (which was kind of like Chuckie Cheese except cooler, imo) after looking at some pictures. I also had a Pokemon Wonderball box. That was cool.
  13. Cruel School Teachers

    I had one teacher who would record her voice and put up a powerpoint that would look exactly like the worksheet she handed out except ours had some blanks. She would play her tape with her recorded voice which featured her reading the whole worksheet to us, so we had to quickly fill in the blanks as she read it. It wouldn't have been so bad if she had spoken clearly and she wasn't sitting at her desk staring at us waiting to see if we would so something stupid. That and teachers who do really detailed powerpoints and just read right off of them really bother me especially if they don't even give you a copy of the powerpoint. But seriously, do they think we can't read the powerpoint ourselves? As far as having those cruel teachers that are mentioned above, naw, I'm lucky to say I didn't have any of those.
  14. Your embarrassing manga moments

    It didn't happen when I was reading manga where I wasn't supposed to, but it happened when I was buying it. At the time, I didn't know what yaoi manga was because I was about 15, and the store I bought it at had really cheap used manga (about $3 each) so I just bought anything that looked interesting. One of them happened to be a yaoi manga that clearly said so on the front of the cover and had a 18+ rating on the back, but I paid it no mind. The much older clerk looked at the book and then at me and gave me a dirty look, and I had no idea what I did to offend him. I didn't realize until I took the manga home and started reading it the next day. What I don't know is why he didn't ask me how old I was because I think I clearly didn't look like I was 18 or older.
  15. Sub or Dub anime

    I used to watch dubbed anime, especially when we still had Anime on Demand or whatever that channel was until they took it out. I saw parts of DN Angel, Angelic Layer, Kaleido Star, Full Metal Panic FUMOFFU, and others in dub, and I genuinely enjoyed it. Years later after I discovered that I can watch some of this stuff online, I watched the subbed versions and I have to say, I found some of it "better." FUMOFFU, however, I still preferred in dubbed form, but others like Angelic Layer made me realize that Misaki's dub voice sounded very annoying. Now, I actually prefer to watch raw episodes because some of the subs are really terrible (but I understand why they made certain translations).