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  1. H-hello loves.

    U-uhm. Well hello everyone, I'm Ash - from Pallet Town Actually...I'm in Wisconsin. It's nice to meet whoever reads this. n_n I went to ACen in 011' but I didn't go this year cause the year before wasn't the best. I didn't know anyone or what to do at all, I wondered the dealers room and took pictures.. o o;; But I decided to give it another go for 2013!! (That's if we're all still alive...) > < Hopefully I can find some peoples for next year or figure out what to do. I do cosplay only cause I like to sew. Tehe. I have a zombie, end of the world, horror movie, creepy things, special effects makeup, ghost in the shell, gurren lagann, pokemon, sailor moon, shoujo, lolita, BUNNIES!, drawing with pen tablet, Alice in Wonderland, & anything that challenges my creativity obession(s). Oh and I have the curiosity of a cat. Mao. And I so did not read the 'New to the forums? Read this! ' Topic and answer the questions on first post. >///< Nice to meet everyone. <3