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  1. Two rooms at the Hyatt

    Sorry guys, I don't go on here often. If you want to reach me by email, you can get me at jamesshi93[at]gmail.com Anyways, here's the update. Since some friends backed out on the second room, I gave them away last month on the Anime Central Page on Facebook. I currently have a room left with some friends. You can contact me via my email if you're interested in joining that room. Price of the room is split evenly based on nights stayed and amount of people (I have a friend who's only staying for a night), I have an employee discount so it cost me about $440 per room for the 3 nights. Thanks and good luck room hunting.
  2. Two rooms at the Hyatt

    https://www.facebook.com/Lucius.Dei if that doesn't work, I don't know what does. Name's James Shi. I don't use the forum often enough to check.
  3. Got 2 rooms at the hyatt, both two double beds. Have a couple of roommates from Acen2014 staying with. However, I might end up having more space and since I got my rooms under a corporate rate that is cheaper than ACen rate... might as well share? hit me up at facebook.com/lucius.dei and I can add you to our acen2015 list
  4. Hilton Rosemont

  5. Hilton Rosemont

    I have room for 3 in the Hilton from Friday-Sunday (2 nights). The room have two double beds. Rates are $50/night. Please contact me on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Lucius.Dei or email: jshi4(at)hawk.iit.edu Thanks.
  6. Doubletree rosemont

    Actually, both embassy and doubletree are owned by hilton. So maybe that's why. Who knows.
  7. Fire Emblem Awakening ACen 2013

    Inigo here.... and girlfriend going great lord Lucina...
  8. Seeking Room

    I got all hype for ACen during my summer vacation and then completely forgot about it. I now have a girlfriend and we are planning to go to ACen and would like to have a room to stay at. She have previous experience at ACen but it will be my first time going. She told me to book a room but since I'm the lazy type, here I am asking for a room for two. Basically, here are the information: Age: 19 (I will turn 20 before ACen) Gender: Male (Asian), Female (Blasian) We are both from Chicago. I have a car so if we can get a parking space, I am willing to drive us(including roommates) around to eat and whatnot. Also, if you are also from Chicago, I could pick you up for ACen. I have no preference to where to sleep but I sometimes snore due to tiredness. I would prefer to get a bed or at least a couch for my girlfriend to sleep. I would prefer to have a room at a hotel close by but my girlfriend says that farther away hotels have shuttle bus that goes to the convention center so distance shouldn't matter. You can also reach me by my facebook (https://www.facebook.com/Lucius.Dei) or skype (lucius.dei). I am almost always on. Thank you.
  9. Norio Wakamoto

    oskar von reuenthal!!!
  10. embassey roomates wanted

    woah woah woah.... so quick and looking already. Age 19, male... planning to go to ACen next year... but I would rather have a room from 16night-19... time to wait for more people to post... ps. first anime convention ftw

    ohhh crap, i think 25th might be impossible... I believe I was to go to a convention off in wisconsin that day...
  12. What's the last thing you ate?

    Pizza... with pepsi...
  13. What Are You Currently Playing?

    Prototype, will start Prototype 2 when I finish it...
  14. The "Overdue" Hello~

    This guy: Angelsrflamabl makes them :D would be awesome if there is an akumetsu meetup... bunch of terrorists... Just cosplay something that doesn't seem like you're walking around in bra and panties.... Cover them skins and wear coats and/or jackets that looks amazing and you're good.
  15. Pottermore

    Better a witty fool than a foolish wit.