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  1. I'm new and I need friends!

    Fate and LL. Tow of my favorite fandoms even though the pair together sound kind of odd. I've cosplayed a Fate character at every ACen I've attended but won't be doing it for 2017 but you never know, things can change. As for Love Live, I'm a huge fan of the edgelord herself, Nico. Maki is a close second with Yohane from Aquors coming in third. And welcome to the forums even though it's kind of dead for now. They do tend to pick up around March or so. Next year will be my 7th ACen so reach out via PM (if it works in the forums) if you feel inclined to do so and I'd be happy supply some company over convention weekend. Side note: Noticed that you're from Baltimore. I was at Otakon this year and if you also attended, there may be a slight chance you'd have seen me as Haseo (2nd form) or Nakigitsune during the con.
  2. ACen Cosplay Gatherings Schedule

    Two OPM gatherings? One on Friday @5:30 and the other one on Saturday @3:30. I'm only aware of the one on Saturday since it was my friend that put the schedule request in. Facebook event was made for it, so would like to know, if possible, who made the request for the Friday one and perhaps coordinate with that person.
  3. Type-Moon & Fate/Stay Night

    There's traditionally been one either late Friday or Saturday night the last few years. SargentJY has been the one leading them. Unsure if he's doing it this year or not.
  4. Cosplay Progress 2016 Edition

    Mumen Rider(One-Punch Man) - Done. Nakigitsune (Touken Ranbu) - Wig needs to be styled. Sheath for the sword needs to be painted and detailed. Everything else is done. Saber Alter (male concept)(Fate/Stay Night/Prototype) - All armor pieces aside from the hand armor are done. Just need to seal, prime, paint, etc. Sword is currently in progress. About halfway done then it's on to prime, paint, etc. Yeah, I got an early start on all these.
  5. One Punch Man 2016

    LOL. Was waiting for you to first post a Fate gathering thread. Anyways, my friend and I are in the process of trying to get an OPM group together. I'll likely be Mumen Rider as well (possibility of changing that to Boros, depending on time and budget) and she's going to be Genos. I believe we do have a Saitama and we're working on getting a Tatsumaki and Fubuki.
  6. What are your plans for ACen 2015?

    As always, plans I had tend to change late in the game. Original plans were Mordred, Phantom Ganon and Haseo. Mordred is a done and ready to go. Ganon is on indefinite hiatus because I decided to do a gender bend of Wo from KanColle and that's done and ready to go. Haseo was done and worn at C2E2 but went through a bit of wear and tear and I'm not up for making the repairs to it. I had plans to do Gilgamesh (Fate/Zero armored form) for a future convention. And lo and behold, I find out that the Stephanie Sheh, the English voice actress for Ilya from Fate/stay night is attending and if you're a fan of the series, you know what Gil does to Ilya. So, less than two weeks to go, I'm powering through to get this done (75% complete) with hopes of having her sign the actual cosplay.
  7. ACEN 2015 Plans

    This will be my 5th year going. I plan for this time of year as a vacation. I go for the community and every year, I make new friends. Going to be hanging out with friends I attend with regularly and meeting up with those I befriended last year that are attending. I love attending the gatherings. Not just the ones I cosplay for but other fandoms as well. And just people watching and seeing all the wonderful different cosplays all over the place. The one thing I'm really looking forward to this year is the SCANDAL concert. And of course, the dealers' room and AA. I'm on a mission to get a lot of KanColle stuff and anything to do with the Nasuverse.
  8. Type Moon/Fate 2015

    As for the gathering site, the garden is directly outside the Expoteria restaurant outdoor entrance across the Hyatt. It's actually a very nice area. When it's daylight. I'm not familiar with how the lighting is in that area when it's dark but it may be an issue considering that the gathering is at 9pm. I thought last year's site was pretty good but I'm game for anywhere.
  9. Type Moon/Fate 2015

    Looks like the gathering will be at 9pm on Friday. Depending on how long the concert lasts, I may be a tad late but I'll be there! Should be interesting for me. I have the KanColle gathering right before the show, the show itself, then this gathering. Going to have to practice quick changing.
  10. Kantai Collection

    I see that the gathering is tentatively scheduled for 5pm on Friday. It'll be a tight squeeze since the lobby for the Scandal concert opens at 6. I'll just have to get my friends to line up early for me. Or if possible, you would consider moving it back an hour. If you can't, then it's not a big deal. I'll just figure out the time management between the gathering and getting in line for the concert.
  11. Type Moon/Fate 2015

    Uhm yeah. The concert slipped my mind. I have every intention of going to it.
  12. Type Moon/Fate 2015

    I'll be Mordred in armored form this year (was armored Saber Alter last year). Would prefer it to be later on the day after the dealer's room/AA is closed. As for location, if it's possible to request, I would love to have last year's gathering site as it was perfect.
  13. Kantai Collection

    LOL. I'm going to be at all your gatherings. I have a Wo-Class genderbend almost done.
  14. Type Moon/Fate 2015

    I will be Mordred Pendragon from Fate/Apocrypha in armored form. I may or may not wear a blonde wig since I'll have the helmet on for the most part. I'm about 70% done on it.
  15. What are your plans for ACen 2015?

    Finalized my lineup. Obviously, the times and days I'll be wearing them is dependent on the gathering and panel schedules. As for the mentioned lineup, check my signature.