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  1. Hello

    Do I now? I don't recall meeting you Motoko
  2. Glomping. Make it a no-no.

    So, glomping is the act of Jumping/mid air hugging some stranger? I personally don't like being touched without permission, or see one of my friends be "felt" up. I feel like some con goers are over enthused, and feel it is okay to randomly jump people ^^. Now i know some people don't mind, and even welcome it (carrying signs saying free hugs and glomps, which is cool). Overall, I think people should just keep their hands (tentacles, props/ assorted limbs) to themselves unless they know the person or are comfortable with it.
  3. Hello Everyone.

    Hello! Welcome! I'm also a newbie to the forums! Magishine is cool too. Make sure he gives you a chocolate chip cookie!
  4. Hello

    Thanks for the warm reply!! I'm glad there is another person who loves GTO as much as I do. Sometimes I feel like it is little known. And Thanks Magishine, i hope it's chocolate chip and not raisin -___-
  5. Hello

    Hey Everyone, I'm new to the forums, but my first con was ACen 2009. I've attended both ACen and ANIME MIDWEST. I don't really know what to say. I'm 21, male, I love the manga GTO, and my blood type is 0. I plan to cosplay this ACen as Onizuka, Bando (from elfen lied), and a minion LoL! ^^ I live in suburb off chicago, and I am a music education major.