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  1. Steve Blum

    With his recent push into the animated star wars genre and especially video game scene, it'd be wonderful to have someone so prolific. His involvement with toonami as TOM and so many anime that have been huge influences in people's lives. Anyone else agree?
  2. Kitsune kon 2016

    Hello everyone! I'm head of guest relations for Kitsune kon based out of green bay, WI. Our dates are July 22-24, 2016. It's held at the KI convention center and Hyatt. We boast a very large video game, boffer, and tabletop area. We just received an expansion too! The con center received an addition so now we're at 79,532 sq feet of space :)/> Guests in attendance so far: Erin Fitzgerald DC Douglas Chris rager Joel Mcdonald Tom Baxa (MTG and WoW artist) Jon St John And I still have a few more to go! Keep updated on via our webpage,facebook and twitter www.kitsunekon.com
  3. Other Midwest conventions?

    Kitsune kon in green bay Wisconsin. Www.kitsunekon.com w our video game room and boffer room are huge (free games). We also offer a nice photoshoot list. We're growing :)
  4. Sasori wig styling help?!?!

    Add me on facebook and I can help! Brittany Lynn Huss. Look for silent hill nurse photo.
  5. Kitsune kon 2015

    Just announced Richard epcar and wife Ellyn Stern! We we will also have Joel McDonald as well :) Faecakes cosplay will be joining us. We've moved to a new location this year too! We're at the Hyatt on main/ki convention center in green bay Wisconsin. Boffer, video game room, cosplay contest and a whole slew of adventure awaits. Www.kitsunekon.com for more info on our con and guests
  6. Kitsune kon 2015

    It was march 20-22 this year. Next year is July 22-24 2016. :) sorry!
  7. Any Silent Hill Cosplayers here?

    Yep. I'm the one with the badge in both pics. Did both of our makeup. I'm sure we'll both be running around one of the days. Friday or sat. I'll see when the shoot is
  8. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

    We have Richard Epcar coming to our con, along with his wife. Shameless plugging of our con: www.kitsunekon.com But Mary would've been fantastic to have on top good lord
  9. Reika

    http://www.ACen.org/forums/index.php/topic/46090-team-four-star/ el ken answered that here
  10. What are your plans for ACen 2015?

    Wander from Shadow of the Colossus. I've kind of spammed the ACen fanpage on fb with pics XD at least i felt i have. Sorry. Just excited. The top pic here is of the belt after i finished. I wanted to use what i felt Wander would actually come in contact with instead of wooden dowels. Heck i've even seen feathers used. It's been an ongoing debate what the dangly bits are but according to what i've read, the consensus has been bones. A coworker said she had a deer carcass in her backyard that had been rotting since january this year. She let me come over end of june/early july and pull the bones. Nothing will ever compare to that smell but hell, it was worth it in the end. I spent a good week and a half cleaning the bones and removing all the ick. I painted the details on the belt and you can sort of see them in the second picture but other than that, i just have the sword/sheath left to finish.
  11. D.C. Douglass

    Haha he'd be fantastic. Got my vote :) also.. He tweeted this post as well
  12. Cosplay Gathering Stupidity

    I wanted to go to the horror survival this year because my friend and i were creeping as silent hill nurses. We show up and wait for people to finish/move out etc. we weren't even there for 5 minutes and IRT was kicking us out saying that the hotels were complaining. There was to be no more photoshoots. I was like "What the hell?". It me was me, my friend, 2 more nurses, 2 heathers, and a pyramid head and we ended up just walking across the street to the hyatt and took a few pictures on the front lawn. Low and behold we looked over and there was an ambulance right by the photoshoot areas where we were supposed to be. Why not at least share this with the IRT personnel that was by us and tell them there's an ambulance coming? Communication got lost here. I would have been much more understanding had IRT just said "Ambulance coming, need you to move." We were all pretty lost to what was going on. It seems like alot of the gatherings were pretty messed up this year given what i've read. I had no issues last year with them..what happened this year?
  13. Final Fantasy 2014

    Right outsidthe con center. North side.
  14. Everyone ready?

    I'm ready I'm ready I'm ready! *cue spongebob voice*
  15. Everyone ready?

    I'm all good to go. All packed and costumes are ready. I have last minute things I'll have to add like my toothbrush etc.. But otherwise I'm good. I'll be there later on Friday but otherwise I'm good
  16. Weather Watch 2014

    I have to agree with this lol. Was just sweating like mad
  17. Where to Park

    Thanks. Its what I figured.
  18. Where to Park

    I think it is but I wasn't sure since parking is marked for each hotel area. I didn't want to get towed or ticketed.
  19. Progress Pics and Workspaces

    Looking great and tyvm! I've tested some of the stitches and one step buttonholes are amazing. I feel like im getting burnt out on making perfect straight edges lol. I want to finish a majority of this cosplay over the summer but i'll see how things go. I suffer from TMJ (Tempomandibular joint disease) so if i get too stressed/tense up my muscles in my jaw get sore. I need to stray from crunchy and chewy foods. My joint itself is fine but my muscles themselves are overworked and can make it difficult for me to focus on making something especially if im having headaches/flare ups. It blows. :/ I feel so super slow at making a costume.
  20. Where to Park

    I was wondering this as well since I won't be at the doubletree this year, I'll be at crowne plaza. I wanted to just park in the Doubletree lot since it was only 13 a day. I think crowne's was more.
  21. Progress Pics and Workspaces

    Wow so much wonderful stuff being made. lawdy. Got this new toy back in november and haven't used it as much as i honestly should be using it. I was using my mother in law's singer that she had from walmart and it was just the low end model. It needs to have a tune up done/cleaned up and all that stuff. It wasnt running as well because of that but i also needed a machine that gave me better options. I hated 3 step button holes. Never turned out no matter how many times i played around with the machine so now i have this baby. My friend and i had done a run to Hancock and this happened. She just blurted out "Do you want a sewing machine?" and bam. It happened. ; ; Feel so fortunate... I've also helped her out alot with watching her kid alot as well so i'm sure that's why. And working on Wander from Shadow of the colossus. It was always a cosplay i wanted to do but just never got around to it. I've played through the game multiple times and it had been so long...I started watching Game grumps playing through it and it rekindled my desire to make it. So far it's coming along great! I used a stencil made out of foam and posterboard, X acto knifed everything out, and just had to make sure it was in the right spot each time. Otherwise that was pretty easy. The tunic is going to take a bit. Alot more details on it than i previously realized (or could see for that matter...) Feel free to let me know how it all looks!
  22. Final Fantasy 2014

    Omg ffxi <3 and xiv as well. I played xi for almost 6 years so that game has a special place in my heart. No one should ever tell you that a cosplay isn't welcome. I'm totally excited to see it ! I won't be at the shoot as lulu.. I should be in my nurse getup from sh so I'll see if I can get over there for some pics
  23. Undead Survivors

    Ty :) I hope to bump into some zombies :)
  24. Final Guest List

    I have to agree with washu's last two paragraphs. I have no clue who wake up girls are but that's just me. I understand wanting to get Japanese voice actors but not everyone may know who they are or be as interested. Might be good to keep a balance of English and Japanese voice actors. I'm super happy to see we got Crispin Travis and laura. Really happy that you were able to get them.