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    Love me some True blood.

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About Me

I usually have no idea what to put for these buuuut here goes:
I started cosplaying when i was 16 or so. First cosplay i did was Spike Spiegel. It was very facepalm worthy. I did it for the love of the character at the time. I also didn't sew at all at the time. I had taken a sewing class in high school but it never really hit me how much of that i'd , now, be using. I remember one of the first things i made out of high school was a cape. I had to do it in like...a day so it didnt turn out great. I still have it and used it for some halloween stuff so it's served its purpose. I ended up sewing a few minor things after that, nothing major but then in 2010 i decided to make a Silent hill 2 nurse. I actually only did it for halloween but then i found out that there was an anime convention coming near where i lived. It was a win win situation for me XD. I ended up getting alot of compliments on it and even won best advanced costume with it. It was a very proud moment for me but i still have -alot- of work ahead of me. I'm no pro, that's for sure, but i'm hoping to really further myself in the sewing field. I really do love it even though it took so long to realize what my passion is.

In my free time i play the bass guitar. I had about 2 years worth of lessons from a friend of my husband. It really helped me understand my husband's passion for music. He plays guitar, drums, mandolin, a little piano, frack...he's everywhere lol.
I do play video games but not as much as i used to. I played FFXI for about 5-6 years and recently kinda backed off from playing it. Sewing eats up alot of my time so i don't really want to try and balance an MMO with sewing. It just doesn't work well for me.
Drawing has kinda taken a back seat too but it's there...somewhere lol.

I've actually never been to ACen and this next year will hopefully be my first. I told my husband i'd love to go and he's been super supportive of it. Hopefully everything pans out!