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  1. Cosplaying for 2015

    Spanish inquisition. (I had to)
  2. The Official "Did You Get My Picture?" Thread

    I was a vet NCR ranger, walking around Friday and Saturday, mostly in the dealer room. I've found a few photos, but one in particular is eluding me. It would have been Saturday late morning / early afternoon on the steps leading into the registration area, I ran into a friend wearing T-51b armor, and drew down on him from behind (after helping him down the stairs, heh)Reference photos below.
  3. ACen 2014 Photo Share!

    Got a handful of stills, and currently going through video for more, If you saw an NCR ranger with the helmet on, let me know, I may have got a shot of you!
  4. Fallout

    Ok, how about saturday around 11, by the parking lot?
  5. Mario and Peach help

    Well the same general principle for the beard works for theater mustaches. quick amazon search shows a lot of stuff from $20
  6. Mario and Peach help

    Really good tutorial . Mostly covers beards, but covers mustaches as well.
  7. Fallout

    Sounds good. I'm down for whenever on Sat or maybe Sunday, The guys at Ten Wing media (Con men; ) will be around, and I know their big fans of Fallout. I will also be holding them hostage in my room, maybe because Chad's Kilt made me think he was a damn legionnaire at first.
  8. Looking for up to 3 at Hyatt

    -=- *No longer pertinent.
  9. Fallout

    I know I've seen a smattering of fallout/general post apocalyptic themed cosplays, any one interested in getting together for photos?
  10. The 2014 Prop Acceptability Checklist

    Good to know, but I would hate to see some one abuse the spirit of the rule, and load an air soft after having it checked, as esp with revolver types, it can be hard to tell at a glance if its loaded. If you want I could send over a few pics of how to disable different types of airsofts quickly and effectively, as most mechanically mirror real guns.
  11. The 2014 Prop Acceptability Checklist

    I will freely admit I messed up and didn't check rules before coming, but IRT was nice enough to Zip-tie disable my prop guns... with one issue; Only one gun they zip tied was actually disabled. And when It came to revolver style, I did one my self after I was told they couldn't disable it (cylinder locked by zip-tie) but the revolving GL just got a zip tie around the trigger guard, and my friends rifle got a zip tie on the sling attach mount on the forearm. I love the fact that IRT's were helping people comply with rules rather then blanket throw them out, but a little better instruction of how to disable air soft type things could have helped. but again, having the IRT's help others get in compliance is above and beyond, and saved me a long walk to drop / tie down gear!
  12. I have floor space open for Friday and Saturday nights if there's any poor unfortunates still looking for a place to crash. Will be at the Aloft. Currently there will be 2 30 Y/O males in the room, but we are both polite and responsible working professionals. There may be some drinking in the room, but other then that its just a place to sleep / relax between panels. Looking for $50 a night per head. PM with questions.