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  1. Final count for ACen 2014?

    All things considered, we still grew by a little over 1,000 this year, which was a return to 2011-2012 numbers. Not bad, just not the explosive growth like last year.
  2. ACen Survival Map

    OK. i've been working on it for a day or two now and i'm a little over halfway done. I'll try my best to finish it by tomorrow. So far, i've tried to remove all the defunct businesses and include the new ones. I've also tried to reduce clutter and standardize the format for stuff so information is easier to find. I still have to do the area north of the CTA station, but the con center area is more or less complete (with the exception of hotel restaurants.) If you guys want anything added or think any information would be useful on the map, let me know, and i'll do my best to get it added.
  3. Sky tunnels rehab

    If I had to smell what they did for four days every year, i'd be an abuse victim too. ... wait a minute..
  4. The Cta Trip Planner!

    I saw a bunch of signs saying that you can't reload magnetic cards effective a few days ago (AKA may 1st.) I know a few of the stations i ride to don't even have the mag strip card machines anymore.
  5. ACen Survival Map

    I'll take a crack at updating this. I live in the area, so i'll fix all the outdated stuff/add new ones. I'll be done in a day or two.
  6. Anyone else been to Japan?

    4 times. All of them were 3 weeks - 1 month, except for the last trip, which only lasted two weeks. I spend 1-2 weeks in Tokyo always for myself, having fun, buying stuff, etc, then I travel around for sightseeing and visiting friends. Outside of Tokyo, I usually spend a few days visiting friends in Nagoya, Kyoto, Kumamoto, And Sapporo on the north island, All by train/boat. It's awesome how far you can go on a cheap train ticket in japan. Outside of those places, I usually make it a point to stop off in one of the other big/historic cities like Osaka, Nagasaki, etc. My favorite cities would have to be Tokyo and Sapporo, though. Tokyo just has so much cool stuff and good food, and makes it difficult for you to get bored. But Sapporo is just such an awesome city in the mountains, with a really cool winter festival. I dunno, It's just something about eating some tasty street food when it's cold and snowy that has this special charm to it. The only bad part about japan is if you aren't in Tokyo, it can be a little difficult to find a really decent meal if you're a westerner who doesn't like fish. But I learned to adapt, and if you're new and going there you probably will adapt too.
  7. Experiences with non-conblock hotels?

    There is a cluster of hotels close to the Cumberland blue line station 1 stop down from Rosemont. From everything I have heard from my friends, they are nice places to stay, and there are a few con goers staying at the hotels too. The Blue line station is only a 5-10 min walk away, so not too bad for travel, either.
  8. Local Taxi Cabs or vallet

    Yep, what this guy said. Shuttle to O'hare, O'hare to blue line, Blue line to rosemont. Should work fine, but I can see how the transfers could be annoying.
  9. Hopefully helpful =3

    The guidebook app has an ACen guide with up-to-date info at con, including all changes. seriously. get it. It's great. This is still great though. Ty for the post!
  10. Starbucks in the convention center?

    It's there, almost 100% sure they lack the full menu. They're a conveniece location, not a full store. Alternative locations for good coffee would be the bars inside the hyatt, micky d's (kind of..) and the expoteria ( I think?) That being said, you'd probably get your coffee faster if you took the train 1 stop down to Mariano's on cumberland, or a few more to get off at Jefferson park and walk around the town... I'm serious, you should take the time to head out of con for food. You'll find so much more at much cheaper/faster then just eating at micky d's and starbucks.
  11. WiFi at the con?

    Yeah, there's wifi in the hyatt, not sure about the other places but almost assuredly they do offer it. However, the wifi usually goes the same way cellphone signals do during con, which is in the bottomless, signal-less abyss.
  12. Activities Thursday evening- by the elevators?

    The lines last year were caused by computer problems in the badge pickup room I think. They might have it there again, but no guarantees, we generally don't get dat info until later. Not sure about the dj downstairs either.. but in my advice, plan around it. Try outside by the glass dome/balcony or on the grounds, Those aren't restricted areas and you probably won't have problems setting it up out there. 1 month to go! can't wait.
  13. I have space for 2 at the Hyatt

    Send me a pm and i'll throw you my email. I might have 2 friends who are looking to book, i just need some details.
  14. Need Gluten-Free Food planning help :(

    If you guys don't mind heading out of con for food, you can ride the blue line for about 30-45 and find some kick butt eats short of downtown. It's a trip, of course.. but you'll certainly find a wider variety of food/gluten free items as you get closer to the metropolitan area. Alternatively, just go to grubhub on your phone or laptop or whatever and search up gluten free/veggie. Rosemont is a great place to order from on grubhub because you'll get a bunch of the suburb businesses that deliver plus some outer chicago establishments. Oh! and if you felt like shopping while you're there, there is a Mariano's Supermarket 2 blocks out from the Cumberland Blue Line station across the highway. It's fantastic, and probably your best choice, though maybe a bit pricey. It's the next stop from the rosemont station. I live in the area, so I could probably help you with other solutions too... Just toss me a message!
  15. Bringing The Young Ones

    ACen has the fancy part of the con center rented out this year I think, and there are almost certainly changing stations in the women's bathrooms on the second floor there. As far as activities go I think ACen has a daycare-type thing somewhere in the con... could be wrong. I know there are a good deal of children's programs too. Hope this helps!