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  1. FAQ Forum Questions

    I see; thank you for responding. Please do keep us posted when it is available again though.
  2. FAQ Forum Questions

    Are there any administrators available to help with this issue?
  3. FAQ Forum Questions

    I have the same issue as Feyra Cosplay, unfortunately.
  4. Anime Central 2016 Photo Album!

    here's mine. my sister (Wonder Woman) and a friend (red coat, blue cape, blue hair, usually has a giant sword) are contributors, so there may be more coming later. i set it to public, so you should be able to tag and such; please let me know otherwise. if you have any pictures of us (i was Gintoki for a while and Sub-Zero for the rest of the convention), please send them my way too!
  5. 2016 Event Registration?

    Hey wolfedragon, Would you be able to update us on the status of everyone who preregistered? Now that is January of 2016, I am getting a little concerned that I still do not have a receipt for the badges that were bought last year. I also emailed the ACen registration department too, but I never got a response after the automated confirmation email.
  6. Issues with profile and settings

    to join the bandwagon, i'm seeing the same messages and errors too.
  7. Countdown From A Million!

    978069 first time posting to the countdown. i can't seem to search anything either or even access my own profile. after almost three weeks, i still have not heard back back from the Registration Dept, but it's funny how they had newsletters sent out last month and this earlier month.
  8. Hello, I'm B0X0R, and I don't watch a lot of anime.

    I second Gintama. Fairy Tail would be pretty fun for an endurance run too though.
  9. 2016 Event Registration?

    That sounds good; thanks for the quick response, wolfedragon!
  10. 2016 Event Registration?

    wolfedragon, i registered for ACen 2016 at the registration desk with a couple others right before ACen 2015 wrapped up and ended. we still haven't received our receipts for payment or anything yet though; should we except to see any form of confirmation when registration opens again?
  11. Nana Mizuki

    Agreed; I do enjoy the musical guests that ACen has been able to bring in in the recent years, but we haven't had many prominent Japanese VA's come in before.
  12. Nana Mizuki

    Though I think Miyuki Sawashiro and Yuichi Nakamura would be a better duo to show your Black Lynx to, that too...WOULD BE AWESOME. Honestly, it would be a dream come true if all three came together; they're such good friends and I love watching them talk to each other, like in this episode of Tokyo Encounter - http://vk.com/video-5662583_164634050
  13. Nana Mizuki

    Normally, I would advocate for Tomokazu Sugita and Yuichi Nakamura as guests, but Nana Mizuki....YES...PLEASE.
  14. Gripes Against Individuals

    In addition to Washu and Taiya's experience, I would like to share a similar case that happened to my brother and his fiancee with the EXACT SAME person. My brother's fiancee was cosplaying a variation of Wonder Woman that I helped build (it's not that revealing or anything along those lines), while wandering around the Dealer Room as well. They too encountered a black man that was cosplaying Vegeta, who engaged in conversation with them. According to the fiancee, he tried to get really close to her and aimed a lot of lewd remarks about his genitals, while trying to maintain a raspy voice as if to imitate Batman, towards her. She ignored them and was attempting to walk away from him, but then he started talking to my brother and she didn't want to leave him behind. According to my brother, after he said "Yeah, I killed Frieza with my c**k," they finally started to walk away from him. This person had the audacity to post a few pictures that he took with some cosplayers on Facebook as well; but they, of course, appear to be inappropriate to either whoever is viewing them or to the cosplayers within the photos. I have already confirmed with my brother, his fiancee, Washu and her friend, Taiya; this is his Facebook account - https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=pcb.10153343971751810&type=1 I have been attending ACen for 13 years now, but I have only recently become more active in the community. I never realized that people like him come to ACen either, to be honest; however, this guy stepped too close to my family and I am not happy about it. Everyone; please help spread word about his behavior, in case he decides to do the same to others in the future. At the very least, hopefully someone who recognizes him can come to the aid of another that might undergoing harassment from him. No one should have to deal with his BS.
  15. ACen 2015 Live Stream

    you're welcome, Valentine. quite honestly, i would like to watch the live stream too, but I have no leads on where else to see any of it.