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    spending time with my daughters,world history, painting, biking, shooting lots of guns, games, unicorns, and creating cosplay props and outfits, days of with my special lady friend. and cooking.

    sorry sometimes I get too involved in my own world, and make off topic comments. that's all on me. but I did like the second easter egg. :P

    like I said I can admit I am a fanboy so my opinion is definitely bias, I remember pissing off my roommates 12 years ago, enforcing an hour of silence in the house when Buffy was on. I think he is a smart director choosing only select films to write/direct. it is his writing that impresses me most, more than just witty one liners he can capture actual human dialog. something writer/directors like Lucas have failed at for a long time.
  3. Are you from the Milwaukee area?

    Just remember Lost world of Wonders is around 50th and Oklahoma. I will say I am very interested in your plans for the store and plan to follow this thread to see were it takes you.

    how much more could Joss Whedon do? gave every comic fan what they have been expecting including an unexpected set up for the infinity gauntlet. He even bridged the gap to general entertainment for people who might not have any comic Knowledge. I know I am am fanboy but I really feel Joss might be best and the last amazing writer in Hollywood. come on he gave us everything from Toy Story, to Firefly. I value the opinion of others and know I am bias because of my love for comics but I think it was a movie almost anyone could find a reason to like it.
  5. old fart needs help

    wow you guys are awesome, I know we have some of the mentioned titles but you have helped me put together a good search list. my girls are always watching my old pokemon, sailor moon and Oh My Goddess dvd's but I know they are craving more but a lot of my collection is a little above them (try explaining Evangelion to a 7 year old lol)and like I said I don't really stay current because there have been so many titles over the past 20 years but you guys have all been a really big help thank you!
  6. old fart needs help

    I don't think it matters either way, most formats always have both, and its mostly an interest of my oldest and she doesn't mind subtitles
  7. old fart needs help

    I am an old school anime fan and cosplayer. I have a general knowledge on newer programs and movies but never really watch them regularly. I come from the Akira, Ghost in the Shell, and video games in arcades that don't require dancing generation. not to say anything bad about the evolution of anime and games but I don't follow much of the newer stuff religiously. My question, I have two daughters 8-10 and they can't get enough of cosplay and video games with us (parents). I want them to have their own interests in anime but really don't know what current shows and movies are really suitable for them (they can handle some adult content just not the ultra violent or over sexualized). they love Miyazaki films and Zelda games but after they attended ACen for the first time they really want to know more. wondering if anyone could suggest some good shows for them to get into? games aren't really a problem but finding new anime for them can be.
  8. Ladies and Cosplay Question on Posing

    people need to be aware that any picture they pose for when it comes to strangers and even friends has the potential to end up anywhere on the internet. so as long as they are aware of that, pose away. a sexy pose that irritates an onlooker is the offensive only to the looker and they have the ability to turn away rather then complain about what others are doing, but unwanted groping, forcing someone to make a certain pose, or making someone in the picture feel uncomfortable is wrong and I would hope people remember this from first grade when we are taught about personal space and stranger danger. if not your fault for someone lacking intelligence and common sense.
  9. Ladies and Cosplay Question on Posing

    If you haven't been to 4chan I urge you to stay away from it. I have been desensitized by years of internet surfing and it is something I can never get back, plus it will really make you question the Japanese society as a whole and as an anime fan that can be a negative. I agree with your words both ways, but even more on that sexy is in the eye of the beholder. 4chan will show you that anything from nudity to scrap pieces of fabric on the floor can be a fetish and turn on for anyone. these are the risks of posing for strangers in general.
  10. Are you from the Milwaukee area?

    I live in Cudahy/S. milwaukee area, there is an Anime store in Oak Creek that is close by already. I know when The Anime store on 56th and north ave. closed many years ago (Largest in the area) it left a Void. lost world of wonders probably has the biggest selection right now but the internet has really made it hard for anime, comic and movie shops to really stay afloat. I mean Amazon and Ebay really make shopping convenient with limitless stocks. it seems shops need more of a draw other then just merchandise. most offer arcade rooms and open up to table top/ card gaming to keep a steady draw. I wish you luck and like to support my local businesses so I hope to see you soon.
  11. Fire Alarm Comments

    well it wouldn't be an anniversary without reliving the past. not the first alarm and definitely wont be the last time a jerk will ruin something for others. glad to say it was handled very smoothly and luckily I was on my way to ALOFT for a costume change. I felt bad for anyone standing in lines but a few friends I had caught up in the mess said people pretty much took a self governing system remembering who was around them when allowed to return inside, I am sure some took advantage of the situation and jumped ahead, but for the most part I am glad to say the ACen community(both staff and attendees) seems to really be a very solid unit. this could easily go the other way especially with crowds in the thousands and a generally young crowd. I want to thank everyone that is a part of of ACen from staff, attendees, and down to the custodial staff of centers and hotels for making ACen such a wonderful experience that has gotten me to return to the con-world after an 8 year hiatus (having kids will do that sometimes) and now enjoying it all in a new way with my daughters excited to attend next year, Don't worry they have been trained to know better than to mess with alarms unless there is a fire or Godzilla attack.
  12. Hallway Contest 2012 Feedback

    ok I am a 20year con-veteran and 5year ACen veteran, but have only gotten into cosplay myself the past few years, I build props and run duel singer heavy duty sewing machines for costumes in my art loft for mainly my friends and my kids costumes, I am usually on hand for repairs and touch ups and to hold cameras and bags when people ask to take pictures, don't get me wrong you really enjoy it when people like your work even if your not wearing it, I have seen my ewok spear I made for my starwars buddy on almost every pic link and it is very satisfying. but have only recently been able to participate and am looking to start entering costumes in contests but have no idea where to begin. I noticed masquerade sign ups start in jan, is that correct? and what is the hall contest? and how do you sign up for that. and one more annoying question, we are planning a very elaborate group project would you recommend that for Masquerade or hall?
  13. Chell from Portal

    where you at the VALVE photo shoot? I took quite a lot there, My girlfriends cousin was the grey glados with the head piece and her friend was the chell with the portal gun that lit up in both colors, I will take a a look at what we have