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  1. Dog at con

    I guess my store manager just doesn't like pets and told me that because he figured I didn't know anyway. ;w; The more I know. I'm from WI and I'm quite unfamiliar with those laws. My bad.
  2. Dog at con

    Oh no, I must've mistyped. I meant in stores. I know they can be kept at hotels. My manager is where I'm getting that info, but I admit he isn't the end all know all. Thanks for correcting me. :)
  3. Dog at con

    Howdy! It is Illinois state law (as far as I've been told from working in retail) that unless it is a service animal, no pets are allowed. I can ask a supervisor for you, but I believe they will tell me the same, or similar, thing. Sorry! (Your adorable doge will most likely be okay at outdoor photoshoots, but I'll send a message and get back to you on that.~) Edit 1: I'm waiting on confirmation or not from a supervisor, but here's what I've thus far gathered from another staffer: As far as I know pets are only allowed in the guest rooms and common areas. Not in meeting rooms and the ballrooms. :)