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  1. Owari no Seraph 2019 Gathering

    All pictures from the Gathering taken by me & found on Insta are on the event page! Check out the pictures here! Thanks for coming everyone! :D
  2. Owari no Seraph 2019 Gathering

    Awesome!! I'm excited to see you there!! <3 We definitely need the queen in our presence!
  3. Owari no Seraph 2019 Gathering

    Hello all! I will be hosting the Owari no Seraph gathering once again this year on Friday, preferably Friday morning. I hope to see a bunch of great characters! I think I will show up as Yoichi this year. Let me know if you'll be coming and as who! :) I'm a little intimidated to be starting the first thread on the new forums... so people, start sharing! lol!! See you there! :D EDIT 3/27/19: OFFICIAL GATHERING TIME: 11 AM FRIDAY Say that you're going through the Facebook event page! :)
  4. Owari no Seraph 2017

    The gathering is officially now from 5-6 pm at the West Tower Overhang!
  5. Tales of 2017!

    I can't wait to play Berseria! I will likely be Mikleo to the Tales gathering on Friday. If not him, then Sorey :) Looking forward to it!
  6. Haikyuu

    I'd love to go if I can! I would be Suga! :D
  7. Nitro + CHiRAL 2017

    In another situation that might be great! It's just that the only way it could happen for me is if this gathering was Friday morning/afternoon- and considering it's an 18+ visual novel company... maybe that's not so appropriate during the day. Point is, I'll try and stop by for pictures at the very least, though I don't think I can make it this year :'( either way, I know you'll do great at hosting the gathering like you do every year!
  8. Owari no Seraph 2017

    Hello! I am hosting an Owari no Seraph gathering. It will be between 5-7 pm (estimation) Friday evening. The times I requested were 5 pm, 5:30 pm, and 6 pm Friday night, so it will be any of those times. I will be sure to post the official time when it is announced. I will be cosplaying Guren. I hosted the meet up at Anime Midwest 2016. I hope to see many lovely faces at this meet up! If you are over 18, I am also hosting the panel, "Daddy Guren's Demon Power Hour:Owari no Seraph 18+" after this meet up (the time will be anywhere between 7-11 pm, depending on when they officially schedule us). We hope to see you there as well! :)
  9. Nitro + CHiRAL 2017

    I'll PROBABLY be there Mikage, I have a panel happening around the same time so it depends but I'll do my best <3
  10. Voltron 2017

    I'd love to come as Keith with my best friend as Lance! I'll spread the word to my other Voltron friends when a date and time is set in stone. Saturday afternoon sounds splendid.
  11. Yuri on Ice 2017

    I look forward to this, no matter what time it ends up. :)
  12. Free! Gathering 2015

    Heya! I wanted to announce there will be a Sunday Free! shoot at 12 pm outside the Expoteria in the garden, just in case anyone can't make the Saturday one! :)
  13. Haikyuu! 2016

    If I can't change into a cosplay in time, I'll try and make it for pictures! <3
  14. Owari no Seraph 2016

    Yeah go ahead and submit it, thats a great help thank you ;u;!!
  15. Tales of... 2016!

    If I have Mikleo done by then, I would love to come... though the chances seem slim. Regardless I'd love to come take pictures. I see in your plans you have Shinoa, though- I will be Mika! Stop on by the Owari shoot if you can :)