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  1. Owari no Seraph

    The gathering has been approved! I will update with time and location when I find out.
  2. Owari no Seraph

    Yes, I have. Thank you!
  3. Owari no Seraph

    Hello all! I'm Vix, also known as @Vixenfur on twitter and vixxenfur on Instagram; I'll be hosting the Owari gathering this year. I am requesting the shoot to be scheduled for Friday morning and Saturday morning. I'll be cosplaying Crowley with a squad of most of the OnS vampires! I'll keep this thread updated on the official time and place chosen. Feel free to contact me on either twitter or instagram ahead of time as well- and I will be making a facebook event page once the time/date is decided! I look forward to seeing everyone!!! :)
  4. Owari no Seraph 2017

    The gathering is officially now from 5-6 pm at the West Tower Overhang!
  5. Tales of 2017!

    I can't wait to play Berseria! I will likely be Mikleo to the Tales gathering on Friday. If not him, then Sorey :) Looking forward to it!
  6. Haikyuu

    I'd love to go if I can! I would be Suga! :D
  7. Nitro + CHiRAL 2017

    In another situation that might be great! It's just that the only way it could happen for me is if this gathering was Friday morning/afternoon- and considering it's an 18+ visual novel company... maybe that's not so appropriate during the day. Point is, I'll try and stop by for pictures at the very least, though I don't think I can make it this year :'( either way, I know you'll do great at hosting the gathering like you do every year!
  8. Owari no Seraph 2017

    Hello! I am hosting an Owari no Seraph gathering. It will be between 5-7 pm (estimation) Friday evening. The times I requested were 5 pm, 5:30 pm, and 6 pm Friday night, so it will be any of those times. I will be sure to post the official time when it is announced. I will be cosplaying Guren. I hosted the meet up at Anime Midwest 2016. I hope to see many lovely faces at this meet up! If you are over 18, I am also hosting the panel, "Daddy Guren's Demon Power Hour:Owari no Seraph 18+" after this meet up (the time will be anywhere between 7-11 pm, depending on when they officially schedule us). We hope to see you there as well! :)
  9. Nitro + CHiRAL 2017

    I'll PROBABLY be there Mikage, I have a panel happening around the same time so it depends but I'll do my best <3
  10. Voltron 2017

    I'd love to come as Keith with my best friend as Lance! I'll spread the word to my other Voltron friends when a date and time is set in stone. Saturday afternoon sounds splendid.
  11. Yuri on Ice 2017

    I look forward to this, no matter what time it ends up. :)
  12. Free! Gathering 2015

    Heya! I wanted to announce there will be a Sunday Free! shoot at 12 pm outside the Expoteria in the garden, just in case anyone can't make the Saturday one! :)
  13. Haikyuu! 2016

    If I can't change into a cosplay in time, I'll try and make it for pictures! <3
  14. Owari no Seraph 2016

    Yeah go ahead and submit it, thats a great help thank you ;u;!!
  15. Tales of... 2016!

    If I have Mikleo done by then, I would love to come... though the chances seem slim. Regardless I'd love to come take pictures. I see in your plans you have Shinoa, though- I will be Mika! Stop on by the Owari shoot if you can :)