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  1. Nervous about this year, advice please!

    Id love to run into you guys o; I'm all about meeting just about ANYONE! ANYTHING 8D
  2. Michaela Laws

    I just dont see, why I need to have her as a "guest" at ACEN2013. I mean, If that's the case, there would be millions of voice actors and singers from youtube (as my self) who would be doing the same. Were all guests and in some sense, a "family" due to our interest in Anime and ect things o__O; So... If I run into her, I will gladly say hello. but I feel guest passes should be used for our family visiting out of town, if you get what I'm saying. <3
  3. Vocaloid Cosplayers?

    Ill be going as Miku Hatsune's world is mine cosplay... I'm just trying to find the photo shoot, so I can take millions of pictures o 3o...
  4. Black Butler / Kuroshitsuji

    Question... Have we figured out which day and where All of us are meeting for a photoshoot? thingy? o-o; I mean, Id love to see everyone's hard work :D
  5. League of legends 2013

    I am aware that im late on this post, I didnt even notice it!!!! But, Im going as Annie Her original skin, either 1st or second day.. No Tibbers though :c but Ill have a prop :3 If were meeting up for a photo or two, can someone please inform me? ;3
  6. First time going to ACen, excited and nervous

    Hey there !! (: DONT BE NERVOUS!!!!!! Everyone is very nice, when it comes to cons... (: you should be fine! I hope to bumb into you, Just look for a Ciel or Annie From League of legends c:
  7. Sword art online 2013

    I want to go as Lizbeth ! but Im wondering if Ill have enough time for this darn cosplay, since I'm working on another cosplay. TEEHEEH~ but.. I shall see. o;
  8. Selling lots of Cosplay!

    o; What is the size of the Lolita Skirt? :< it looks like it can stretch up a few sizes but how much of a size? D: (Is between US size 14-15) lemee know asap~ and if its my size, Ill take it off your hands :3
  9. OH HAI! new to ACen and the forums!

    O 3 o <3 YES <333 and Im also going as Ciel Phantomhive xD.. SO. come find me c: Ill be everywhereee 8D.
  10. OH HAI! new to ACen and the forums!

    Welcome to the fourms c: Cant wait to see that cosplay of yours ! Hopefully I run into you.. somewhere o; I cant wait till next month... tickets *v*
  11. Black Butler / Kuroshitsuji

    Well... I am going as Ciel Phantomhive.. decided to do his black outfit instead. Hopefully I see many others. Just having a block on where to start first e-e
  12. The "Overdue" Hello~

    I actually AM c: <333 Ive been getting like.. a lot of time passed through these forms xD. Hope work is well? well.. was? owo
  13. The "Overdue" Hello~

    Thank you c: and YES ! I can see that aswell :3 Haha, How are you good sir?
  14. The "Overdue" Hello~

    Well... I am cosplaying as Kid Icarus ! c: <333 so.. My skin will be covered.. c; and omg.. that's major skill ! o; I might look into that o;
  15. Kid Icarus Uprising 2013 Cosplay?

    Wait, scratch that... LOL I AM GOING AS PIT ! I'm very excited, gathering the materials and the wings... o v o <3 LOL I hope to meet my Dark Pit there ! Come on guys... we need more Kid Icarus Uprising cosplayers c: <3333 lol, you guys don't know how happy I am xD... FINALLY FIGURED OUT MY FIRST COSPLAY! woo~