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  1. Looking for a room

    Hello everyone, I want to be the first to post that I'm willing to take a room or 2 from someone that doesn't need it anymore. I know situations occurs, (such as emergencies, life events, lack of funds, etc...) and because of that one would hate to see their room to go to waste. If interested in giving me your room, I'll do something in return as compensation for a thank you. I prefer to have a room at the Hyatt, but Hilton and/or Doubletree is also acceptable. Message me if you think you'll be able to assist me on this.
  2. Countdown From A Million!

  3. Worst Anime You Have ever seen?

    For me it has to be any Marvel related anime (except for Heroman).
  4. Countdown From A Million!

  5. Just to say hello.

    Hey everyone. Thought I should create just a general post to be able to chat with anyone on the forums. Specially since many of us are at work and we want to keep ourselves entertained. I'll start by saying on what are you all planning to do during the holidays?
  6. Rave/Soap Bubble

    I never knew that the ordinance took effect this year for prior years that wasn't the case. It is very understandable for the reason behind it. It's great that your group(s) has everyone at least 21+ but not all of the attendees are as lucky. That is why I suggested 2 separate rave parties to attend to the age restriction issues. If you plan to make it into 1 event and then have those 17 and under leave at a particular time, then I would suggest placing a bracelet or a black-light activated stamp where you can try to locate those under 18 trying to hide within the crowd to make the transition easier.
  7. Rave/Soap Bubble

    Now before I begin, I'm sure this topic can be sensitive for many but I just want to to leave some feedback on what happened this past weekend. I love attending the raves at ACen. I enjoy partying and dancing all night and also meet new people during this event. This weekend there was a change on how the event is now being proceeded in which I have to agree. To those that are not aware, the rave now requires to have their guests to be 18+ of age. This is due to regulations, and possible state law, that the convention must follow (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong). At the same time, I like the fact that all the people dancing are of age because I don't want to feel uncomfortable of dancing with someone below the age (it can be hard to tell on several occasions, which everyone can agree). However, I also feel bad for those that do want to attend a dancing party. I know that there is the crystal ball formal dance but it can't be enough for many. My suggestion is that for future events, there should be 2 separate rave events. One that is for all ages in which it should end at a particular time and then one for 18+ only. This might be a bit hard to schedule but it can be accomplished and I have a small suggestion. There are 4 big ballrooms/large capacity event rooms. 2 of them are in the Hyatt and 2 in the upstairs conference room where the main convention took place. One of those rooms can be utilized for the all ages rave party because when I went to the panels running during the same time, one of them was near empty so they could be moved to one of the smaller panel rooms downstairs of the Hyatt. That way it could be easier to handle and the audience might be more manageable. It is just a personal suggestion because I want everyone to enjoy a good time but I can see that the convention must also follow the rules and by-laws that is needed.
  8. Forum M&G After Party and 21+ Meet and Greet!

    I'll be there anywhere between 8-10.
  9. Need ride from amtrak!

    No prob, wished I could help though.
  10. Bring a bookbag and also a small arsenal of emergency repair supplies that won't take up much space. It saved my life last year during my Kirby cosplay. I had several water bottles with a few snacks in it and also my emergency hot glue, hand stitching, and extra fabric/foam padding kit for last minute cosplay repair emergencies. Unlike past cons, I had a large carry-on bag and it was hard to carry for I overloaded my repair kit with a bit of everything with the exemption of my sewing machine. If you do this, it'll weight less than a bookbag filled with school textbooks.
  11. Need ride from amtrak!

    I can help you out if you arrive by 9. Otherwise I'll be at the hotel already for a party I'm attending.
  12. con survival guide y'all....

    I would also dedicate some cash just for food. For those out of state, fill yourself up during the morning breakfast at the hotel. It'll be cheap and servings will be huge. Then eat something light for lunch and then try to bulk up for dinner. there's several restaurants in a nearby plaza filled with restaurants (and fun nightclub themed areas for those 21+) and it'll be way cheaper than the hotel restaurants. That way your expenses will be reduced than usual. Stay away from deliveries (unless you truly want to) for the delivery drivers may take at least 2 hours minimum because they are also bringing orders for the 1000+ people ordering at the same time as you. Those in state (or at least 1 hour within the convention center) try to do the following: 1. Buy as much dry/store-able foods. Most rooms has microwaves where you can heat up your food so you can have a decent meal without spending so much money. All you need is water and/or bowl, specially if its soup. 2. If unable to bring food, have a family member/friend bring some goodies. Packing can be a hassle and you may forget a few items or 2. Try to see if you can ask someone that lives nearby to bring you a few items to help you out and you won't have to spend a dime (except for a favor for that person hooking you up). I'm sure many of you have developed your own survival guides and may also have tweaked it over the years but for the first timers, this is a good foundation to build from. Just remember, buy the food directly from the hotel during regular lunch hours if you desperately need it but don't be surprised to buy a water bottle for at least $3.
  13. Guidebook App?

    I know that sometimes the guidebook isn't up to date last minute because some panels goes from one location to another. Will those updates be reflected as well from the book manual?
  14. 3DS Friend Codes

    Only thing left is after adding you all is to locate you through spotpass. I can see my 3DS blowing up with several new members.
  15. Apt vs Home cosplay building

    That's good. I have my closet stuffed with empty areas and drawers to place all of my cosplay items. I'm about to re-organize it due to my recent purchases for new materials and also to place my winter blankets away (too hot right now). That way I have more work space.