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  1. Gathering Schedule - Final Countdown

    I posted in the "Stuff to Know" thread a few days ago but maybe it'd better to post here? I'm hosting the Hetalia gathering and noticed that it was set in a location near the smoking area and I was just concerned about how close that may be as I have some asthma issues and really shouldn't be near a lot of smoke. If the smoking area is particularly close, is there a way we can trade locations? I'm sorry to have to ask ^^' Thank you for putting all the hard work into organizing everything!
  2. Stuff to know 2014

    hey cactusmomma, thanks so much for doing all this! I just had a quick question about how close the east outdoor wall location is to the smoking area? I hate to be a bother but I'm running the Hetalia gathering and I'm slightly concerned because I have somewhat serious asthma. If it's that close would it be possible for us to switch locations? Sorry for this and thank you again!
  3. Hetalia! 2014

    Does anyone plan on going to C2E2 perchance? I'm not going to be cosplaying Hetalia there but it'd be kinda cool to see APH cosplayers if anyone plans to cosplay APH there
  4. Hetalia! 2014

    Hey guys, we made a facebook event for this photoshoot. Please RSVP because it helps us predict the numbers a little bit better. Please and thank you! (also, what do you think the new thread layout? uwu)
  5. Hetalia! 2014

    Hey everyone, we now have an anonymous question form were you can submit feedback on last year's experience as well as give us suggestions for this year! Check it out [HERE]
  6. Hetalia! 2014

    wow, everyone's cosplays sound great! can't wait to see them!!
  7. Beyond the Boundary 2014

    My friend and I are hoping to have Mitsuki and Hiroomi done in time. Hope to see you around!!
  8. Hetalia! 2014

    We probably won't know for sure until a couple weeks before the con, but we requested Saturday afternoon and possibly a second shoot on Sunday.
  9. Evangelion Photo Shoot 2014

    With 3.0 released, I'm going to try to whip up Mari Makinami! Fingers crossed for this plugsuit ugh ^^'
  10. Hetalia! 2014

    Can't wait to see your cosplays! And don't worry about not cosplaying Hetalia. Any photoshoot needs photographers and if that's not your cup of tea, then it's cool to just hang around and mingle with other fans c:
  11. Hetalia! 2014

    Hello everyone! This year's APH photoshoot will be hosted by myself, Jackie, and my cohost, Nicole, again this year! We're super excited to be back and we're busily trying to figure out how we can improve. Like last year, we will have the official photoshoot(s) along with multiple unofficial meet and greets throughout the weekend. We'll also be providing flyers with a schedule of Hetalia events throughout the weekend and a link to where you can see photoshoot pictures and post your own. That said, you don't have to worry about bringing a camera; I will have someone who will be taking pictures throughout the event. The official photoshoots will be specifically for photoshooting. The unofficial meet and greets will be where we can all mingle, play games, and get to know each other. ***SUBMIT FEEDBACK AND SUGGESTIONS IN THE ANONYMOUS FORM [HERE] ***RSVP ON THE FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE [HERE] Here are some things to comment about -What pairings and groups would you like to have called out? -Who are you going to cosplay? -Have you attended any Hetalia meetups? -Is this your first con? First ACen? If not, what cons have you attended? -Have you cosplayed Hetalia to cons before? -Why do you like Hetalia? How did you get into it? Please read the rules thoroughly and completely. They will also be read off at the beginning of the photoshoot. 1) You must abide by convention rules, since we're at the convention. 2) Do not touch anyone without their permission. Always ask before you do. This goes for any touching at all, even if it's just a hand on the shoulder. So try to keep your hands to yourself. 3) No means no. If someone tells you to stop or says no, then stop doing whatever you're doing. Even if it may seem like it's in character, stop and double check with them first. 4) No yelling. Try to keep your volume down for the sake of those around you. 5) No country flags in pictures. I can't tell you not to bring flags at all, but if you bring one to any of the photoshoots, I'll ask you roll/fold it up and keep it off to the side. 6) Fanservice will be allowed, however, it is a privilege that I will not be afraid to take away. Both parties must agree to it and it must stay PG13, so nothing /too/ inappropriate. I will ban fanservice again if everyone gets too rowdy or if the situation get too heated or if I see that it's a problem in any other way. 7) Don't block any hallways, doors, etc. If someone asks you to move to get through, then please do so. 8) Be courteous to those around you by not making a mess, cleaning up after yourself, keeping your language cleaner, and not disturbing others. Yes we're at a convention so it's a bit more lenient, but our behavior will still reflect on the fandom. Let's not be the idiots who smudge the name of the Hetalia fandom further. •Hetalia Meetups Chicago Group •The Beautiful World of Chicago Group •Hetalia: Chicago Edition •Chicago Hetalians -Apply for event -Make a Facebook event page -Make a list of outside links for Hetalia info -Find the old photoshoot lists -Advertise -Make flyers -Buy a megaphone
  12. Axis Powers: Hetalia! >2013<

    Hey guys, I'll be posting a survey later. Hopefully, with your feedback, we can make next year's photoshoot and meetups even better! Thank you all so much for coming and I hope you enjoyed it!
  13. Axis Powers: Hetalia! >2013<

    -updated with rules and itinerary-
  14. Axis Powers: Hetalia! >2013<

    Ah, I wasn't at the shoot last year ^^'' But either way, we'll only do specific characters if there's time. It'll be more like the one at the past Hetalia Day.
  15. Axis Powers: Hetalia! >2013<

    We'll definitely hit up the popular pairings. I'll put down RoChu and groupings with Belgium, though! Thanks for the input!