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  1. Hallo Hallo!

    Welcome! This will be my 6th year going and every year its a blast! You will for sure enjoy yourself and have a ton of fun!
  2. Yowamushi Pedal 2015

    Hey all. Not sure if I'll be cosplaying but will definitely be coming to see the gathering! Are any of you planning on bringing your bikes? If so what kinds? (Im a bike mech so I love race bikes lol)
  3. Parties?

    I agree. Its hard to find anything going on. Im down for parties but theres no way to find out whats going on
  4. PS3 gaming in hotel room

    Yo, just seeing if anyone is interested in doing some gaming with me and my friend, we got initial d, catherine, earth defense force, and resistence. Msg me on here or post on here and let me know!
  5. Any Friday night meet-ups?

    Like the title says, just wanting to see if there are any Friday night meet-ups/parties going on.
  6. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

    I'm totally down for some Monster Hunter! Currently at HR50, kind of put the game down for awhile, but definately willing to help out!
  7. Initial D at ACen?

    My friend, there is absolutely no need to turn this into some sort of online battle. It is my opinion that it was not a good arcade set-up last year. End of story.
  8. Initial D at ACen?

    Compared to the other years I've gone, last year was pitiful.
  9. Initial D at ACen?

    Does anyone know if Initial D will be at the arcade this year? I went last year on Friday, and the arcade was pretty pitiful.
  10. Xbox 360 Gaming Group?

    Hey everyone, feel free to add me! BludgeoninAngel I'll play pretty much anything
  11. Two old br

    Would it be possible to just stay for friday night and into saturday?