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  1. Town of Salem! - A good game!

    I'm really sorry if this isn't where this should be posted but I was honestly not sure where else to so hopefully this is okay. If not, please feel free to direct me to the right forum section! Cool! So I had this idea of setting up some awesome games of Town of Salem (A game of lies, deception, and murder where the town must work together to lynch the Mafia who are out to kill them.) I would set it up by having all those interested send me friend requests so that I could send invites out for the games I'll set up. I would like to know some preferences for game types so I can get a feel for what a majority of people would like to play in. It would even be better to know this so I can place people in certain games they would enjoy. :) As I get this all planned out, I just want to get a general census for those interested. Answering the polls listed would also help a lot! If you do select the 'other' option for game types, please write a response with what you like! I would love for this to happen and if any are interested, send me a message and I'll send you my account name (or send me yours, whatever you feel more comfortable doing) so I can start a list and get guidelines in place. This isn't exactly an in person meet-up but more of a scheduled online event where we can set up a time frame for games and play accordingly. It would also be helpful to know times people would like to set it up around so not to interfere with major Con events (Masquerade, Soap Bubble, etc.).