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  1. Kill la Kill

    Yaa, keep it nudist playerzzz ;) That was rad, really all I can say. I think the, er, special Nonon shoot after hours may be like, OH, #5 or so on most popular tags for tumblr 'ACen'. Guess we're cool.
  2. Kill la Kill

    Strike through as if it's a bad idea?! Nani Sore!? ;) Join me in NB the movement friends, lol.
  3. Shin Megami Tensei/Persona 2014

    Nothing like an imouto to cause trouble!
  4. Kill la Kill

    Thanks!! I can't wait to hollar the catch phrase.. a lot. It was cosplay workshop tonight at the apartment and I finished up the gun! Fingers crossed the wig styling goes OK, we're having a wig party at the hotel Thursday night:) I feel like it's gonna be a lot of fun to wear, so I'll probably be a nudist the majority of the con. Give me a shout when ya see me plodding around.
  5. Shin Megami Tensei/Persona 2014

    I don't think my hair is up to length for Ryoji this year. Might have to nut up and just do Mintao. Either way, gonna be sweet, ya know.
  6. Kill la Kill

    I hope you guys are ready for Nudist.. Beeeeeach
  7. So.. anyone into Itasha?

    I've been into the whole 'car pasted with anime vinyls' fad for a while now. I personally only have cherry blossoms all over the rear of my car, no cool characters or anything. I had planned on a Persona3 Itasha.. and had plans all made up, but a buddy who was supposed to edit some pics to the proper size for printing flaked out on me, nice. So, still just holding off for now. I know there's been a HOTD Supra that shows up to ACen. Actually, this one! And here's tonnns more http://ita-sha.tumblr.com/page/10 Anyone else run an Itasha, or planning on making one, or anything? There's not much for American Itasha out there, which is a bummer! Here's my clunker, if anyone's interested:P It's got a severe lack of anime stickers, lol.
  8. Con personal care

    Make it smell like takoyaki ;)
  9. Shin Megami Tensei/Persona 2013

    Forgot this little feller on my phone. After driving like 6 hours or whatever it was back to central WI in our car with no AC. Tired, and sad there's no more con, lol The Ryoji spike survived the drive home, though, lol.
  10. Con Withdrawal

    My work slows waaay down for the summer, so usually coming back from ACen is excruciatingly boring as I sit around and reminisce about how much fun I had for a weekend, and how far away GeekKon is (usually the first one I hit after ACen). But.. summer is full of lots of fun stuff.. grilling out, trips to the lake for boating and lounging, motorcycle riding.. and my favorite of all; really cool looking skies full of puffy clouds just like they have in anime!! I can't get enough of that pretty stuff.. heck, I wish I could sit around all summer long and just admire pretty things. When I got off of work today there were lots of storms in the area and tons of big puffy storm clouds on the horizon.. It was even sort of windy, so when I hit the stoplights at my exit from the freeway the swaying grass in the field that's right next to the road was *perfect*! And yesterday everything that so sunny with puffy scattered clouds and cottonwood fluff floating around everywhere! It was so great. Oh man.. and the sunsets. I love summer. Then there's the morning drive to work... the only thing that kept me going last summer was a little lake off to one side of the freeway that had a whole flock of white seabirds (the kinds with the black wingtips, I think) that hung out there. All summer long.. I had just watched BlueDrop around May last year, so those made me think "wow.. so cool, just like the anime." Haha, lame I know, but it made me happy. Then they left for winter, and they're still not back :( Every day I hope. Today that lake was perfectly glassy, despite the breeze. Gorgeous. Everything's so green right now, too. Heck, I watched AnoHana this winter, and the opening sounded SO summery that I waited all these months, waiting for perfect weather, and now that it's here I crank Aoi Shiori with the windows open like.. daily. So yea, to beat con withdrawal that's how I cope I guess!
  11. Help Support Japan-a-Radio!

    Always wished SiriusXM had a Jpop station.. and pandora has a cruddy slection IMO. I'll check it out homie!
  12. Con personal care

    Super cute custom body care accessories and disposables. Make it happen! :lol:
  13. Future of anime in America? :\

    Well that was a thorough bummer! It's kinda weird to think that maybe I lived through the golden age of anime and didn't even know it because I was a naive 15 year old? Back in like 2005 I used to live for the Adult Swim weekends to watch Samurai Champloo, Lupin III, Inuyasha... all that. Heck, even the 4kids One Piece on Sat nights was my bread and butter.. Then I got out of it for a bit and in like 2011 when I hopped back on the fandom train I was sad to see that all my favs were gone from Adult Swim (replaced with trash..). I'd like to think that it's just part of the ebb and flow of things, and that it'll come back again. It breaks my heart to think that the US companies that are doing all the work to bring us shows, do dubs and subs and the like, are struggling monetarily compared to other industries. Heck.. I even look back to when I was in like.. 4th grade, probably in 2000 or so.. I remember watching Tenchi Muyo after school on Toonami. Honestly that was probably the first Anime I watched, ever, and that def leaves a mark (Ryoko was my original waifu? I guess?? heh). Alas
  14. Con personal care

    Oh my gosh get out of here.. I had no idea that existed, and our drive home went right through Arlington Heights. Next time that bears investigation!
  15. Con personal care

    Was *Totally* wondering where all the Ramune and weird stuff like that was. The more you know. Gonna have to find some underground bootleg dealers next year for the fix
  16. All over the place

    link us up, dude? :D
  17. ACen WAS HOT!

    It was a good reason to not wear a shirt... like pretty much all weekend. Ryoji looks better in just suspenders as a top anyway, eh? Same with male stocking, I suppose, only the vest top! Woo. Gotta think up some summer cosplays

    Always freaked out, just waiting. Thought I had it Saturday night, sore throat and all when I went to bed at like.. 4am.. ;; But woke up feeling fine on sunday, and been ok since then. finger crossed! AMKE in Feb got me though. Had a cold for like a week after that. You all gets better now, k?
  19. Shin Megami Tensei/Persona 2013

    <3 thanks for a wonderful evening all you persona people. I had so much fun once again, and another year didn't disappoint (honestly this year was even more fun than last year!!) All the people I met last year that I got to see again last year made me so happy! How cool is it when you meet people one year.. then share a hotel room the next?! (much cheaper, too, hehe). On that note, Okko made me a gift, and I want to share it with the world. Wait for the album to drop next year :) ahahah Best wishes in the afterlife! ..
  20. Pokemon

    I didn't see a topic yet, so I'll slap this up.. Does anyone still do the Pokemon TCG? My friend I'm coming with and I still have a deck and figured.. "Heck, lets bring them if some other people are still into it a little." So who wants to lay the PokeSmackdown on us?
  21. Pokemon

    I've got mine again this year!! If anyone wants to meet up PM exchange phone nums or something??
  22. Wisconsin Travel Headache!

    We set our GPS to avoid highway and took side roads/state highways from the racine area all the way to rosemont here. Lots of stop n go lights, but it was more scenic and less terrorizing than rolling along the freeways it seems like.
  23. Shin Megami Tensei/Persona 2013

    We're here!!! Ziondood, his GF, Okko, and his friends are posted up watching the office. Managed to get stains on my Ryoji shirt and slenderman suit... :( trying to wash and bleach the shirt now!! The P3 Gekkoukan jacket escaped unscatched, of course, haha.
  24. Shin Megami Tensei/Persona 2013

    Welllp, car's loaded, hopefully nothing is forgotten... it's time to journey across the barren landscape of wisconsin until we come upon the breathtaking visage that is rosemont illinois. Avast.
  25. Shin Megami Tensei/Persona 2013

    I most def will pack it with! Me and Zion are going down on Thurs and meeting up with Okko n co I know, so it'll be in the general vicinity. Still need to get a haircut and dye my hair tomorrow after work, so much to do! :S