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  1. Maxey Whitehead

    Maxey Whitehead at AnimeCons Anyone who knows anything about Full Metal Alchemist knows who Maxey Whitehead is. She is Funimation's go to girl for playing young teen/tween boys, and of course her most famous role as Alphonce Elric... Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - On Blu-ray & DVD now- Episode 1 Clip She's had plenty of other prominent roles, including a personal fave of mine as Kazuma Ikezawa AKA King Kazma in the Summer Wars movie. ^_^ I'd love to see her be a guest. ^_^
  2. Terri Doty at AnimeCons J. Michael Tatum at AnimeCons I think most fans of Funimation know these two. Tatum is a no brainer. Everyone, especially the ladies, knows this man well. Terri is unbelievably funny, and entertaining. I'm thinking you guys could invite the both of them to do a live recording of their famous "That Anime Show" podcast. That Anime Show They've done several other convention podcasts, and it's a way to get ACen out to more people, plus I'd love to be in the room to see the recording of an episode. They would definitely have one or two of your other guests as guests on the show, and perhaps maybe even one or two of the con heads. Please make this happen.
  3. Jad Saxton

    And that's pronounced like Jade. For those who don't know Jad... Jad Saxton at AnimeCons Jad is an up and coming actress for Funimation who is starting to earn more and more prominent roles. Most recently she is the voice of Haruna "The Magical Garment Girl" in the anime "Is This A Zombie?" I'd love to see her be a part of ACen. ^_^
  4. Stephanie Young and The Brehms

    For those who do not know Stephanie... Stephanie Young at AnimeCons Stephanie is a fabulous voice actress from Funimation. An example of one of her roles... Stephanie also is amazing in her singing talents, and has been used for insert songs, and OP's/ED's in certain anime's. Especially in One Piece, where she does the voice of Nico Robin. Stephanie, along with her husband David L. Brehm, also head up The Brehms. A great little band that's released their own CD. The Brehms Official Site They've even released a couple of videos on youtube... Red Dress You & Me Back up vocals for The Brehms are actually handled by Brina Palencia. I would absolutely love to see not only Stephanie, but the entire band perform a small concert in conjunction with ACen. Please make it happen.
  5. Bryan Massey

    I'll be making several posts for suggestions on guests. I've made it clear I want Monica Rial. However, I also would love to see several others. For those who don't know Bryan.... Bryan Massey Bio at AnimeCons I've chatted with this dude on facebook, and he is a riot and would be a terrific guest. Would definitely attract the Baccano crowd as that is one of his most famous roles. I'd love the opportunity to meet this man, and if you invite him you'd make that possible. Thanks.
  6. Monica Rial

    Well I had the honor of seeing her three times last year, had to go to Indiana for the last two. A convention is not a convention if Monica Rial isn't a part of it. ^_^ So I will toss my vote in and say, YES, please invite Monica. ^_^
  7. Wangan Midnight

    Kind of curious. I've been very interested in watching Wangan Midnight for some time. I know it's never been distributed legally in the States, and I prefer to buy my stuff. I like to own them before I watch them. ^_^ I've looked it up on Ebay, and what I've found looks like bootleg stuff to me. What exactly does one do in situations like this? Should I be looking to stream it online, though like I said I'd prefer to actually be able to buy it legit, or what? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. ^_^
  8. AnimeWorld Chicago 2012

    It's interesting you should say that, since I watched Kanon (2006) with both dubs, I enjoyed it from both angles, and came away very impressed with Tomoko Kawakami and her performance as Sayuri. Even heard a little bit of her work in Best Student Council. From viewing her pages... Tomoko Kawakami : Anime News Network Tomoko Kawakami : Behind The Voice Actors ...I notice that she's unfortunately no longer with us, may she rest in peace, but also left behind quite the legacy. I've got plenty of anime's that she's in, so I'll definitely be looking to re-watch some of them to hear more of her vocal work. ^_^
  9. What's Next On Your Anime List?

    No doubt, Kanon will make you shed a lot of tears. Just finished Best Student Council. Great stuff, loved it, not quite as good as School Rumble or Azumanga Daioh, but pretty darn close. Highly recommended. ^_^ Next up....Rumbling Hearts.
  10. old fart needs help

    Just finished Best Student Council, and it definitely qualifies for kid viewing. Definitely the type of anime the whole family can enjoy together. Funny, sweet, charming, and pretty free of anything that would make it not kid friendly.
  11. Anime Midwest 2012 Comes To Wyndham Lisle/Naperville

    Just saw that Greg Ayres is now confirmed as a guest. Another one of my personal faves. Looking forward to it even more now. ^_^
  12. What's Next On Your Anime List?

    I have Air, I love Air, but sorry Kanon is so much better, my opinion. I do love the show, and I love Monica's performance, but to me Kanon was the much better story, and yes, sorry I forget, but that is indeed Kanon 2006. I think the original is hard to find retail, I would love to see it, but it seems hard to find ^_^
  13. Anime/Gaming wallscrolls

    Well I bought a few at ACen. right now on my wall I have a Burst Angel Jo wallscroll, a xxxHolic Yuko/Watanuki/Himawari wallscroll, an Ai Enma Hell Girl (signed by Brina Palencia) wallscroll, a Kirika/Mirrielle NOIR wallscroll, a One Piece Nami Wanted Poster wallscroll, and a group shot Gurren Lagann wallscroll. ^_^ There are more to be had, no doubt. :D
  14. What's Next On Your Anime List?

    Actually I'm currently watching Best Student Council. I'm 17 episodes in. It's funny, it's charming, it's entertaining. Is it as good as School Rumble or Azumanga Daioh, not quite, but close. Still if you want to have a really good time with an anime, this one is definitely worth the watch. :) Yesterday I rewatched Summer Wars, I absolutely love that movie, and if any of you have never seen it, than you need to stop, and go get it! You won't regret it. In the last few weeks I've watched a few anime's. Right before Best Student Council I saw the entire Gunslinger Girl series, including the OVA's. Before that I watched Kanon, twice. What I mean is that I watched Kanon with both dubs, watching each episode twice before moving on to the next. A little crazy, but Kanon is very high on my list, so I absolutely still loved it as much as I did the first time. ^_^ Before that I watched the 2 episode OVA Puni Puni Poemy, and that one left me all dizzy with it's craziness. :P
  15. AnimeWorld Chicago 2012

    You have no idea how excited I am to hopefully finally meet Monica for the first time. As I said I'm still relatively new to anime, 13 months now, but it didn't take me log to discover her, and fall in love with her work. I've watched vids from other cons on youtube, and she strikes me as an absolute sweetheart. After having met Jamie Marchi, Brina Palencia, Ian Sinclair, Joel McDonald, and Chris Sabat, and seeing how awesome all of them were, I'm that much more elated to finally get up close and personal with my absolute favorite person in the business. ^_^