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    Just wanted to let everybody know that MineThon 4 will be going on this weekend. It's a 72 hr charity event helping raise money for AbleGamers. For those not familiar with the charity, Their goal is to help people with disabilities play video games. They do so by donating accessible peripherals to people with disabilities and working with developers to make games more accessible. While I've been gone from the forums for quite some time, I'm sure we still have a number of awesome & amazing people around. I'll be attempting to contact the group in charge of the event & get a donation link on my Twitch channel. I plan to do some livestreaming from their server after work. AbleGamers goal is something that deeply touches me. Most of my life, my Mom work for United Cerebral Palsy. So I know a number of people affected by disabilities. For those interested, MineThon's Website. You can donate here & from the looks of it watch their livestream as well during the event. You can also watch directly on MineThon's Twitch channel Here's my Twitch channel http://www.twitch.tv/kitsunekrash. The easiest way to know when I'll be streaming would be checking Twitter @KitsuneKrash The event starts July 25th at 6am EDT. Hope to see you guys on their server, it only requires a donation of $2.99 to get whitelisted.
  2. What Are You Currently Playing?

    Hearthstone. I just got in on the beta after so long that I forgot I even did opt-in
  3. My Youtube Channel

    I was looking for a good Hearthstone playthru. Thinking about it for my channel as well, but haven't had time to check it out.
  4. An Old Challeneger Appears!

    I've only looked a little at Starbound, been busy at work. Tho it definitely looks interesting. If I have the money I'll probably pick it up. Another game I'm looking forward to for personal play is Stardew Valley. It remind me of Harvest Moon, but has a lot more involved in terms of farming. Certain animals are meant for long term similar to HM, but some are meant for getting your butchering knife out for quick profits. It's gotten greenlight on Steam, & should be released by summer 2014. Also, definitely got a laugh out of that coincidence. Well, I'm off to record a new ep1. Seems my recording software didn't get any of my end of the Skype conversation with my server, in fact it seemed to mute everything when I spoke. My own fault for not using audacity as a backup for recording my audio. Least it's not a major loss, anybody playing or watching minecraft has done the first day stuff a thousand times over by now. Nothing I can't cover with a quick tour of spawn.
  5. An Old Challeneger Appears!

    Been away from the forums for a long while so I felt a reintroduction was in order. I've started attending ACen around 2005, but haven't been able to afford coming for the last few years. I'm a cosplayer & photographer. My fave animes are Sakamichi no Appollon & Hajime no Ippo. Not much has changed over the past few years, but I now have a gaming channel on youtube & am looking to start an anime podcast in January. At the moment my only planned series on youtube are a SMP Minecraft & Terraria. Hopefully in late Feb, I'll be starting a Let's Play of the new Thief. i'm also looking at a modded minecraft LP once the FtB launcher updates. One of my goals with my youtube channel is to join a charity group called Fun For Freedom. It's a group that was formed by Mindcrack's MCGamer. It's a group of LPers & LiveStreamers that help raise money for charity. They have a rotating charity list & work with a different charity every month. For more info or to donate & help out a great cause please check out http://www.funforfreedom.com/ I'm about to start editing my first ep, so feel free to check out my youtube channel later today or tommorrow afternoon. KitsuneKrash Gaming I can also be found on Facebook & Twitter. Facebook Twitter
  6. The Bishie Brigade

    SO, I've temporarily returned from the dead. About to blow most all of my extra cash on commissioning a prop. I'm planning to crossplay Ruby from RWBY & need to find somebody who can make her transforming scythe. Hopefully I'll actually be able to make it to a con soon instead of wearing it just for Halloween. For those that haven't seen it before . Any suggestions of who to commission from? Only two people come to my mind for something that complex & one of them is Knives. Was wondering if there were any others that people could suggest. Cause I know I've been away from the con scene for a few yrs now & new propmakers are bound to have popped up.
  7. Starting a Minecraft Feed TheBeast server

    Might be my next buy after I have money again. How much does it cost?
  8. Starting a Minecraft Feed TheBeast server

    Just a quick update. ETA for the vanilla server is this Wed. As mentioned before the server will be whitelisted, so anybody wanting to join needs to let me know either here or on facebook.
  9. Starting a Minecraft Feed TheBeast server

    Finally have news about a stable release for FtB. Assuming the world doesn't end on the 21st, we'll have it by the end of December. So I'll give an update on the server rules that I've come up with so far. 1) PvP is enabled, but discouraged (See below) 2) No Stealing or Griefing 3) No item/ block duplication 4) No profanity 5) Pranking is allowed, but I'm still working on specific rules 6) I will create an age dedicated to the ICBM mod. Any use of ICBMs outside this age will result in a ban. Check out to see it in action. I plan to record a "Let's Play" series on both servers & put them on youtube. Hence the no profanity rule, it'd also be great if people can put signs near creations they make out in the world so I can give proper credit. As a fan of Etho & many guys on the Mindcrack server, my fave vids are the pranks. I understand that not everybody enjoys having to clean up after pranks, so I'd like to set a few rules to protect people that don't want to be pranked. I'm thinking something along the line of making a 3 high by 5 long flag if you don't mind getting pranked. Prank Rules 1) No Fire, Lava, TNT or variations of them (Nova catalyst, nukes, ect.) 2) FtB specific: No trapping people in other ages I plan to build a PvP arena & even hold PvP events. I'd like to put it over a mob spawner (Zombie prefered). Since 1 in every 5 mobs can pick up items, we can set up something so they get pumpkin helmets & won't burn when in sunlight. FtB will have the Soulshard mod which allows you to craft mob spawners. Also, DireWolf20's youtube channel is worth checking out. He's covered most of the mods that are in the FtB pack & he's on the modders private server.
  10. Starting a Minecraft Feed TheBeast server

    I keep wishing PC & Xbox could play together. Even more since I'm also looking at doing a vanilla server along with the FtB server. Finally got some specifics for the server. I'm buying a new computer to act as a dedicated server. This is due to me wanting to do a 'Lets Play' series on youtube. My current computer can't handling hosting, playing, & recording all at once. Computer specs that I'm looking for are 8gb Ram or more & 1TB memory. I've found 2 in my price range. After Xmas I'll possibly upgrade it to 10 maybe even 12 gb Ram. I'll start with 3gb Ram dedicated to each server & up it to 4gb after I upgrade the ram. Both servers are gonna be whitelisted & I prefer offering slots to people here over letting random people join. I'll try to list more specifics on rule & such when I finally get lunch break.
  11. I recently got into playing around with 'Feed the Beast' mod pack for Minecraft. After derping around on a few servers I began to miss the old ACen minecraft server. Thus I decided to plan on starting my own & invite everybody from the forums. I'll probably wait til the mod pack is out of beta before starting the server, unless there's plenty of people wanting to join. The main reason for waiting is due to RedPower 2 mod having a large affect on terrain generation. I'm told RP2 has 4 major bugs to be fixed before it gets released. Feed the Beast mod pack is similar to Tekkit except it has permission & support from the modders. It also has a number of additional mods. How many would be intrested in joining when I get this running? Info on Feed the Beast can found HERE
  12. Annual Christmas card exchange

    I'm in. If you don't have the addy for my Joliet PO Box, pm me
  13. Help needed badly

    While not the greatest job, have you tried Food 4 Less? We've got 2 or 3 stores in Chicago. I can even pm ya my contact info to use as reference. Not sure if it'll help much, but I've been with the company for just shy of 8yrs. Can't help much a for shelters since I live bout 50 miles south. I'll try asking a few friends that live in Chicago. As for food,near the end of the nite try any non-24hr fast food. From experience when I was homeless, they normally have food that otherwise gets thrown out.
  14. Happiness cosplay help!

    I've been tempted to cosplay Jun before, but could never figure it out either. If I can get my sewing machine working, I'll probably try to make it while on vacation & let ya know what I can come up with. Otherwise there's always the summer uniform or the red blazer
  15. School District tracks children with chipped IDs

    I'm split on this one. Depending on the case & how the system is implemented, it could be great. My mother used to work with special needs children of all kinds from deaf or blind to mental handicapped. It could be a great help in those cases. If they get lost in the halls, they could easily be found & helped back to their classes. Also in worse case senario... say a student is injured & needs medical attention, it makes it easier to direct a medical team to their location & since they're already on a computer pull up records from the nurse office that would show if they had allergies & such. Having working in the medical field myself, having that info before an ambulance arrives saves time & possibly lives.