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  1. 2012 Gripes thread

    The IRT "Kira" was in the elevator Sunday morning allowing people to "go up to go down". When I said that I thought that wasn't allowed, he said "This is ACen, of course you're going to need to do that if you want to get anywhere." It's because of these IRT that the elevators aren't working. It seems that most attendees(or who I experienced) are immature, pushing and shoving, trying to get on the elevator before people get off. Although the policy on elevators this year is a small step forward, I think it's time to start enforcing a line policy to get on the elevator at the lobby level.
  2. Cosplay Speed Dating (18+)

    All participants send a message to (262)-676-2730 or email rcallewaert330@gmail.com with your name and we will send you information on receiving your matches. Thanks~!
  3. Cosplay Speed Dating (18+)

    Because of the free internet at the Hyatt, we can continue to receive applications through friday night. Thanks guys!
  4. Cosplay Speed Dating (18+)

    I was asked in an e-mail about if we're still accepting applications or not, so I'll answer here as well. We will be accepting applications for the panel until Thursday the 26th(Thursday of the con). Up until then, just keep sending those applications to hagle001@rangers.uwp.edu. After Thursday, just show up to the panel when it starts and we'll get you all set up.
  5. Cosplay Speed Dating (18+)

    we expect to have a lot of participants and we will be seperating the group into two different age groups: 18-25 and 25+ (the range may be changed depending on the range of applicants' ages) so there should be no worries there. if you would like to participate, feel free to fill out an app. we will be arranging the age groups accordingly.
  6. Cosplay Speed Dating (18+)

    we are just trying to collect female applicants for the time being to ensure an equal male to female ratio. if you would like to make sure you get a spot you can just make sure to show up as early as possible. thanks! :)
  7. Cosplay Speed Dating (18+)

    Cool, just fill out the form and send it to my e-mail^_^ When it comes to the form, use your true gender. Look at it this way: If you truly are a male, you will be waiting in line. If you truly are a female, fill out the form and send it to usXD.
  8. Cosplay Speed Dating (18+)

    Yep, you can come later. Your personal information will not be given to anyone until we contact you for the final 'ok'. When we collect the information from the panel and it looks like a female has a match with a male, we will contact the female, and ask if they would like to give their name and number to certain matches. If they agree we will tell the girl the name of the guy, contact the male, and give them the name and phone number of the female.
  9. Cosplay Speed Dating (18+)

    You can be in character or out of character, whichever you want. Keep in mind that if you are in character, you still must be appropriate(The excuse "I can say such and such because I'm in character and my character says or acts like that" us not acceptable). I believe I answered the first part of your questions. In ACen's standards, this is a social event. If you want to come to meet people with like interests with no interest to pursue a relationship with anyone there, that is fine. If you are looking for someone with like interests to date, that is also fine. We didn't really list all of the rules, just the general ones. Stuff like "you can't get give out your name or location while talking to people" and so on will be explained at the panel. The rules listed are more of what we're expecting of people at the panel. Hope this clears anything up.
  10. Cosplay Speed Dating (18+)

    Hello everyone. I'm happy to announce the Cosplay Speed Dating panel is now open for sign ups. It will be held on Saturday in DaVinci A-B in the Hyatt at 12PM. We are taking sign ups for females only(sry guys, you will be standing in line). You can sign up two different ways. Either fill out this application form and email it to us at hagle001@rangers.uwp.edu OR sign up when we start or during the panel if you're going to be late. Rules: This will be 18+ panel; we will check IDs This is an 18+ panel; act like you're 18+ You need to be in a costume Listen to the panelists' instructions This will be a heterosexual dating session ONLY. We apologize, however there is not enough time to do both. Here's the application: Real Name (first and last): Age: Gender: (remember, we're only taking female sign ups now) Location (City and State): What you're cosplaying as: Also, please try to send a few pictures of your cosplay. After 04/26/12, we ask that no more applications be sent, and that you just arrive to the panel either at starting time or a little before if you want to participate. About now would be a good time to state this: If you are posting on this topic on how this panel will bomb why it will not work gtfo. However, any questions, comments, or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!