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  1. Hetalia, Hetalia, Hetalia! 2013

    I'll be going as England(With the usual military outfit of course.) again next year.
  2. *Acen 2012 Photo Gallery Thread*

    My Pictures (Mostly from SaturdaY) https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.3084092393630.2120656.1603495728&type=3 Includes the Loveless photoshoot Quick video of my weekend at ACen. (Includes all the photos taken in my FB album. youtube.com/watch?v=xZB3WitHz0w&feature=youtu.be Feel free to add me on FB or tag yourself in the picture.
  3. Photo Request Thread 2012

    I was America(Hetalia) on Friday. I didn't get many pictures in that one sooo...yeah. Saturday I was England holding hands with a chibiamerica. I KNOW there are twenty billion pictures of us around. And for Sunday I was Ritsuka(Loveless) Does anyone have any pictures of the Hetalia photoshoot on Saturday?
  4. Hetalia 2012

    Oh, you're running the one on Friday. Do you mind telling me where Dublin (Double Tree) would be? I'm not exactly sure, cause I fail at finding every event I plan to go to.
  5. Angel Beats! 2012

    Well, I'll try to be there to take some pictures. Cause I love Angel Beats. :D I'm still working on my Kanade cosplay, so it won't be debuted until next year I'm afraid.
  6. Hetalia 2012

    Hm, well. I'm a bit confused about the directions. XDD But, I have a small clue where they are at. Let's talk about this meet up somewhere else. I'm not sure if Wenchman likes us talking about creating another sort of meetup in the Hetalia photoshoot board here. Just message me here, or on DA. :3
  7. Hetalia 2012

    Where would that be? I'd be more than happy to go. :3
  8. Hetalia 2012

    Where would that be? I'd be more than happy to go. :3
  9. Hetalia 2012

    Ah, well. Alright. Thanks though, we would of probably ended up playing if we hadn't asked to begin with. ^^"
  10. Hetalia 2012

    The game isn't inappropriate at all. The name might make it seem that way if you...ahem...think it in that way. Here's an example of what the game is: Not inappropriate at all.
  11. Hetalia 2012

    I've actually been trying to figure that out as well. When exactly the meet up will be. Playing 'ride ride that mustang' sounds pretty fun.
  12. Loveless 2012

    Agreed! >u<
  13. Hetalia Music Video!~

    Lol! I'm sure she would be able to help you with that. :D
  14. Hetalia 2012

    Alrighty, thanks~ (:
  15. Yaoi 2012

    I'll most likely be there. Dressed as America, or England. I haven't really decided yet.