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  1. Thursday Late Night Meet n' Greet v3

    This has certainly gotten a lot larger since I last posted, haha! Hopefully I actually remember the people I meet this time! (Though not because of alcohol, but because my memory is THAT bad... or so is the story I'm sticking to... :P )
  2. Annual (All Ages) Forum Meet and Greet

    Never been to this meet and greet (I usually just go to the 21+), but this year I'm bringing some friends who are underaged, so to ease them into the big con waters (one of them has been to a con before, but it's a smaller one) I thought bringing them to the meet and greet would be a good idea. Plus I can use this as an excuse to go myself!
  3. Photographers Gathering 2013

    My friend is a cosplay photographer hobbyist. She doesn't have a forum account, so I'll be sure to let her know about this!
  4. Gatherings 2013 - Check the first post!

    Just wondering, for the Loading Docks, is there any place set aside for gatherings if there is rain. On the guidebook app it shows the other places do, but not any loading dock gatherings.
  5. The 2014 Prop Acceptability Checklist

    Hello! I know that realistic guns are okay now as long as they are not made of metal, have an orange tip, and are disabled. However, the only gun I could find that is close to the character I'm cosplaying has a metal barrel. So I was wondering if it would be okay, since the barrel is enclosed and not visible in any way.
  6. Cosplay Is Not Consent gathering

    This is a wonderful idea! I will totally be there as long as my schedule allows! Do you have any idea of a time?
  7. Kuroko no Basuke

    I'm not cosplaying, but I really hope others are! I'm hoping the Miracles on the Court panel is going to be about KuroBas, it would be a shame it it's not. Also if I see you, I'm totally asking for a picture!
  8. Why do you attend conventions?

    Simply because it's what makes me the happiest! For a few magical days all I have to worry about is having as much fun as possible with a hobby I love, with people who love it too! Being able to make friends with just about everyone is a major plus too!
  9. Hentarmageddon: Menage a Trois

    This actually sounds like a lot of fun! If it's not during any Yaoi panels/During a majority of the Soap Bubble, I'll totally attend! But seriously, this sounds hilarious and fun! Might see if any friends want to come! And you had me at Menage a Trois, pfff. XD I don't know why I find that funny, I really don't...
  10. Revolution of Evangelion

    This...frightens me... No...Just...No... And I also plan on coming! Evaaaaa!
  11. Guidebook?

  12. Possible Wisconsinite Meet-up?

    I'm from Neenah, WI. So depending on when and where it is, I'd be game for a meetup! Whenever I go to ACen I never seem to run into other Wisconsinites. I didn't even get that many from Wisconsin on StreetPass last year! So yeah, if this ever becomes a thing, I'd go! With maybe quite a few fellow congers who are either going to ACen with me or I know are going to ACen from my anime club.
  13. Have/Attend an Anime Club?

    Name (of the club): Fox Valley Anime Society Location: Appleton, WI Time and Place: We meet Friday once every three weeks at the Appleton Public Library for 2 1/2 hours for Manga Madness, a time where we each bring manga to talk about, discuss, and read. Currently we are planning to move the anime viewing to a private residence so that we have a bit more leeway in anime shown. (We meet in a public library, me thinks High School of the Dead might be frowned upon.) Website (if applicable): We have a facebook group: Fox Valley Anime Society, a forum: foxvalleyanime.forumotion.com, and our meetup.com page http://www.meetup.com/Fox-Valley-Anime-Society/ A brief description of the kind of club it is - what activities you have - if it's campus only or open to all etc: Currently we just watch anime and read manga. Every now and again we do activities like cosplay bowling, discuss anime conventions, hold holiday parties, etc. Suggestions are always welcome too! And it's open to all as long as you are 18+ or have parental permission, we have older members and I don't want parents off put by their child meeting someone who is 27, as some of our members are. Contact info (for someone interested in joining): You can go to our Facebook page, our forum, or our meetup.com page.
  14. My Little Pony!

    Coming as Octavia! Can't let Vinyl have all the fun you know. ;)/> Also, I had to make the heart-wrenching choice between Rarity, Octavia, and Princess Luna as best pony. Princess Luna won out and now the vote for her has been doubled!
  15. Eat, drink, and be merry. The 21+ meetup.

    Awww yisssssssss! If this is for sure I'm definitely coming! :D This year I promise to be more social lolita and less drunkenly-eating-a-burger-in-the-corner lolita. Though I am now convinced that that is the only proper way to enjoy a burger. Also, Illinois drink glasses are tiny, I might need to bring a glass from up here in Wisconsin. A giant one. Bigger than your head.