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  1. The 2014 Prop Acceptability Checklist

    Hi all. I have a question regarding helmets. I've done a cosplay of Soul Calibur 2 Nightmare for a couple years now, and while I don't think there have been any issues, I wanted to make sure this year so there's no risk of unpleasantness. On the helmet, there are two upward turned narrow bat wing like "ears". I'm not sure off hand (on lunch break at work) if they extend more than six inches or not. Usually I just carry the helmet with me instead of wearing it unless someone wants a picture/posing for photos (would rather avoid heatstroke). My question is, if they're over six inches, will I have to trim/replace them, or since I carry it mostly instead of wear it, does that make it a prop instead? Or are these simply rules for props and I'm just stressing out over nothing? Thanks!
  2. Soul Calibur 2013?

    Howdy folks! Wondering if anyone else will be cosplaying as folks from Soul Calibur this year? I'll be SC2 Nightmare on Saturday (my only day there, unfortunately) and you may remember me from last year as I did the same then too.
  3. Photo Request Thread 2012

    Hey all! I was the full armor Soul Calibur 2 Nightmare on Friday and Saturday. Anyone got photos of me? Lord knows enough folks took pictures of me then, so there must be some floating around the web by now.
  4. Acen 2012 Cosplays!

    Soul Calibur 2 Nightmare, again here. Been improving the costume for this year, so it should be even better, hopefully.
  5. Any Soul Calibur?

    Coolness. I'll most decidedly try to find you at the con, UnseenDeath. Hopefully there will be a few more folks going as Soul Calibur folks as well.
  6. Any Soul Calibur?

    Howdy folks. I think this is in the right place, if not, I apologize. Anybody gonna go as folks from any of the Soul Calibur games? I'll be Soul Calibur 2 Nightmare. Just seeing who all's souls I'll need to devour while at con, and if there's a photo shoot planned at all and what that would entail.