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  1. Japanese Fashion: Angelic Pretty

    I seem to recall reading somewhere that, generally speaking, if wide shoes are needed (but unavailable), the next best thing is to buy a pair that is a half-size or full-size larger. I'm not sure how accurate that statement is, but a US 6 is something like 22cm, so maybe a 23cm would work? :o
  2. **Seeking Models**

    I'd be ecstatic if the Saturday morning AP rehearsal ends up being confirmed; if the model decisions are indeed made two-and-a-half weeks prior to the con, it's cutting it awfully close for those of us who are out-of-state to request two days off from work. Personally speaking, for practicality's sake, I'll only be buying plane tickets and registering for the con if my application is accepted.
  3. Japanese Fashion: Angelic Pretty

    Ah, thank you! I'd not caught that thread. :)
  4. Japanese Fashion: Angelic Pretty

    Hello there. :) I have a couple of questions regarding the fashion show applications. I apologize if I've overlooked any information. 1) When is the due date for applications to be received? 2) When submitting photos, should they be of the applicant wearing the respective clothing style, or should it be of the applicant wearing minimal makeup and a t-shirt and jeans so there will be a better idea of what the applicant looks like? Thank you. :)