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    I think Greg Ayres should be a guest this year, he hasn't been at ACen since 08 and I didn't get to meet him that year, and I'm sure there are a lot of other people who want to meet him as well. He played Kaoru in 'Ouran HSHC', Chrono in 'Chrono Crusade', And 'Negi Springfield' in Negima. If you guys could get him as a guest I would be REALLY greatful, seeing as this is probably going to be my last year attending ACen. So PLEASEEE?!
  2. Gripes

    My issue with last year was the placement of the lines for Autograph sessions. It was in everyone's way and i hated that they cut off the lines so quickly. Some of the people wanting to get into the lines probly wouldn't be able m=to meet those people again ever and I don't think it was fair to only let like 40 people in a line. The placement of it the year before last was much better, and more people got to see the people they wanted to see. So is it possible you guys could put it back there this year?