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  1. Okay! How I plan on the run shoot, I'll go over a few rules before we get to pictures, as most people do. The whole "cosplay is consent" thing is crucial at every convention. Even more so for the Voltron fandom because there could be some people not comfortable with a ship.

    But! I don't want anyone to feel excluded either, so if you'd rather do something BROTP related instead of shippy between, let's just say, Pidge and Lance, for example,

    then feel free! I want everyone to feel comfortable and included, so I'm going to refrain from using ship names during the shoot and instead just use character names.

    This is pretty much the basic rundown of how pictures will go:

    Group Shots

    Full Group

    Original Voltron (if we have more than just one person cosplaying the '84 version)






    Single Shots

    (We'll start with the '84 version and work towards the reboot. I'm going to call out to see if there's anyone cosplaying from the '84 version and go from there.)

    Akira Kogane (Keith)

    Isamu Kurogane (Lance)

    Hiroshi Suzuishi (Pidge)

    Tsuyoshi Seidou (Hunk)

    Princess Faria (Allura)

    Sven (Shiro)


    (And since I haven't watched the reboot completely yet, characters could be added in but right now, that's my knowledge of who is in the '84 version)

    Onto the reboot

    Princess Allura










    Any human version of the lions (Black, Yellow, Blue, Red, Green)




    (The '84 versions of the characters are included in these shots as well.)

    Allura and Coran

    Allura and Alfor

    Allura, Coran, Alfor

    Allura and Haggar

    Shiro and Allura

    Shiro and Coran

    Shiro and Matt

    Shiro and Pidge

    Shiro, Matt, Pidge

    Shiro and the Black Lion

    Shiro and Hunk

    Shiro and Lance

    Shiro and Keith

    Shiro and Haggar

    Hunk and Lance

    Hunk and Pidge

    Hunk and Keith

    Hunk, Lance, Pidge

    Hunk, Lance, Keith

    Hunk and Allura

    Hunk and Coran

    Hunk and the Yellow Lion

    Lance and Keith

    Lance and Pidge

    Lance and Allura

    Lance and Coran

    Lance and the Blue Lion

    Keith and Hunk

    Keith and Pidge

    Keith and Matt

    Keith, Matt, Shiro

    Keith and Allura

    Keith and Coran

    Keith and the Red Lion

    Pidge and Matt

    Pidge and Allura

    Pidge and Coran

    Pidge and the Green Lion

    Voltron + Allura and Coran

    Voltron + Paladins


    And if we have time for it: Requests!

    But we'll do a call of anyone who has arrived late, too, so we'll do another set of group shots and if you arrived late, let me know if there's a specific pair/trio you want to be redone!


    This is the first time I'm hosting a shoot, and I'm hoping it'll turn out well. I'm thinking it will, and I'm going to try to talk loud enough without losing my voice halfway through the shoot.

    (Who let a 6 year old in charge anyway. This isn't right.)


    PLEASE let me know if there's a certain pair/trio/group shot I may have missed! I want to get all the characters in enough shots as possible so they get all the love they need.

    I can't wait for ACen to come. I hope the gathering will get a huge turn out. I'll be posting this list too and the link to this forum post on the facebook page too sometime this week.

  2. Goodness ACen's in just a few weeks and I still need to finish a few things for Shiro!

    How is everyone elses cosplays coming out? I'm really excited for this gathering, and it turns out, I do know where the gathering is being held - at first I wasn't sure but I have a better idea now than before - and we have the space for Saturday from 5:30 pm to 6:25 pm so it seems! Although I wasn't aiming for a 55 minute gathering,

    that gives people more time to show up and we can do requests at the end of the shoot as well.

    I have the gathering on Facebook too if anyone who has an FB wants to say they're going. I'll make a post later on in the week to see who is coming as who so I have a basic idea of what characters will be there. Especially if someones cosplaying from the original Voltron.

    Speaking of that: I started watching the '84 version since it's on Crunchyroll but only two episodes so far. I'm planning on watching more so I know most of the characters names just in case someone is cosplaying from it.


    I'll make a separate post of how I plan on running the shoot.

  3. I'm (unfortunately) only bringing two cosplays to ACen this year. I may decide to bring Sousuke from Free! because his outfit is comfortable. (Already done, too, bless.)


    But my other cosplays are Wonderful Rush Kotori from Love Live!, and her costume and boots still need to be ordered. For the past two years I had planned Love Live! costumes and neither of them fell through. I'm really hoping I can get her outfit before ACen. If not, Alpaca Kigu it is.


    But, as for my second costume, it's Shiro from Voltron! And he's almost done and I want to cry. I ordered his turtleneck and his waist pouches. I have to alter his vest yet still and buy another set of lights to make his arm light up during the con.


    I also have a casual costume I'm wearing Sunday and I have a lot to do before that's done but I'm so excited to cosplay Shiro that even if I can't do Wonderful Rush Kotori, I won't let that get me down.

  4. Alright SO.

    It was brought to my attention that Voltron was the same time as the YoI gathering and the Haikyuu gathering so I had resent in Voltron and now we are moved to 5:30PM at a different location - the West Tower Overhang. Although I'm not entirely sure where that's at - which is going to be a problem - but the Lower Ballroom isn't free unfortunately so we'll have to make do with the location we have now ;; I'm going to try my best to make this gathering amazing though! I really can't wait. I'm so excited to be Shiro!

  5. Hey there! I'm the host of the Voltron Gathering that's scheduled for Saturday from 2PM to 2:45PM. I'd like to request to be moved to a later time - 5:30 to 6:15pm, also on Saturday. I realized that during these times, my previous location was the East Tower Overhang would be used. Howevr, the Lower Ballroom won't be. If we can moved to that time and location that'd be great! If I need to resubmit a form for this, pleaselet me know. You can either reply to this forum post or contact me via e-mail; chibiidol@aim.com.

    Thank you.

  6. Is it just for the reboot or can us fans of the original Beast King get in on it, too?

    Although I've never seen the original Voltron myself, this Gathering isn't strictly for the reboot. So characters from the original series would be encouraged to attend the shoot, as well. (:

  7. Hey guys, Happy New Year! (Even though it's the second day of the new year but ah, well - details. )

    Anyway, I figured I would put out a small post for my thought for the Voltron Gathering? See which ones would be best off for people. I was thinking Saturday, and in the Lower Ballroom. I like that location, and I know it's a popular one, but it may just work out for our shoot so if we try to reenact scenes, we'd have some carpeting underneath us depending on the scene we do.

    As for times, I was thinking sometime later in the afternoon? With my group, we like staying up late and getting up late, and being a soon to be Shiro cosplayer, it might take me a bit to get my wig and make up - and ARM - in check.

    So I was thinking around two in the afternoon? Or a little bit later so people have time to themselves instead of rushing to get to an early shoot. I'm only saying Saturday because of people who may have school on Friday. It's only the matter of people agreeing on it and putting their own input. (: Because I'd hate for someone to miss one shoot to come here, or miss the Voltron shoot to go to another.

    Hopefully there's more Voltron's that'll be coming, but you guys lemme know what you think. uwu

  8. I haven't been checking the ACen forums in awhile, but I plan on possibly doing a galra!keith - depending on funds and, of course, if season 2 debunks the theory or not :)/>/>/>

    Listen, I love Galra Keith okay so even if S2 doesn't bring out Galra Keith, I still encourage you to do it? But only if you have the funds of course!!

  9. The second season really gave me a big hype to cosplay from the series, but I'm torn between doing Sugane's casual outfit - black shirt, light blue cardigan, and grey jeans - or being Jou/Joe.

    I wanted to see if anyone else is planning on being anyone from the series so we can plan a gathering ;v; It'd be really nice to have one, and even if we don't have many people there, we can always sit and talk about the series too after the photos are done.

  10. I'll hopefully be going as (one of the many) Hinata(s) on Friday if I can make it that day haha. I have a quick general question though; on that day I have AP testing and cannot get out of school early and by the time I would get to the convention (if I am able to go), the meetup would be over, but would most people still be in their cosplays around early evening? I would love to get some photos with Haikyuu!! cosplayers if possible since I didn't see any at my last convention.

    I might be! I don't plan on changing until 10 or 11 at night so unless my older sister has something planned, I'll still be Noya~

  11. Hi guys! Asahi reporting. ^^ No one ever cosplays him, so I may end up being the only one?

    ASAHI-SAAAN. I can't wait now.

    Ah, I don't know if you'll be the only one, because some people don't mention on the forums who they will be so you could be the only Asahi or there could be more so..


  12. Okay, I have a question.

    I was looking at the unofficial gathering schedule and I noticed that Fairy Tail and the KnB shoot run into each other.

    I don't know who put the form in for the FT gathering so otherwise I'd ask about switching times for FT but I was wondering if we can move the KnB shoot down a little bit? So FT and KnB don't run into each other?

    If not, my older sister and our friend won't be able to make it to the KnB shoot but we'll be attending the sports anime gathering so hopefully we'll see you guys there!

  13. I was there last year as Riko! MY older sister was Kasamatsu then, too.

    Ah, but, I don't plan on doing Riko this year. I already have too many cosplays. My older sister is going to do Akashi though, and I believe our friend is going to do Kise again?

    Hopefully we'll be able to make it to the KnB shoot since we have a lot of gatherings we have to go to again this year. x-x

  14. I was going to make a topic like this before. I was worried that the Fairy Tail shoot will run with the ones I'm planning to go to/be in. I wasn't going to host it, nor did I send in the request.

    However, I do plan on doing Juvia. A casual version, though, since I didn't have the money to do an outfit from the series. My older sister is planning on being Gray and our friend is going to do Lucy. ouo

    Do you mind telling me where you saw the slot for Fairy Tail? I want to make sure it doesn't run into anything of mine.

  15. Yay, Noya! :D/>/>

    That's awesome! My friend is cosplaying Daichi, as well and Sugawara... could we have the same friend? o.o

    Other friends are being Tsukki, two Kageyamas, and a Hinata :)/>/>

    You know, it wouldn't surprise me.

    It happened once before for an UtaPri gathering LOL I think it was this year too.

    "my friend is being camus" "oh hey so is mine" "...we're talking about the same person"

    But woohoo! Some more people! Hopefully there's others and not just Karasuno~ xD

  16. I think I screamed a little when I saw this in the gatherings section.

    I'm planning on cosplaying Nishinoya Yuu! I'll be with a Sugawara Koushi, and I think my friend mentioned having a Daichi, too? My little sister may be Yachi Hitoka, and my friend may also be Kiyoko Shimizu!

    One big Karasuno group there LOL.

    Hopefully there will be others~!