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  1. Uta no Prince-sama 2014

    NOTICE: I have THREE ORANGE MICROPHONES, TWO PURPLE MICROPHONES, AND ONE PINK MICROPHONE for any idols who need one! They blow up, and these have been in a drawer since last year, so THESE HAVE NOT BEEN USED. I'll bring them to the shoot so I can hand them out. I'll blow them up myself, too.
  2. Free! Iwatobi Swim Club 2014

    I was only going to bring the guns to the shoot anyway and fill them up at the hotel. Maybe it'd be better if we don't fill them up at all? We can always pretend we're having a water gun fight. I would have asked at the gathering who wanted a water gun and who didn't want to get shot at then too. :P But People may forget and I don't want to get in trouble so.. Maybe I'll buy bubbles so we can have some fun! I'm making a trip to the store tomorrow anyway xD
  3. Free! Iwatobi Swim Club 2014

    Sounds good! So-- |||| - Haru || - Makoto ||| - Nitori ||||| - Nagisa |||| - Rei ||| - Rin ||| - Gou ..Between me having 23 and you having, what, 12? I think we'll be good because my math came to 24 BUT I'm sure there'll be more people coming. (Or I am missing people; rather to be safe than sorry. If we end up with extras, then we just hand 'em out, I guess, or keep for ourselves?)
  4. Free! Iwatobi Swim Club 2014

    I'm not so sure. o^o Maybe 5-10? The dollar Store in Countryside has sets of water guns of four for a buck.
  5. Free! Iwatobi Swim Club 2014

    So we probably have more people coming to this gathering now but due to funds, I was only able to afford twenty more water guns from my local dollar store. Between my friend and I being Makoto and Gou, I will have a total of 23 water guns to give out. Of course you can choose not to use one, and PLEASE SAY if you don't want to be be squirted. I'll bring water bottles to fill them at the shoot. uwu
  6. Free! Iwatobi Swim Club 2014

    Sorry for the lateness! It was hard to get pictures done. Here you go!
  7. Uta no Prince-sama 2014

    Mm.. I'll think about that one. It depends on my groups schedule at the time. I know one of them doesn't do much but go to gatherings and crap like that. My older sister normally leaves me to planning everything and tells me what we can and cannot do. So, uh, depending when it is, I might be able to come? It sounds like fun regardless though.
  8. Free! Iwatobi Swim Club 2014

    Ooo you look cute! I don't have many cosplay pictures of me on my tumblr honestly. I'll take some maybe tomorrow, or Monday at the latest. uwu I'll send you a link so you'll know what I look like when it's up!
  9. Free! Iwatobi Swim Club 2014

    I have a VK gathering at like, 6pm so I'll keep my Makoto shirt under my VK costume and I'll keep my jacket, wig, and jeans in a bag with me so I can change soon after that. I'll have a lot of people with me then. I can't say for sure who will be with me, like cosplay wise, because I'm not sure of their particular line ups for the whole weekend. I'll have to go into the convention center to change so if you'd like we can meet by the bathrooms or something? Around 7pm of course. It's going to take me a while to change and what not anyway xD OR if you have a picture, maybe send it to me? Either through my tumblr (look in my signature) or through here because the first one may sound creeper-ish to some idk. Might be easier to spot you that way.
  10. Free! Iwatobi Swim Club 2014

    What time at night, do you know? o: Because if it doesn't run into the VK gathering I'm attending, I'd love to get a picture of you as Night club Makoto! (It's not Fem! but regardless, I'd love a picture with you since you won't make it to the gathering.)
  11. Free! Iwatobi Swim Club 2014

    Oh hell yes! I wanted to do Makoto's dance whilst I was at ACen this year! Now I got a chance too! Considering my next gathering isn't until 6pm, and god I hope that doesn't change, for sure I'll be there. I'll make sure to write down my schedule and write this down with everything else I'm attending. Thanks for telling us!
  12. Free! Iwatobi Swim Club 2014

    Nitori giving friendship bracelets to the opposing swim team sounds funny to me. "Nitori what the hell are you doing." "I think we should all be friends so I'm giving them friendship bracelets!" "I swear to water I AM SO DONE." /whispers yes makoto would like one
  13. Uta no Prince-sama 2014

    Well, in the games, Otoya's the one with the fear of heights and Syo isn't. In the second season, it doesn't seem like he has his fear of heights anymore though--
  14. Free! Iwatobi Swim Club 2014

    So two of three gatherings I am being in did a line-up of what characters goes first and with couples during the shoot. What is our line up going to be, if I may ask? Do we go through the characters, then the swim teams, then pairings?
  15. Uta no Prince-sama 2014

    Can we add Ranmaru/Ai to the list? I don't think I saw it on there. And if we have time, maybe pairings that aren't so popular. Like Ren/Syo, Tokiya/Syo, Otoya/Syo-- just throwing those out there because that's what I can think of OTL.
  16. Uta no Prince-sama 2014

    OtoHaru is pretty cute. uwu I'm more of a SyoHaru person though. And you do mean Hijirikawa Masato?~
  17. Meet and greet

    God I love the outfits from the Debut game. I'll be Kotobuki Reiji, as my signature says, and I'll even have a whole QN group with me! AiAi might just have a different costume then the rest.
  18. Uta no Prince-sama 2014

    I'm getting a little upset because Rei-chan might not have Tokki to complete ROT. I'll have a harem of Otoyan's but no Tokki?~ Hopefully there's one who will come but doesn't have a forum account. o^o
  19. Meet and greet

    I checked out your signature-- you're being Otoya from UtaPri?~ Would you be able to come to the UtaPri gathering on Saturday, at 11am, East Outdoor wall? It'd be great to have another Otoyan!~ (if there's a change in the schedule, I'll let you know!)
  20. Kuroko no Basket 2014

    I don't remember if there will be another person being Murasakibara, but will you do him for Saturday for the shoot please? uwu One of my friends wants pictures of Murasakibara so I thought it'd be easier for me instead of frantically searching in the convention~
  21. What are you looking for this year at ACen?

    Dear god there's a lot I look for in the dealers room/exhibit hall. For starters; doujinshi. Specifically R18 since I can buy it myself this time. I'm looking to expland my doujinshi collection, since right now I only have UtaPri in it. If I can get a couple DMMd ones, that'd be great. I doubt there will be Hamatora doujinshi there, but I'll be looking for that, too! I did get into DMMd recently, so I kinda want a couple DMMd related items. Maybe a phone charm/keychain or two. Since they cost more than jut a couple bucks a pop, I want to get characters I really adore. My friend love Ren from the game itself, thus I want to get her something ren-lated. She says they're pricey because he's popular, but I won't know until I see it! Last year I saw a stall with those containers where you put money in, turn it, and you get something. I got a Hello Kitty phone charm because of one, so I want to get a couple more Hello Kitty items if possible. uwu Then anything cute. I am a freak for cute stuff. Last year my ACen goodies were mostly cute related. I know this is mostly a "what you want to buy", but I am also looking forward to having so many friends around me. A lot of 'em are coming from out of state, and I'm meeting them for the first time! That makes me so excited.
  22. Uta no Prince-sama 2014

    I don't need a lot of time. My tie is already done on my Reiji cosplay, and the belt is around the loops of the pants anyway. Though now that I'm looking at the schedule again, it looks like Free! is second now, so that makes it a whole lot easier considering I can possibly wear Makoto's shirt underneath Reiji's and hope it doesn't show through the dress shirt. xD
  23. Uta no Prince-sama 2014

    Unfortunately for me, the Free! shoot is thirty minutes before UtaPri's, and due to this, I'll have to either A) strip in public or B) try to find someplace to change in a limited amount of time so I don't miss anything. Looks like I'll be living up to Kotobuki Reiji's name if I'm late. WOW.
  24. Free! Iwatobi Swim Club 2014

    Well, mine was about.. eight bucks, really. And that was a pack of five, as said. So if I buy another, and you buy two that are five, we should be in the clear. NOW THAT YOU MENTION IT I wish there was a Mikoshiba/Firecrotch there ;A;
  25. Free! Iwatobi Swim Club 2014

    Wow that is super wonderful. Uhm-- I'm unsure of that OTL I might go back to toys r us and buy one more pack and you can buy two more? If you can? Depending how many are in there.