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  1. Waitlisted.

    Wow the rush for AA tables in ACen is tense. I was like that for my panel.
  2. ACen Game Room

    It should be in the same place as it is before.
  3. North American Guest: Alexis Tipton

    Ek Ken nows hwo to run this ship, so I trust him. I may her sign some of my other prints.
  4. Orginial Characters

    Well I got girls cosplaying my OCs, but I am open to people cosplaying canon ocs and fully ocs. I don't like canon ocs, but I won't say no to them. I got a photographer already too and I may have another if he can stop by. Sorry for the late post.
  5. Orginial Characters

    I'm looking to have a photoshoot for people cosplaying their original characters. I'm looking to have the shoot at 1 to 2PM Saturday. I saw two spots open on the current list of photoshoots for Saturday.
  6. Whew...well since my panel is in for ACen I guess it's time to start this thread. So who am I? Well I'm just your typical college student that loves writing and creating characters. My panel is here to show you the basics of how to get that done. Any questions for me? Want to see my ocs? Ask me anything.
  7. I know odd title for this, but yeah I got a room in the Double Tree and I really don't wanna pay 130 to 150 between em and two others I have in my room already. It's me and a couple. I got one more spot in my room. So if you want a solid place to sleep that is under 100 bucks less. Give me a shout. I'm taking anyone over the age of 18, but I have two rules: No smoking and drinking in the room. Also you'll have to send me the 98 via paypal, since Double Tree is trying to charge us mroe if we come up with four people. Kat(one of my other roommates) is doing the same thing with her man. So it will just be me and her paying for it.). Lastly, you don't have to be local for this deal so if you coming from somewhere far like Vegas I'll welcome you with open arms. Edit:We check in on Friday and check out Sunday. Also just because it's not mention in my first paragraph being respectful to me and Kat and her man while making sure you shower each and every day we are together. You can post here, or contact me on my DA, FB, or Twitter. DA: http://mastersaruwatari.deviantart.com/ FB: https://www.facebook.com/MasterHavik Twitter: https://twitter.com/MasterHavik
  8. North American Guest: Alexis Tipton

    Hmm......not bad, but felt you could have gotten someone better. I already met her before.
  9. Opps

    ACen hype.
  10. I got my room for the double tree!

    I'll make sure to have some extra cash. It's just me and another friend. We're splitting the cost. I need to get an hdmi cable since standard definition don't work.
  11. So hype....I'm pretty much ready for ACen. I got my badge already lock down. now I got the room. Just gotta start working on my panel and getting my cosplayers ready.
  12. Got my room at the Embassy!

    pft double tree master race!
  13. Saru OCs

    LOL I know, but you gotta build interest and don't worry I got a back up plan. But yeah man you gotta believe and be confidence in yourself. All I hope is my shoot isn't book on the same time as naruto, hoemstuck, mlp, kill la kill, and AoT.
  14. Saru OCs

    AFTER the panel friend. Also I planned to make a time that is at least hour after my panel when the form to sign up for photoshoot is release.. I will have the shoot be an hour after the panel. I thought this out lol. That would be an Oakland raiders like move on my part doing something that stupid.
  15. Saru OCs

    Hey guys. I am going to have a public photoshoot. I have gotten girls to cosplay some of my OCs. I'm doing this because I have submitted a panel talking making original characters and universes. You can be cosplaying my ocs or your own personal ocs. I won't just limit this to my own OCs, so you're welcome to get your picture snap with my ocs. I would like to have this shoot an hour after my panel on Saturday if that is okay. I can't say what time since I don't know when my panel is. DA is down at the moment so I can't show you my ocs. I'll update this post when Da is not being stupid. Also if you want to cosplay your oc or my oc make sure to tell so i can put you on the list. update: 9/20/14 Hey guys. I told you guys I would show you my ocs. Let me show them off to you right now. I got my cosplayers doing these three girls. Some were by choice, request, or narrowing it down. I got more than what I am showing you. Anyways here are the OCs.:) Zephi: http://mastersaruwatari.deviantart.com/gallery/46830566/Zephi-Commissions-and-requests Tsubaki: http://mastersaruwatari.deviantart.com/gallery/46279623/Tsubaki-Commissions-and-requests Neggy: http://mastersaruwatari.deviantart.com/gallery/44274361/NegInk-s-boxing-attires We stil lworking out on the details on which outfit they will be wearing for the character.