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  1. Looking for Vocaloid Cosplayers!

    O(≧∇≦)O That'd be awesome! Cons are fun but they're even more fun when you're with a group
  2. Looking for Vocaloid Cosplayers!

    ~~~ヾ(^∇^)ã‚„ãï¼ If you don't mind me being stalker-ish, what state do you live in?
  3. ☆MTAC- "Floodcon" ☆

    30 more days....
  4. "We've battled torrential rains, tornadoes and the now infamous flood that gave last year the nick name "Floodcon". Join us this year as we tempt fate one more time and celebrate Anime about the end of the world." ARE YOU GOING?
  5. Otakon 2012

    I'm going but this is my 2nd time at an anime con....I have no idea where to start >.<
  6. I've been cosplaying by myself as Rin Kagamine, but Skylar says I should join a group. I'm starting to think all vocaloid cosplayers in Tennessee died (。┰ω┰。) I'm thinking about going to MTAC this year. GRRRRR! I guess the only problem I'd have with you is if your one of those no-nonsense people. My friends and I are hyper and spaz-tastic! ≧∇≦