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  1. Disney Heroes & Disney Villains

    My friend and I will be Tiana and Lottie from the masquerade from Princess and the Frog!
  2. Hilton Room Block?

    Thanks :) I must have missed that when I was looking ^.^'
  3. Hilton Room Block?

    Will the Hilton have a room block for 2014?
  4. The Official "Did You Get My Picture?" Thread

    On Friday I was Ulquiorra walking around with an orihime. If anyone has any pictures, I would really appreciate seeing them! :)
  5. 2013 Badge FAQ

    Okay, thanks :)
  6. 2013 Badge FAQ

    Ok, one more question. I ordered badges for my whole group for will call and one person won't be able to make it until late on Friday. Could I pick up hers as well?
  7. 2013 Badge FAQ

    So if I wanted to pick up my will call badge on Thursday, I can only do so after 10:00? Or does it start at 4?
  8. Bleach

    Does that include sprinkling/on and off/it's iffy if its going to rain or just full on pouring rain? Sorry if this is a dumb question or been clarified before.
  9. Bleach

    Aw man, that sucks! I've had stuff like that happen to me since I don't have a liscense either. :(
  10. Cosplay Is Not Consent gathering

    I'll be going too! :) This is a great idea!! :)
  11. Bleach

    I just got my Ulquiorra cosplay!! ^.^ And my friend will be coming as Orihime now!
  12. Gender in Cosplay

    I'll probably go to this! :) I'll be crossplaying for the first time this ACen
  13. Crystal Ball tickets are on sale now!

    So if I wanted to wear a long (as in floor length) prom dress, that would be acceptable? It wouldn't be too much?
  14. Bleach

    It was freezing last year! DX I'm pretty sure my toes were frozen until I got back to my hotel.
  15. Bleach

    Is that where it was last year?