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  1. Panelist Policy

    For the latest policy please utilize the link below: http://www.ACen.org/programming/panel-programming/panelist-policy/
  2. On average, how quickly do panels get approved?

    Last year there were a few things that caused delays in panel approvals. This year I will be doing a monthly review of what has been submitted. This does not always mean your panel will be approved, it may be wait listed for further review but know that it will be reviewed 😊

    Below you will find a comprehensive list of contact emails for the public facing departments of Anime Central and when you would want to ccontact them. PANEL PROGRAMMING MANAGEMENT - panelprogramming@ACen.org All (attendee hosted) panel related questions, suggestions or concerns related to Panel Programming including, but not limited to; Panel Approvals Tech Questions Panelist Badges Panel Scheduling MAIN EVENTS MANAGEMENT - mainevents@ACen.org All panel related questions, suggestions or concerns related to Main Events including, but not limited to; Soap Bubble Hardcore Synergy Anime Hell/Midnight Madness Concerts Other Large Scale Events in the Hyatt Ballrooms (not to Include the Formal Dance, for information on the Formal Dance please email crystalball@ACen.org) MASQUERADE MANAGEMENT - masquerade@ACen.org All panel related questions, suggestions or concerns related to Masquerade including, but not limited to; Schedule Content Rules CUSTOMER SERVICE MANAGEMENT - customerservice@ACen.org All panel related questions, suggestions or concerns related to Customer Service including, but not limited to; Convention Location or Hours Convention Policy Other General Quetions GUEST RELATIONS MANAGEMENT - guestrelations@ACen.org All panel related questions, suggestions or concerns related to Guest Relations including, but not limited to; Guest Suggestions Becoming a Guest (Bands, Voice Actor, Industry Representatives, etc) REGISTRATION MANAGEMENT - registration@ACen.org All panel related questions, suggestions or concerns related to Registration including, but not limited to; Non-Panelist Badges Account Issues SPECIAL NEEDS MANAGEMENT - adacompliance@ACen.org All panel related questions, suggestions or concerns related to Special Needs including, but not limited to; Assistance for Medical Conditions, Disabilities or Special Circumstances Convention Policy regarding Lines, Seating, Access, etc
  4. Hey Everyone, Walking around and talking to everyone it seemed that everyone enjoyed themselves for the most part. Let us know what you liked and/or what you disliked. Keep in constructive and be nice to each other :) The rest of the topics under Crystal Ball have been closed to keep everything in one place
  5. Crystal Ball 2014 complaints

    Hey Everyone, Walking through the event and talking to everyone I got the impression that they were having fun and enjoying themselves (mainly because they all said they were having a blast). I am disappointed that only one or two people actually mentioned they were having issues during the event (they were addressed as quickly and as best as possible). We spoke to the DJ about turning down the volume (he did) and he was told to mix in some ballroom type music as well. Please keep in mind that there were 200 people at the event throughout the night and not everyone wants to have ballroom music played all evening and not everyone wants to have popular music played all evening, it is a balancing act. It's why, from the beginning, we opened it to the attendees to make requests throughout the night. Almost everything that was played was a request in order to allow those of you who were attending to control the music. As it was stated above, last year we received numerous complaints about the music being an issue during the event. There are always ways to improve but I will say that there is no way to make everyone happy. We will do our best to keep improving each year for you :)
  6. Crystal Ball 2014

    Good Afternoon Everyone! I would like to introduce myself! My name is Michelle and I am the Crystal Ball Manger for ACen 2014. I have been working for Anime Central since 2010 and I am currently an ADH for Panel Programming as well as the Crystal Ball Manager. I am very excited to be planning the ball and have some interesting and exciting ideas! I will make sure to release the details as they come together. I look forward to planning this event for you and hope to see you there!
  7. Crystal Ball 2014

    I wish the sake cups had come in individual boxes as the fans did, unfortunately, the place that they came from sent them in boxes of 12 or so :/ (it was quite the adventure repacking everything). In regards to the music selection, I encourage everyone to make sure they are making requests from the DJ throughout the night to include the music they are looking for. I am hoping that we will have everything squared away with next years DJ sooner so we can open the request page sooner and they can make a list pre-con so it is ready to go.
  8. Crystal Ball 2014

    I am very sorry that you were so disappointed in the Crystal Ball this year. While I can understand you may have made an assumption regarding the name of the dance I felt it was made clear on the forums that there would be a variety of music played at the Crystal Ball this year from ballroom type music to anime songs to popular music in order for more people to enjoy the event. We received numerous complaints during the ball last year that the music was too slow and people were leaving within an hour of arriving so this year we chose to provide a wider variety of music. In regards to the gift bag, I sincerely apologize that the fan you received was cracked, it obviously should not have been. The "small teacup" you speak of was not, in fact a teacup, it is a sake cup. While obviously not intended for anyone under legal drinking age to use to drink sake, it was meant as a gift of Japanese culture to each that attended the Ball. Perhaps following years we will have to forgo the gift bags completely. It is something my team and I will have to discuss. We thank you for your input and hope that you will continue to attend the Crystal Ball!
  9. DJ/Entertainment

    Hello Everyone! I would like to announce that our DJ for the Crystal Ball this year is DJ Ronnie B with Midwest VIP DJs (midwestvipdjs.com. I look forward to working with Ronnie to bring you great music this year! Feel free to request songs or make suggestions. I can not guarantee everything will be played but we will do our best to accommodate everyone! I do ask that you keep the music appropriate for all ages as we welcome all ages!
  10. Children's Day

    There are many family friendly activities on Sunday! We have the Children's Room where there are crafts like paper fans & lanterns, perler beads and more, we will also be showing family friendly anime throughout the weekend. Anime Central will also play host to the World Cosplay Summit US, you can attend Samurai Dan's sword demonstration, there are Kit (ACen mascot) sightings and the show floor for shopping!
  11. Crystal Ball 2014

    Hello, I am sorry to hear you won't be able to attend the ball this year! I hope it is nothing serious! Like badges, the Crystal Ball tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable. I apologize for any inconvenience!
  12. Please refrain from continuing this thread with anything other than a discussion of the panel that will be held at Con. feuerwerke, I look forward to seeing you at con this year!! Michelle Falco Panel Programming Department Head Crystal Ball Manager
  13. Crystal Ball 2014

    Hey Everyone! To answer the questions that have been posed; 1) No age limit on the Ball but each attendee must purchase a ticket 2) Crystal Ball tickets, like badges and tickets to many of our other events, are 1 per account. If you want to purchase a ticket for a date you would have to do so through thier account. There will also be a table outside of the Ball about 30 prior to the event to purchase tickets if you wish to do it that way. At the event we only accept cash so please keep that in mind.
  14. DJ/Entertainment

    The plan is to have a wide variety of music so everyone can enjoy. There will be ballroom music as well as popular music :)
  15. Photographer!

    This year we will have a professional photographer joining us for the Crystal Ball from Endlessly Photography (endlesslyphotography.com). They are also graciously providing a photo booth for attendee use during (and possibly prior to) the Ball. There will be a small fee for digital copies or prints of photos ($0.50-$1.00 depending). The photos are not currently going to be available at the event but I will let you know if that changes. I am very excited to work with Endlessly Photography this year and excited to see the interesting photos from the photo booth!
  16. Crystal Ball 2014

    It's less "new direction" and more "new ideas". I am tossing around a few thoughts on ways to make it just a little different than other formal dances. Nothing too drastic but I will definitely let you guys know as soon as decisions are made

    TICKETS ARE NOW ON SALE!!!! Please go to http://www.ACen.org/content/crystal-ball-ticket-2014to order your ticket!!! Remember! If you are purchasing your badge at the same time, you will need to add the badge to the cart FIRST. Ordering Guidelines: Crystal Ball tickets need to be added AFTER selecting a badge and adding it to the cart. Adding the badge after will remove everything from the cart. Add badge (and badge mailing if desired) Add the Crystal Ball ticket Go to checkout Select mailing for ticket if desired Make payment. Here are some notes for you regarding ticket sales, this same information is provided on the Crystal Ball page in addition to information on admittance to the ball and the dress code: Tickets will be for sale in our registration system from November 8th, 2013 through May 3rd, 2014 Only 500 tickets will be available (first come, first serve) so get them early! We suggest buying online as we do not guarantee tickets will be available at the door. Any remaining tickets will be sold at the door of the Crystal Ball 30 minutes prior to and during the event. A badge is not required to purchase a ticket but it is required for entrance (see Admittance) Mailing Option: Only available for tickets purchased by March 29th, 2014 (an additional $2.00 per ticket) Pick Up Option: Tickets may be picked up in the Panel Programming office with a valid state or government issued ID and Anime Convention Badge (names on each much match ticket) Available Methods of Payment – Online: Credit (Visa, Master, or Discover), Check, or Money Order payable to: Midwest Animation Promotion Society. Available Methods of Payment – Door: Cash only Tickets are non-transferrable and non-refundable
  18. Hello Everyone! The Crystal Ball page has been updated! Tickets are not available for sale yet but I will let you know soon when they will be available. I am getting really excited about the event and I hope you are too!
  19. Crystal Ball 2014

    No worries, all suggestions will be taken into consideration. The DJs I am speaking with have worked all sorts of events and have multiple years of experience so I am sure they will have a good balance of music that eveyone can enjoy! :D
  20. Crystal Ball 2014

    No final decision yet, I am currently talking to a few DJs though. As soon as a final decision is made I will make an announcement :D