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  1. H.O.T.D 2012

    which version of her are you doing?
  2. H.O.T.D 2012

    BTW! I have loads of fake blood if anyone needs some feel free to ask.
  3. H.O.T.D 2012

    But we are starting out on the loading docks on friday yes? a few people as well as myself want too attend another photoshoot at the same time and maybe if this shoot doesn't have a time limit we can meet up somewhere among the mentioned stops above?
  4. Cosplay gatherings 2012 - Updated 4/25

    I have already made two cosplays for photoshoots which are scheduled at the same time. and since this is my first convention suggestions on what i should do? :[
  5. Umineko/Higurashi no Naku Koro ni 2012

    I'll be going as Ange more than likely i hope we get some pictures together!
  6. K-pop/J-pop; Singing/Dance Group

    i'm super intrested in joining. I'm twenty. I've had about 8 years of classic and hip-hop dance experince and am a somewhat decent singer. i love k-pop mostly as of late
  7. H.O.T.D 2012

    oh no, this photoshoot overlaps with another crap! i don't know which one too pick now. :[
  8. Japanese Band: LM.C

  9. Umineko/Higurashi no Naku Koro ni 2012

    This will be my first year actually attending so i don't know where everything is exactly
  10. Bleach 2012

    I was gonna bring my night class Yuki kuran but it doesn't seem like theirs a or much of a hype for it, maybe in the summer when it's nicer outside I have a shinji on board for sure. Mashiro,lisa and kensei are on the fence as of now
  11. Resident Evil 2012

    I just bought a amazing new camera and even though i will not be in RE, attire i will be passing out umbrella 'our business is life itself" stickers. is their a finalized date and time and location
  12. H.O.T.D 2012

    Is there a date,time,place scheduled for this yet?
  13. Bleach 2012

    I was planing another fourth cosplay, but since it fell through and i'm super short, i'm be bringing out my Hiyori; sword, and hollow mask in all cosplay
  14. Umineko/Higurashi no Naku Koro ni 2012

    Maybe somewhere near the big windows by where the rave/masquerade
  15. D. Gray Man for 2012

    I may be bring a lenalee and Allen, time,date,place available yet?
  16. Durarara! 2012

    Is there a date,place,time for DRRR! photoshoot yet?
  17. Vocaloid 2012 Gathering

    Theirs always the newer miku songs or one like the story of evil, romeo and cinderella, love warden , rolling girl btw is there a confirmed date and time, i have 3 other cosplays and hope they don't all get mixed up. I'll be love is war or Yukkuri shitte ne miku.
  18. The First Twilight: An Umineko Gameboard

    I've never been too this type of panel and am very intrested is it like a murder mystery thing?
  19. So what are you wearing?

    I'll be breaking out the sweet lolita attire, and probably have no wig; just styled.
  20. Durarara! 2012

    I'll be doing shizuko and am looking for a femme izaya to take a bunch of photos with
  21. Vocaloid 2012 Gathering

    Going as rolling girl Miku!
  22. Umineko/Higurashi no Naku Koro ni 2012

    I will be going as Ange! where will the panel be this year?
  23. Cosplay gatherings 2012 - Updated 4/25

    In a attempt too not seem like a noob; even though this is my first year at ACen i was wondering will their be a schedule given that tells us when and where the cosplay photoshots are or something else?