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  1. Re-Introduction

    Hello, lovelies! I'm Lauren, but I go by Tiny Dangerous as a cosplayer, and online. I've had a forum account since roughly 2013, but I've not posted in years.. So I thought I'd re-introduce myself! This will be my 4th year at ACen, and I'm thrilled for con next month!
  2. Object Heads 2015

    Hey, all! I'm planning an Object Head meet-up at ACen this May on the Friday of the con! My group and I will be all cosplayed up, and we want to meet other object head cosplayers! More details to be posted closer to the con- Just trying to get the word out right now!
  3. Attaching ears SOS!

    Hey all! I'm going to be cosplaying a Vaporeon gijinka with a small group this year for the con, but I'm having a terrible time crafting a way to get my fins onto my head. I first considered using a headband, but it shows too much against the wig and won't work. I've also considered a method like this ( ), but I fear that the weight of the ears will stretch the wefts of the wig out and ruin it. I've also considered the headband/copper wire method suggested in the video, but my ears are coated in a layer of worbla and gesso, so simply sticking a wire through them wouldn't be possible. I'd appreciate any other ideas or suggestions! Thanks!
  4. Was ACen 2012 really that bad?

    I had a pretty great time last year too. But like most of you, the fire alarm incident was a real downer. But while they were setting up and seating people, everyone seemed to be having a good time- Just glad to finally be getting in. People made a great effort to not let the night be ruined by a little set back, and I really appreciated that. I was really looking forward to the Masq, and was shocked to hear that a convention I'd heard such great things about was running so far behind schedule. I still can't believe they didn't scoot the Soap Bubble back for the Masq to go on, but I digress. The panels were a mess, too. Out of the 15 panels I had planned to go to, I only got into 3. Most were canceled and no one alerted anyone about it, and it was beyond frustrating. Some panels didn't account for a lot of people showing up, and only twenty out of at least a hundred people were allowed in due to fire code restrictions. Myself and a group of people sat in one room for at least an hour after the panel was supposed to start, only to have some guy wander in and say "Why are you guys in here? The person who was supposed to run this panel isn't coming". I sincerely hope this year will be better, and more organized.
  5. Countdown From A Million!

  6. True Or False

    False! They're cute! TNP prefers dogs over cats.
  7. Is Acen even considered an anime convention anymore?

    I agree with a lot of this. Granted, last year was my first at ACen, but I've been to enough cons to know what a great one looks like. I think the thing that upset me the most about last year was the Masquerade fiasco. They really couldn't take a few hours out of the rave in order for the skits that many of us came to see to perform? My group and I were sorely disappointed by that, but not that alone. Speaking of the rave, it wasn't as 'soapy' as we expected. But that's for a different time. Almost every panel we tried to attend was canceled, moved, or the person who was supposed to run it didn't show up. I had planned to attend at least seven panels a day, and was only actually able to go to two during the con. It was ridiculous. I don't know if my group and I were unlucky, or if it's like that every year, but I've neverhad that problem at any other con I've been to. Generally, panels are where they said they'll be, and if they aren't, there is a notice on the door to the room about it. ACen has been the only exception to that norm. The lack of actually anime related panels was disappointing as well, but there were still plenty worth attending (if they'd been there..) and the ones I did go to were phenomenal. My opinion is if it isn't anime/manga/Japanese culture related, I don't see why it should be allowed as a panel at an anime convention. But if so many people want a non-anime panel, I'd guess they're not the easiest to stop. On the flip side, thanks to all of the odds and ends at ACen, I was able to see some non-anime things done very well for the first time in a long time. Like some of the Steampunk outfits, and the Lolita booths/fashion shows were very cool. And the bands aren't necessarily a bad thing either (but not something I care too much for), I could go on and on about how I'd rather see X than X. In all, I did have a great time at ACen, but I'm not seeing it as much if an anime convention. Kind of a conglomeration of pop culture things with a dash of anime and Japanese culture.
  8. What IS the big draw of ACEN for you?

    The two biggest things about it for me are the people, and the relaxed atmosphere. I've never encountered someone who was rude or unkind while at ACen. The sense of community is amazing too. Just seeing so many people running around in cosplay, happy as can be is a hard thing to top. Like many of you said, just seeing the scenery turn from 'normal' to the streets being filled with cosplayers is a great sight. It's nice to be able to wear a cosplay that you worked hard on, talk about 'geeky stuff', and not feel out of place in the least-- Everyone else is just as into it as you are.
  9. Safest Method to Carry Money

    Yeah, I agree with simply carrying cash, and using a money clip. I'd rather misplace a few bucks than my debit card! And I also agree with either carrying small amounts with you, or staggering the location of your money. For example, don't put all of your cash to blow at the Dealer's Room in your purse, stash some in your costume (or even in your shoe), just in case.
  10. So, here's our club's current pradiciment: We went to ACen last year as a club (12 members went: 6 boys, 6 girls.) And had virtually no problems getting the trip approved by the school board. The trip went very well with virtually no problems (sans getting a little lost on the way to the con!) We had an excellent time, and all was well. Nobody got into any trouble or otherwise. We also footed the bill for everything as a club, and cost the school nothing. Though the school donated transportation. Now this year we'd like to go again, but the school is saying no. It should be noted that we have a new associate principal. The school's reasons for not letting us go this year are as follows: The school year ends on the 26th of May. ACen is on the 16th. Apparently, this is too close to the end of the year for a trip, and it would be easier for the teachers if we just stayed in class. We would be missing one and a half days of school, and (just like last year) it will be required for all students going to the convention to be passing all classes and have all work turned in. The school also doesn't want us to go because it's not a competition (we're not an athletics group). It wasn't a competition last year, yet we went. In short, we'd like some advice as to how to show the school that just like last year, ACen would be an enriching experience for our club members. Thanks bunches!
  11. Have/Attend an Anime Club?

    Name (of the club): Linn-Mar Anime Club Location: Marion, IA Time and Place: Every Tuesday morning at 7:50, and every Thursday afternoon at 3:30 (Room 003) Website (if applicable): https://www.facebook.com/groups/178478985503594/?fref=ts (Closed group/Invite only) Club description: A High School club dedicated to those who love anime, manga, and Japanese culture in general! We aim to show our members that there's more than just Naruto and Bleach out there (though both are perfectly acceptable!), and that the wide world of anime encompass just about every genera you could wish for! We also focus on conventions (local and otherwise), sewing/cosplay techniques, and socialization with those who love Anime just as much as we do. Contact info: Linn-Mar students are more than welcome! Pop in for a meeting, you might like us! (We don't bite!)
  12. ACen hotel prices?

    Hello, All! I'm looking to attend ACen 2013 in a small group of 8 others (plus a chaperone). We're worried about hotel prices, and can't start crunching numbers for things until we can get a general idea of pricing. What were the hotel costs and whatnot like in 2012? We'd appreciate the help!
  13. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

    I haven't seen much of the show, but what I have seen I thought was adorable!
  14. Kuroshitsuji or Black Butler 2012?

    I'll either be bringing the Birthday version of Ciel, or Smile!Ciel. Not quite sure which yet.
  15. Hello!

    Thank you all for the warm welcome! I'm so excited for the con~