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    anime/manga (obviously)....drawing, videogames O_O other stuff, ACen!!!
  1. What's the last thing you ate?

    Aldi Mac n' cheese!!!!!
  2. Vent your excitement here!

    I'm so glad May is close now, I'm always the one who plans my groups ACen and puts all the logistics together, (I've done it ever since my friends booked the wrong Hyatt 3 years ago) right now everything set and ready to go,got the room, and head count which is low this year, normally I put every thing together for 12-15ish people but this year it's only 8 in my group so it's much easier
  3. All I got to say is great post, I'm going on my 3rd year making props and am now learning how to use a sewing machine to one day take on commission jobs....beaides that I've built a workshop in my garage and have all the things I've made for me and my friends as a portfolio, lol lets just hope the people I start working with end up reading your post before placing an order with me :)
  4. anime planet

    check out this website called animeplanet.com its pretty cool cuz it keeps track of all your anime/manga, helps you find new stuff to watch and read based off what you like. you can also build a friends list and check out what they watch and recommend stuff to each other. it can also help you keep track of what episode of a show your on, and has a few fun features such as rating characters and getting collecting badges for certain things. i highly suggest checking it out.
  5. Countdown to Acen 2013!

    only 3 more weeks!!!!! so many props to finish...lmao stupid friends dragged on buying their finishing mats till a week ago for props i started in the fall...its gonna be a busy 3 weeks, but it'll help time pass faster=)
  6. What's the last thing you ate?

    bagel with cream cheese
  7. You ate my cheese!

    so the other day i was walking through the park and the weather was beautiful. i soon saw a bench near the pond and decided to take a break to enjoy the view. a moment later the cutest little turtle walked all the way up the hill from the pond and sat on the ground in front of me. he said "how are you doing today?". i kicked him back down the hill. he was really angry.
  8. Free Photo shoots

    lol sign me and my gf up=)
  9. Pre ACen 2013 jitters!

    thank you for posting this story, this ACen is going to be my girlfriends first con and her first cosplay experience. shes going as Maka from soul eater(im soul) and i made her a genie hunter prop. shes worried about fitting in and looking like a "good" Maka so i showed her your post to help reassure her that she'll have a great time. my favorite ACen memory is pretty hard to choose, if i had to pick id say its a toss up between 2 stories. 1. its 9am, friday morning of ACen 2010, ive been in line since 6am to buy my badge for my first ACen, and i was up all night before dyeing my hair orange for my ichigo cosplay after getting off work at midnight. needless to say im exhausted. now i make my way in through the line, and take my first steps into the convention. at this point im hit with a constant wave of color, movement,and sound and (largely thanks to exhaustion) i feel overwhelmed and slightly disorientated, but as i walk around exploring the con and meeting tons of people i seem to forget how tired i was. next thing i know its 6am and im finally gettin some sleep. on a side note ive never slept past 830am at ACen, and never went to sleep before 5am=) its so worth getting up at con 2. at ACen 2012 me and some friends decided to learn the ginyu force poses (from DBZ) and ask people take pics with us doing the ginyu force poses around their cosplays. now you'll never guess what happened after about 20 minutes of this. the actually ginyu force walks in and starts posing for pics. i immediatly started laughing my butt off and told my friends we had to stop, afterall if we kept it up we would either be copying them or stealing their thunder. either way i just love how something like that really only could happen at ACen.
  10. LED lighting in prop

    yay....it worked...wiring 2 6volts directly to the controller box made it so the LED lights work perfectly...so far they have been on for 2 and a half days straight and there still on (testing battery life)
  11. LED lighting in prop

    by wire them directly i mean adding extensions to the short positive (red) and negative (black) wires sticking out of the LED controller and just having those directly atteched to the battery terminals and also would it make a difference if i connected two 6V batteries to them instead of one 12V battery?
  12. LED lighting in prop

    ok so i know a little bit about wiring but not specifics about LED lights...im trying to add a TON of LED lights to a prop....i purchased the light strip, and it is remote operated...these are the specs supply voltage:DC12V...output channels:3 channels...output current:2A MAX. of each channel... output power: 72W...connecting mode:common anode... external dimension: L50xW35xH22mm... the prop is 1 solid peice, and for brightness im hoping to use the whole strip on it...thats 300 bulbs...it also has an LED controller...it says input:DC12v...output DC12v/3CHx2A...power 72W MAX. the controller has both an inferred remote receiver and the 4 pronged connecter to plug the led lights into it on 1 side...and a positive/ negative wire coming out of the other side...since these lights can be turned off using the remote control would i be able to wire them directly to a 12V power source... Such as a 12V battery, or even two 6V lantern batteries and just use the remote to turn them on and off to not waste power?
  13. Countdown From A Million!

  14. What's the last thing you ate?