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  1. **Seeking Models**

    How long is the application going to be open for? > <
  2. Hiii Everyone

    H-hii . - . You can go by my user name c-AM-g?? which is short for centuryAMgothic. AM are my initials... And I like the font century gothic.... Aha. This is going to be my second year going to ACen. I went last year. And last year I was so.... lost. x ~ x So very very lost. Only thing I actually was able to make it to was the soapbubble. Which I really liked.... I stayed all weekend. So I just kinda walked around the whole time, checked out cosplays, it was fun buttt this year though I wanna make it to the masquerade, hopefully.... Maybe find people to interact with. Might take a friend with this time. It was pretty lonesome. I cosplay a lot. Normally I'll make the outfits then I'll have friends wear them so I can take pictures.... I like sewing and making patterns outta newspaper. I've done every character from Alice in Wonderland. Orihime I did opening I think its opening 10 her school attire that matches Rukia's and I did her arrancar and Neliel as adult in her torn green and arrancar. I've sewn a lot for friends. I do a lot of special effects makeup and makeup in general too. I also make my own clothes from designs I come up with. So I'm just all over the place. It's kinda of a secret in a way though. People are normally shocked when they find out I'm into anime or Asian culture in general. I like a lot of mangas and I've watched A LOT of animes. I really like dark gory ones more though. I have a thing for shojo mangas. They are just so cute to read.... I can't resist it . _ . I'm a gamer. Like crazy. I don't really have a pref. on what console. The only gaming system I'm missing pretty much is a ps3. I still own a nitentdo 64, playstation 1, still have an atari. My all time favorite games would be AM Alice for PC. Silent Hill for PS. Final Fantasy I~XIII and Left 4 dead. Mario. This list could go on actually.... Ha. So... yeah.... Hiii. :lol:
  3. Hiii Everyone

    Thank you thank you thank you ^ ^ @Magi// Aaah... That's such a hard one cause I have a lot of favorites. I really liked Nana by Ai Yazawa but that's just one outta hundreds. Aha. And Skyrim is.... okay. Not the best not the worse of all games. But enough for me to not want to play it anymore. It disappointed.