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  1. Tiger & Bunny

    Think there's any chance of seeing a TaiBani staff member next year? Currently oozing jealousy of hearing about NYCC. Ozaki. In a Lunatic hoodie. ಥ_ಥ
  2. You Should Read This!

    Silver Spoon!! It's by Hiromu Arakawa, artist of Fullmetal Alchemist, but it is NOT like FMA ONE BIT. I love it! Also, I will heartily recommend any manga by Yuki Midorikawa (Natsume's Book of Friends, Hotarubi no Mori E). And if we talked about Slam Dunk, then we MUST mention Real, same artist and same jaw-dropping artwork (bring a tissue box though).
  3. ACen Artist Alley / Art Show Mailing List

    I can view the topics now, thanks! :D
  4. Anime-ZAP! 2013 - GET IN FREE!

    Looks like we're registering for an artist alley table there right now. It'll be the first stop of our 2013 con tour! Not looking forward to the four hour drive down though, lol.
  5. Tiger & Bunny

    Heyyyy ACen T&Bros! It's been a while since I've been on the forums~. How is everyone? Excited for the live play? Excited for the English dub? Or are you horrified over the casting choices and are ready to burn the casting director? (And you shouldn't be, since Ozaki himself helped cast......) I'm currently creating an art book I want to sell at cons. It'll feature some artwork of course, but my main feature is a crossover comic with TaiBani and Skyrim! :D It'll be a challenge to write a comic that can be enjoyed by people who haven't played Skyrim (which I've clearly been playing WAY TOO MUCH lately...). It seems to be getting some approval so far, so I'm excited. I plan for the contents to be about 50% artwork, 45% Skyrim crossover stuff, and 5% art process, which I know lots of people enjoy seeing. It's an AU comic, obviously, based in Skyrim some 300 years after the game, which, for those who haven't played it, is essentially about you killing dragons (and getting lost in the world and side quests while you're at it). Kotetsu is a member of the Companions (Companions = fighting guild), and lately the only missions he's been getting are silly escort missions or training new recruits. While he's on a training mission with new member Barnaby (who, needless to say, doesn't really need training at all), the pair literally fall onto a pair of dragons who tell them that they are fated heroes to save Skyrim from an impending doom (guess who that bad guy is gonna be). Barnaby reluctantly agrees to partner with the bumbling ojisan, but Kotetsu, as gung-ho as he is about saving the world, hasn't told Barnaby his shameful secret...Favorite characters will make an appearance, like Jarl Keith and Yuri, High King of Skyrim! This all started when I saw a parody of the Skyrim promo poster done with Adventure Time down at the ACen artist alley this year, lol. Then it just kinda exploded into a nerdy fangasm... Anyone know a good place to get books printed? I'm afraid the local place around here might be too costly. xD;; I'm also thinking of just going for 20-30 copies. Is that too many? As you can tell, I'M excited about it, but I don't want to make more than I can sell... orz So, uh, other than that, how's it going? 8D;; I'll just go sit over here and anxiously await news of a State-side movie premier for The Beginning......
  6. ACen Artist Alley / Art Show Mailing List

    I tried to join the mailing list but it says I don't have permission to view the forum. Did I not sign up correctly? I missed the registration period last year, I don't want to miss it this time! (If it helps, I believe I signed up with the nickname Ekqo)
  7. Tiger & Bunny 2012?

    DARN IT. Q 3 Q I did a lot of wandering around on Friday, trying to figure out where to go, where to be, and where to plunk down to save my poor achy feet. xD;;
  8. Tiger & Bunny 2012?

    Here's my mega post of TaiBani cosplays! I was the girl in the black HeroTV shirt that hung around at the shoot on Friday for a while and snapped pics.
  9. Ramencon

    Is Artist Alley registration open or not? At the top it says it isn't, on the bottom it says to register now. Lol, which is it?
  10. 2012 Gripes thread

    I was in the Bandai booth and there were several IRT taking descriptions of someone (someone wearing something green?). I don't know what happened though, whether it was theft or not.
  11. 2012 Gripes thread

    I apologize for waiting too early for panels. I honest-to-goodness somehow missed the 30-min line rule, and waited about a hour before panels began for them. No one told me to move, either, so I stayed ignorant of the rule. Regardless, I didn't mean to break the rule and apologize for it. ):
  12. Official "Did You See Me At Acen?" Thread

    I had the black HeroTV shirt on Friday and Sunday, and the black PinStripes Studios shirt on Saturday!
  13. Over-priced merchandise?

    I saw that too, a vendor was selling unboxed Tiger & Bunny figures for $20 when you could buy the box for $8 at the Bandai booth. OUCH. I wanted a Kotetsu, but not THAT badly! I just stuck with buying the box and trying my luck. (My brother wound up getting him from the last box they had - 3 - but I wound up with 3 cute characters, all different, so I'm happy) The Tiger & Bunny figures were the only ones I paid attention to, but they seemed reasonably priced to me, all under $100, but then again, they've been coming out one at a time or so since last fall, so....?
  14. Photo Request Thread 2012

    I think I caught video of you (green shirt? Played on Saturday?). Once I get it extracted and cleaned up, I'll post you a link. (:
  15. Over-priced merchandise?

    $5 omg. O - O Glad you paid her more for it!