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    Anime (of course), roleplaying, writing, nature, football (american version thank you very much), intellegent conversation, trips (outside my state), conventions (yay ACen and MidWest <3), animals (I live on a small bird farm, xD Go figure?), school (education period-history, math, science)--- Any more wish to know, ask.
  1. Crystal Ball and Dateless?

    Yellows, thought I'd answer ur question(s), kinda. lol. I attended last years crystal ball. as for those who attended most were couples but there was two full tables of singles that I know of since I sat at one. lol. as for competetive dancers... there was one person who solo danced and all watched and there was a few vey, (did I mention very?) good waltz-salsa dancers. There was always people dancing so you won't ever have to worry or think about it look ackward if you went alone. even if you don't bring a dancing partner there were gentleman around who offered ladies who weren't dancing to dance with them. I thought last year charming, I even got asked to waltz which is all I went for. lol
  2. Wow, that was not worth 25$.

    Btw, the DJ didn't ignore ANY music requests. He either had the music or he didn't-- i did see his screen and he was truly limited for variety of songs, because he clearly did not have EVERY song made in the world with him. Cause I requested more than one Waltz, and he only had 2 waltz songs neither I had ever heard of. As for food- its finger food, its a "ball" what do you expect? As for bartenders-- should of found someone and COMPLAINED to the ladies who were in charge of the ball that night, I'm sure they would of helped you out. I honestly had a good time, and I only danced ONCE the whole night. So no, I don't feel that way. I've been to Charity balls which cost more where we get NO food OR water and have to LEAVE to get water. I've been to balls where there are NO requests. AND I've been charged MORE for them. Did I mention that in these other balls there was NO WHERE to even sit down? For 25 dollars, I think they gave quite a lot. My only comment is the dance floor could of been bigger.
  3. Lost Jewelry Pouch / Lost Wolf pouch

    The pouch itself was black and white. It had a little face with little ears sticking off. Back of ears were black with white inside. The eyes were black little beads. The face was all white, while rest of pouch was black. And the nose was black. It had a gray zipper. It ALSO had a "Nintendo DS" strap hanging off of it (last i knew).
  4. 'Ello. I lost [well last known spot was] in the Hyatt (2nd floor where the resturant with fireplace and all the IRT, EMRT, etc rooms were located)down the hall where the guest rooms / restrooms where. [For all STAFF members, it was bathroom closest to the food room] a little pouch, kinda change purse size, with jewelry in it. Had several pieces of jewelry that mean a LOT to me. (1) It had a green hair piece in which a long matching piece with a dangling silver piece sticks through it- the piece that was long stuck out a bit through zipper. (2) a black almost victorian looking piece of jewelry that had several layers hanging down made out of beads. (3) It had a letter "g" necklace in it for my nickname Grey. (4) and several other pieces my brain can't remember at the moment, sorry at least 2 more. I would of lost it in the Hyatt [or last known had it] around 1010pm Saturday Night. I walked from the bathroom to the EMRT room and then from the EMRT room through the sky bridge toward the FAR parking garage. If anyone, ANYONE, if you either saw it, picked it up (i don't care, i just want to know what happened to it), let me know. Sincerely, Lady Grey CC Amore aka Natasha.
  5. I don't want to go alone!

    I still don't have a date for the ball. Lol, and its the day before the event. Anyone interested in being my date? if not my date, i feel like being special and making a dance card. ;3 >waltz anyone?< 3rd edit comment now, xD Any guys OR girls who'd like to waltz, if any waltz songs are played or if anyone wants to dance at all- I would love to dance. I danced with more girls in Detroit (waltzing) then I did guys. ^^ No wall flowers this year! I'm warning you i'll ask you for a dance.
  6. anyone else going to the crystal ball?

    I'm going with our without a date. xD I went to a charity ball in Detroit in November and it was AWESOMES. So I can't wait.
  7. I don't want to go alone!

    >looking for date?< Yes I am looking for a date -_-; I don't have any one to bring since I'm traveling to Chicago for it.