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  1. Hello, over this weekend I purchased an adorable Samekichi charm from Wadanohara from one of the artists. It was clay and painted. Hoping someone knows of their website so I can follow them and perhaps commission them in the future~
  2. Pandora Hearts 2016

    As we approach ACen, do we have any more ph cosplayers?!
  3. Pandora Hearts 2016

    Excellent, I'm glad! <3
  4. Pandora Hearts 2016

    Back to the first page. Is there no-one with intent to cosplay ph? OTL
  5. Wadanohara

    I realize this is a long shot, but is anyone going to be dressing up as Wadanohara characters? I'm contemplating bringing my Tsuribari cosplay.
  6. ACen Cosplay Gatherings Schedule

    I just noticed that there is another Pandora Hearts shoot listed for Saturday. Was this at someone else's request or was mine not fully moved? Just curious..
  7. Pandora Hearts 2016

    Hello everyone! I've set up a Ph meeting for Sunday @ 10 am in the garden. Edit: It would appear that someone else has set up a Pandora Hearts gathering for Saturday as well, from 1:30-2:15 location 1, Tower overhang near Hyatt. My apologies if I am stealing anyone's thunder. >o>; I did not see a thread for Pandora Hearts yet, so I wanted to hopefully drum up some attention. If nothing else interferes, I'll likely be at both, the question is, as who? Depending on who intends to arrive on either day, I could be Echo, Break, Elliot or Gil. Since Gil is my newest cosplay, I will want to wear it at least one of those days, possibly both unless conVINCEd. lol
  8. ACen Cosplay Gatherings Schedule

    Awesome, Thank you!
  9. ACen Cosplay Gatherings Schedule

    Hello, I have a request based on the location. To which location does location #1 correlate so that I can tell people for the Pandora Hearts gathering? (10 am Sunday) I am really hoping it is the garden again if at all possible, since its a nice spot for a small group and perfect for the theme. Last time there were probably 15 people, but regardless of the turnout its been a lovely tradition.
  10. Pandora Hearts

    No prob, and sure have at it~
  11. Pandora Hearts

    Okay, let me know if this works. I will leave this album public for a month or so. https://www.facebook.com/anna.hershey.3/media_set?set=a.10206885884248518.1073741827.1319678608&type=1
  12. Pandora Hearts

    Chesh/Milli~I went through and selected one of each pose from the shoot, now I have to work on uploading them somewhere. Rebel~ Aww, Alas I didn't see you guys. I only saw two other ph cosplayers outside of the shoot the whole weekend. An Elliot and a Vanessa which made me really happy. First time seeing either of those.
  13. The Official "Did You Get My Photo?" Thread

    Anyone get my brother as Garry from Ib on Sunday? (He's pretty tall)
  14. Pandora Hearts

    I had my brother taking photos of everything, I shall try to find some and post them soon. Lovely dress it was~
  15. RWBY 2015

    If anyone has pictures to share I would be greatful, didn't have my camera and my phone camera is crappy. Anything with Fox, Neo, Or Torchwick. Much appreciated.