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  1. The Super Share your Deviantart Page.

    http://daggertribal.deviantart.com/ That would be mine (:
  2. Hallo

    :o Cookies? I love cookies! Of course I'll share with you!
  3. Any Collectors Here?

    This is as close to a 'collection' as I can come. Please ignore the grainy picture & disorganization. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2127411/Shelves.jpg
  4. Hallo

    Hi guys! I actually registered a while ago but I think I was having issues & left it at that. :c I attended ACen about 3-4 years ago & am hoping to attend this year (: I imagine things have changed a bunch since then. I saw a lot of interesting characters there, to say the least. Hoping to meet a few people here & chat it up. I live about an hour & a half drive from the convention site. I tend to frequent DeviantArt a lot, so I hope there are some fellow users there & am hoping to see some good artists at some booths. Is there anyway I can find any of that information out yet? Anyway, thanks for reading c: