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  1. Homestuck 2012

    Photos are up on my DA: nichell.deviantart.com Also, here's a couple videos from CanTown:
  2. Homestuck 2012

    Hey guys, I have a lot of photos from the Saturday shoot, as well as photos/videos from CanTown that I'll be posting to my DeviantArt this week. I'll post a link as soon as they're up. :)
  3. Homestuck 2013!

    I had a request to come as Dolorosa with my new baby as the Sufferer. Hee hee.
  4. Homestuck 2012

    To be fair, last year I didn't pre-order my pass and have it mailed to me, so I was in line for 4+ hours. It was brutal and I ended up barely able to shuffle along in tears O_O
  5. Homestuck 2012

    I'm getting my wheelchair for the weekend from a local medical supply store in Rosemont. They charge $25 for a weekly rental. If you don't pick it up yourself it's another $50, though. O_o I can forward you their info if you like.
  6. Homestuck 2012

    I will be putting a bag or two on my wheelchair that can be used to help transport things.
  7. Homestuck 2012

    I don't mind an enormous group as long as people are civil and can manage to behave themselves long enough for the meet-ups to be completed. I have a feeling I might feel like a senior citizen yelling at kids to get off my lawn if they make too much of an unnecessary commotion. <_< Darn school-kids and their dopey pop music and short shorts!
  8. Homestuck 2012

    NO fighting or bucket-tossing or the pregnant lady will have to lay down the law! :angry: (Yeah, I'm still alive)
  9. Homestuck 2012

    Everyone must have a round for me since I cannot drink, bwahahaha! A megaphone would be pretty darn handy in case it's really loud on the docks or whatever. I had actually considered asking around to attempt to locate one, so if you could attain one for us that would be greatly appreciated. I don't have a particular costume chosen for Sunday, so if you all would be amused, I can wear my Dave shirt and some capri leggings or a skirt or something. Just for kicks and giggles XD My photoshoot list so far is quite lengthy, but will be adjusted accordingly once we see exactly what we'll have when the time comes. There will definitely be a place for everyone, and we can either separate canon and non-canon god tiers or lump them all together, whichever the group prefers. Shueido - PB&J is on the list, yes. :)
  10. Homestuck 2012

    I'm 27, what do I win?? I've counted ~90 cosplayers that have chimed in on this thread (or had others chime in for them) so far that will be attending. Since there will very likely be many more that are either unaware of the forums or simply have not posted in here, I'm going to assume that there will easily be 100+, as WKG hinted. Extra loud voices are always appreciated since I'm sure yelling for over an hour would be a strain for any singular voice to handle. I sort of jotted down who everyone is purportedly cosplaying just to give myself a general idea of how to handle making up the photoshoot list, that being said-- I'm compiling a list of expected requests for group/pair shots, so if you have any special requests, now would be the time to post them. What I have so far is based off of either canon implications/set-ups or the most popular non-canon ships. I fully expect to be flooded with replies, lol. Fear not, I shall sift through them all. Just a general FYI/reiteration, I will be (pregnant) Roxy on Friday (if you ask me why Roxy is pregnant, this is my answer: she sleep-procreated with Dirk on/near Derse sometime, yep, totally plausible, whatever, I can't hide my belly O_O feel free to replace that with whatever crazy ships you have, I'll even pose for them if you desire--you can also laugh at me instead if you prefer, it probably will look funny). As a brief aside, I contemplated being pregnant femDave, ha.
  11. Homestuck 2012

    Please, please don't let it be that hot. >_> Leggings + heat + pregnant = very bad. I don't want all of us to melt, especially those wearing the body make-up. My fingers are crossed for nice, cool, spring weather.
  12. Homestuck 2012

    I may be down to just doing Roxy as I have a feeling my Rose costume won't fit by late April. We shall see. I did manage to convince another friend to come along with me to push me around should I need a wheelchair, though
  13. Can Town 2012

    Thank you! :D
  14. Homestuck 2012

    I'll be available the entire time still. Hopefully I won't need a wheelchair or anything by then >_> I'm sorry to hear you'll be missing Friday! :(
  15. Homestuck 2012

    Oh geez, um, I'll take a Di Strider, please. Do you use purses at all? Or does anyone else in this thread, for that matter?